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Spring Fashion Dreams

Hart beat - spring trends 6

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your Tuesday night going? Pedro and I are hanging out with the boys at home and I’m just combing through my recent Instagram pins. I don’t usually do this but I’ve decided to be more thoughtful and purposeful of clothes that I buy for this spring. In that vein, I thought I’d pull together a little bit of an inspiration board. Pretty much what I’m dreaming of is worn in denim, green hues (kind of sick of blush after reading this article in The Cut about the history of “Millennial Pink”), backless tops, and ecru cream shades. What about you, Hart Beat? What does your spring wardrobe look like?

Hart beat - spring trends 3

Hart beat - spring trends 4

Photos via this Pinterest board. Top green blouse via Sezane, white dress via Sezane, blue jeans are both vintage Levis, denim skirt is out of stock Topshop, and I have zero clue where the leotard is from :(

Orange Nails, Do or Don’t?


Happy Fridayyyyyyyyy, Hart Beat! We did it. To celebrate Friday-eve last night after Barr class I decided to treat myself to a post-workout pre-weekend manicure. To be honest, Hart Beat, before this year I had never had a manicure. I love me a good pedicure but manicures just looked so high maintenance and dependent on picking a baller color that I just stayed away.

I don’t know what happened this year but all I’ve been noticing on the New York subway and Instagram lately has been all the different nail colors. The one that has kept my attention this spring is the weird orange color you can see above. And! Guess what! That’s me! Those are my nails. I took a took the gamble last night and now I’m lovin’ them (in a non Ronald McDonald kind of way).

What do you think? It’s a very strong color and to be honest I didn’t love it at first but I’m whooooooof it’s pulling at my heart strings this morning.

I know the manicure can only last week with my lifestyle so I need help! What’s the color your seeing on everyone right now?

Hannah Hart Beat

Photography by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

P.S. Mug from the Food52 Shop and my rings I’ve written about here!

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Oh hey there, Hart Beat. How’s your evening going? I wanted to get this post to you earlier today but for some reason time goes by too fast and now all of a sudden it’s 11pm on a Thursday.

Anywayyyy.. What I wanted to bring up today was something that I’m seeing all over the city and am on the fence about so I thought I would bring it up here. Last summer the used-to-be-ugly Birkenstock sandals hit the city HARD. While the used-to-be-hippy shoes are still here I’ve been seeing another slew of ugly shoes around the subway platforms and sidewalks. To be honest I don’t know what to call them other then weird summer slippers. Not sure if that makes sense so here are some photos of them. I don’t own any now and not sure if I’m going to get any but just wanted to put this out there… into the internet world.

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Top two photos from DNA Footwear blog Wearhouse242 and bottom pair at Need Supply Co.

Bold lipstick this winter

Oh hey Hart Beat. We’re in store for another cold break the next few weeks. As much as I love winter and the snow it brings I am looking forward to spring so much right now. The idea of biking without a million layers at night sounds so amazing. To pretend it’s not so cold outside I’ve been breaking out and wearing some bring and bold lipstick colors lately. I’m drawn to this Jane Iredale for a while now. My favorite share, Babe (similar to the top right picture), has been discontinued but they have so many to choose from I have no worries about my next pick.

What do you think, Hart Beat? What have you been wearing lately?

(Images via here and here.)
(A great color and, of course, Marilyn.)