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Hannah Hart Beat

Fall Movies

Hola Hart Beat! One of the best things I’ve started doing since moving back to the Berkshires was implement a Tuesday Night Movies ritual with my friends and family.

In the city, it was so expensive to go to the movies and I never felt like I really had time. Here in the Berkshires, there are two small local theaters within a twenty-minute drive of where I live and so there’s always something good to see. Plus, both theaters have a Tuesday night deal where any movie is $6.00. Score. The only problem is that because we only have a handful of screens, movies only will stick around for a week or two.

What that means is that every Tuesday, my friends and family have a standing date at one of the theaters. As my friend Kasha says, “A bad movie is always better than no movie at all.” And so, every Tuesday, no matter what’s at The Triplex or The Beacon, we go to the movies.

The ones that I’ve liked particularly the last few months have been Leave No TraceCrazy Rich AsiansEighth Grade, and Three Identical Strangers. If you haven’t seen any of them go, go, go, go!!

And here are a few trailers for ones that I’m excited to see:

Ethan Hawk AS A GRANDFATHER jdkfjdksfjdksfjdkls^^^

What have you seen recently, Hart Beat? Anything good? Anything bad? I’ll talk movies anytime!

Top photo from Crazy Rich Asians, second photo from Eight Grade.
First trailer is for Juliet, Naked, second is for Colette, and third is for McQueen.

True Detective season 2

The mysterious True Detective trailer song

True Detective season 2

Hola Hart Beat. The new True Detective trailer song has me on internet search high alert right now. I finally found some info and, lucky you Hart Beat, it’s all compiled here. Before I start though, here’s the backstory. last night Pedro watched the new Game of Thrones episode (obviously) and I was introduced to this new mystery song that has made me go down the rabbit hole of the internet into a song obsession. You know, like any normal casual Sunday night.

What sparked this new search and rescue mission was the trailer for season two of True Detective that played before the new Game of Thrones episode started. The trailer is a little teaser of the new season coming out this June and features a hauntingly beautiful and sad (just my favorite kind of song) in the trailer. I knew it was extra good when Pedro heard it playing from the kitchen and asked immediately what it was for.

After researching the song across all edges of the internet, I came across this post by Bustle. Apparently I’m not the only one obsessing, Hart Beat! There are others out there! As you can read in Bustle, unfortunately this song by Lera Lynn was created specifically for the show and therefore, has not been released to the general public.

I’ve run into this problem with HBO Go before (hello Jenny Lewis on Girls) and am hoping that the song is released soon. Until it does you can join me in listening to this amazing youtube creation of the trailer bit of the song on loop. Thank you internet and your other obsessors. Thank you.


P.S. The song is 15 MINUTES LONG. You’re welcome.