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The Victors & Vanquished

Hi Hart Beat. I have great news! The blog that my boyfriend, Pedro, and I have been working on for the past two months is finally ready to launch! When Pedro and I first started dating one of the things that we had in common was that he and I both write our own lifestyle blogs (he writes solesirius.com and I have Hart Beat here.) We were always talking about ideas we each had for the other and about three months ago, we started talking about starting a project together.

After a lot of discussion of the kind of project we wanted to start (an ecommerce site, a relationship blog, a photo collection) we finally decided to focus on what we both love – fashion, design, music and up-and-coming brands. Pedro came up with the name, The Victors & Vanquished, and I came up with the idea of signing off each post “from him” or “from her” so that we can give our readers and “his and hers” perspective on what we’re writing about.

So far we’ve done posts on upcoming men’s and women’s collections released by Woolrich, Original Penguin and Everlane, music albums by Father John Misty and Wu-Tang Clan, and design by Max Wagner and Artifact Uprising. It’s super exciting and we have so many ideas for the new year. It’s been a team effort to get the blog going (huge shout-out to Marina for designing our logo) and I hope that you love reading it as much as you love reading Hart Beat! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (coming soon) and Facebook for updates on all our posts! Plus, I’ve included a handy little icon here on the side that will link you right away to The V&V! Happy reading, Hart Beat.

Everlane and the dream cardigan

Hey Hart Beat. How have you been?? I miss writing here but to be honest, I’ve been swept up in a new project that I promise, I will tell you about very soon! For now, let’s talk at how amazing this new Chunky Knit Cardigan looks. I want it. Now. I especially love it in the white and if I wasn’t on a spending freeze I would add this to my closet asap.
Anyway, to read more visit Pedro and my very top secret project here. (!) And as always, check out Everlane’s site to shop the entire collection.
P.S. This model is making me want pink hair so much right now.