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Wedding Guest Dress Help

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Long time no talk! How’s your February going? Did you see the news about six more weeks of winter? Woof. Although, to be completely honest I’m not that surprised. It is only February after all. I’ve been writing away the last few weeks (TBH #NoPlanJan was a FAIL) but I still got just about the entire first draft of my book done. This month it’s all about the edits baby.

Aside from the book, there’s been something else distracting me on the internet. And I need your help Hart Beat! I’m so excited because this spring I have a few events (cough weddings) I’m going to and I need suggestions on where to get a dress. Last fall I went to a wedding in Vermont and wore a great dress from Reformation but it’s black and the weddings this year are in the spring so I’m not sure black is the best. Plus, isn’t it bad luck to wear black to a wedding? Halp meeeee.

Hannah Hart Beat

Anyway, since last summer I started doing yoga every day my body has gone through #changes and I’m not sure it’s the best dress anyway for me right now. So, send me your recommendations! Where have you gotten dresses for weddings in the past? I’m not wanting to spend Ulla Johnson money but am looking for something a little more than Asos. I’ve been hitting all my staples like Madewell and Sézane but nada at the moment. Maybe it’s too early? Comment or message me your favorite brands and I will be forever grateful 🙏🏼.

P.S. Both these dresses here are said Ulla Johnson 💸😭.

Hannah Hart Beat

Clavicle Sightings

Hi Hart Beat! Did you watch the Golden Globes this year? To be honest, I did not watch it but I 100% watched the recap on Entertainment Tonight at the gym. And what did I learn? Clavicles and sternums are IN people! Hollywood is dressing everyone on the red carpet as if their belly button is suddenly the new starting point of a V-neck. I’m not really confident that I’ll ever be able to find a bra that allows this BUT I think I’m going to try and adapt some of this look into my outfit.

One way I can see this look happening (especially in the dead of winter) is grabbing a few button downs and opening the collar up wide at the top. This way you get some collar bone action with the added bonus of being work appropriate. The chambray shirt in the top photo here would work perfectly and is currently sitting in my cart at Madewell.com. God knows I wish I knew where this shirt at the bottom was from. The internet being the internet I can only find this site as it’s origin.

So what about you, Hart Beat? Have you noticed any trends recently sweeping the nation? Red carpet inspiration or not, I’ll take it.

Hannah Hart Beat

Top photo via @tequila.sunday and bottom via Pinterest.




Oh Hart Beat. How’s the beginning of your week going? We’re solidly into fall right now and even though it still feels like summer outside in New York I’ve been slowly but surely getting together my fall wardrobe. I feel like 26 year old Hannah officially cannot wear my college clothes anymore. Not only are they horribly out of fashion but they are worn past the point of no return. So, this month I’m starting to pull together some pieces that not only are 26 year old appropriate but material that will last more than a year (looking at you H&M).

Reformation was the first brand on my search for new fall clothes. I’ve been pulling looks I like together on this Pinterest board and Reformation hits all the levels. Not only are the clothes gorgeous but they both fit like a glove AND the company is environmentally friendly. They are transparent that they’re not 100% sustainable quite yet but are working on it and every piece that they make works toward that goal. You can read all about it on their site here.

So all that being said, here are the pieces that I have in my cart right now (other than that Reese Top in the photo above.)

The Trice Skirt

Mable TopReformation

Ollie TopReformation

The Calor TopReformation

All that glitters is demin

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. September is hereeee!! As as much as I want to deny it it means that fall is upon us and we can no long er use the oppressive heat for not dressing up to New York City level. I mean I’ve been getting emails about capital F Fall Fashion for a few months now but it’s only just occurring to me to start looking at what the cool kids are actually wearing. My first report: denim. is. everywhere.

Between creeping/not creeping (depending on your definition) on other women on the subway train, scrolling through Instagram or pinning to my hearts content on Pinterest all I see is a sea (ha) of denim. Even Madewell did 24 days of denim this August to prepare us all for the fall weather. These are the things I’m seeing around and where you can find them too,

  • Embroidery. I don’t know where this started but I like it. Words, flowers, and designs are everywhere on denim pants and jackets right now. Our DIY friends at a pair and a spade show you how to do it here and if you’re interested in buying Asos has some cool things.
  • Cropped and frayed hems. Denim pants are now being cut all kinds of ways to show the frayed hems of the pant. The one detail I’m loving is people are cutting the front part of the hem shorter than the end so that it kind of reveals a box look. It’s kind of sexy, Hart Beat. I did it to one of my older pair of pants and I have to say it’s pretty flattering. If you don’t want to wreck any of your favorite jeans Need Supply Co. is selling jeans with the pre cut look.
  • Denim tops (paired with jeans). Ahh, the old Texas tuxedo has made it’s way to New York and people are liking it. My southern friends should be proud. The tops I’m liking come from Madewell and Asos.


Top photo via tumblr and I wish I knew where that jacket was from, sorry :( and bottom photo via Madewell.


Dream Straw Hat

Hannah Hart Beat - hat

Morning, Hart Beat! Thankfully for you, me, and all the other hot hot hot New Yorkers out there the weather has broke! That dreaded humidity that was bearing down on us is gone and we can finally leave our apartments and BREATH. To celebrate I wanted to share a summer straw hat from United by Blue that I’ve had my eyes on all season. July is still going strong so I don’t think it’s too late to make the buy. Right, Hart Beat?

Pedro is always poking fun of me for my “silly ass hats” but I don’t care. I love them. Over the years I’ve picked up two or three but have yet to have a straw one. Pinterest over the past for days has been serving me some pretty inspiration/aspirational/pinterestable images to support my want of this hat. (See below for swoon worthy image.) Let me know if you want to join me in this purchase today…

Straw hat in Paris.

Market Tote

One Bag Two Ways: The French Market Basket

French Market Basket

Hi Hart Beat. I’m back! I’ve got lots of beautiful surfing and beach photos to share but first things first, I want to talk about a purchase that I made before leaving on my trip. I’ve always admired French women for their chic style (who doesn’t really) and one thing I’ve been aiming to add to my closet is a simple French market basket. And praise be to the internet gods, I found the perfect one Hart Beat! After some intense google searching I ordered my bag from a site called Maison de Kristine Country French Style. The bag is pretty big but still easy enough to carry under your arm. Plus, and here’s the kicker, it has two different leather sized straps so you can carry it exactly how you want.

French Market Basket

And here’s the kicker. It’s not just a beach bag! I’ve been using the bag two ways. The first, in the top photos, is obviously as a summer tote. Feeling French on the beach is A+. But, I know most of you reading this and, hell, I’m writing this, are living in a non tropical location where there isn’t need for a beach bag right now. Well, it doesn’t matter! Before leaving and since coming back I’ve found the perfect second use for the bag.

French Market Basket

That’s right, as a bed side “table”! Pedro and I live in a small one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn so everything we have has (or tries to have) multiple uses. Since I love this bag so much I didn’t want to pack it away into the closet and not see it during the winter months. Since I have yet to find a bed side table small and simple enough to fit next to my side of the bed, I’ve been using the beautiful basket instead. Now I get to see the bag every day and it keeps all my bottles of lotion, books, computer cords and knitting all in one place. Win win.

French Market Basket

Levis, my favorite jeans


Hi Hart Beat! Welcome to another week at work (😑) AND another week at Hart Beat(😀)! Today on the blog I want to tell you about something that I’ve been loving this summer. I don’t know about you, Hart Beat, but jeans shopping is one of the most torturous things known to man. Not only does every company adhere to it’s own sizing standards (wtf) but it also seems that each brand within its own line of jeans will switch up the sizes depending on the style. Not cool, companies. Brands that I love (looking at you Madewell) and who pride themselves on their jeans never really last longer than one season. And when you’re putting down solid money for a pair of pants, you want them to last. This is where my secret comes in…enter Levis, ladies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.41.51 PM

I’m not sure when Levis came back on the scene but, like all things I love lately, they came into my life on a recommendation from Pedro. I had always thought of Levis of a brand that had it’s heyday in the 70’s/80’s and then stopped being relevant but, I guess not. I should have known I guess, two of the first posts here on Hart Beat four years ago were for Levi’s ads (see them here and here). Now though, I’ve bought four pairs of Levi’s in the past six months and I love ALL of them.

The best part of buying Levi’s is that once you find your size, you are that size. Forever, in every single style. Buying boyfriend jeans? Use your size. Buying skinny jeans? Yup, use that same size. Vintage Levi? SAME SIZE AGAIN. It’s like magic. I can even buy jeans online now. I never thought this day would come. In the spirit of Levi’s videos, here’s a new one that the brand has put out in honor of their new campaign “Live in Levis.” If this review and video don’t make you want to buy Levi’s then I don’t know what will. THIS IS A SPONSOR FREE POST FOR GOODNESS SAKE, HART BEAT.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.30.05 PM
Photos from top to bottom: @levis@thebakerygreenpoint, and @kellouhar.

Bold lipstick this winter

Oh hey Hart Beat. We’re in store for another cold break the next few weeks. As much as I love winter and the snow it brings I am looking forward to spring so much right now. The idea of biking without a million layers at night sounds so amazing. To pretend it’s not so cold outside I’ve been breaking out and wearing some bring and bold lipstick colors lately. I’m drawn to this Jane Iredale for a while now. My favorite share, Babe (similar to the top right picture), has been discontinued but they have so many to choose from I have no worries about my next pick.

What do you think, Hart Beat? What have you been wearing lately?

(Images via here and here.)
(A great color and, of course, Marilyn.)

Bonjour, Sessùn

Oh hello, Hart Beat. Let’s talk about some French things this morning on the blog. Shall we?
For the past couple months my roommate and I have been complementing each other on our outfits by telling each other how French the other looks. It’s great. I mean, who doesn’t want to embody the effortlessly chic, carefree and natural way French ladies do?
I’ve been finding so many French clothing brands, ba&sh, Pictoresq and 5 Octobre being a few, to inspire the new France inspired fashion love going on at our India Street apartment. Today I want to talk about another discovery for your French fashion cravings. Sessùn is an all women’s clothing line created by Emma François that is sold by a handful of same-name boutiques in Europe. Lucky for us, Hart Beat, Sessùn’s collection is also sold on their online store. One thing that I love about Sessùn is Miss. François origins as an Anthology major. I love seeing other Liberal Arts majors taking the fundamentals they learned in school and applying them to small businesses and the arts (Spanish Literature major over here).  

It was in South America that Emma François felt the turning point which foreshadowed a vocation. It was when she came into contact with people who weave, embroider, sew and make things, drawing unquestioningly on a heritage of techniques and know-how, that she finally understood what she had to do and found her own way, establishing Sessùn in 1995.

I love the simple and elegant pieces in the brand and the Spring/Summer 2014 line is on point. These photographs all come from the newest lookbook and I wish I could add all of them to my closet. Sessùn also curates a great blog that promotes the brand and inspiration for the designs that they create. Man do I wish I could read French. 

Sessùn is a world of its own… poetic, cross-sectional, confidential… Sessùn is a way of living. Sessùn clothes are feminine and timeless with preppy influences and perfect cuts that produce a smart casual look with  a cool attitude. 


All photos from the lovely Sessùn.

On Vacation, Like Gwyneth

Oh Hart Beat, it’s raining in Brooklyn. Horrible, cold rain. My bike hates it. In lieu of shivering from my ride tonight, I thought I would do some planning for my mom and my trip coming up this February. Have you seen the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley“? I hadn’t seen it until recently and if you’re looking for a creepy, but intriguing movie that takes place in the most beautiful parts of Italy and has a cast that ranges from Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law to Philip Seymour Hoffman, and, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow then look no farther. I love her style in this movie. It’s the 90’s take on the 50’s wealthy american living in southern Italy in the best way possible.

And as an end note, this great behind the scenes photo from the movie…