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Sézan Happy Days collection is here

Sézan Happy Days collection is here

Sézan Happy Days collection is here

Wooo! Happy Tuesday, Hart Beat! I got a little present in my inbox this morning that I thought you would love to see. One of my favorite brands Sézan (featured here before) has just announced it’s new collection “Happy Days” on their international ecommerce site.

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This Moment: The North Shore Shell Na Nin shirt

Happy Sunday Hart Beat! I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and intro to March. This morning I went back to one of my favorite yoga classes in Brooklyn and am now sitting in a tea house around the corner that I’ve always wanted to visit. The tea I’m drinking may be the color of something not so great (a yellow hue if you will) but it is so delicious. ITS TEA STRANGERS!!

Anyway, one thing that I’m craving right now are new tops for the spring/summer. The one I have my eye on this moment is the North Shore Shell top by designer Na Nin. Kate Jennings, the woman behind the shop, works with other designers on collaborations. I discovered her from a dress that she collaborated with Hackwith Design House worked on together (so beautiful) but, it’s this pink hued open back top that I’m craving. Oh internet gods, why haven’t you made is so I can reach in my screen and pull out what I want yet?

You can buy the top here and shop all the collaborations on Na Nin’s site.

Feltraiger and the heartbreaker hat

Last year while I was working at Artists & Fleas one of my favorite parts of the job was meeting young, up and coming designers at the market. One of my favorite new brands that sold last spring is the Brooklyn based, American made brand Feltraiger. When they were stationed at Artists & Fleas I was lucky enough to pick up one of the last mens bright blue bee print shirt (pictured in the NYTimes style section this weekend). Founded by brothers Daniel and Jon Feldman, Feltraiger designs with fashion and durability in mind with menswear that can easily be worn by women. I get questions about the bee shirt all the time and I’ve recently updated my collection with this heartbreaker very Hart Beat appropriate hat.

Shop online for the Feltraiger brand or stop by their flagship store on Grand Street in Williamsburg. Happy shopping, Hart Beat.

P.S. G-Eazy get your act together and work with these guys.

The bee shirt.
All photos from the Feltraiger website. Bottom photos from the SS13 collection.

Monday style with Shaina Mote

Hi Hart Beat. It’s Monday so let’s take a look at some outfit inspiration for this rainy, spring day. Since moving to New York one of the biggest differences in my wardrobe that I’ve noticed is the increase in black that I wear. So much black, Hart Beat. I feel like Johnny Cash everyday. While it’s great for keeping clothes simple and my mind on other things, recently I’ve been wanting to step back to my previous favorite wardrobe color, white. Luckily clothing brand Shaina Mote is here to help.

Since the Spring/Summer 2014 collection are so simple I feel like there’s not much that really needs to be said. I love all of the crossed backs in these dresses. I find that kind of style super flattering on most people. So let’s breeze through these simple, yet elegant dresses and shirts on this Monday lunch break. 

So cool lady.

Images via Julia Kostreva’s blog, Shaina Mote’s website.

Joie (de vivre)

This past weekend my friends and I were walking to the high line when I passed the brand Joie’s store on 14th street. The window’s were beautifully designed and as soon as I went home I did some investigation on the brand. Their clothing is so breathtaking, Hart Beat. And I want to share some photos and pieces that I found while looking through their website.

The JOIE aesthetic, both modern and timeless in its appeal, draws its influence from vintage creations while successfully maintaining a fresh approach to fashion. Be it Paris or California, the JOIE girl enjoys wearing casual, comfortable clothes accented by her travels throughout the world. The concept has always been “Casual, Comfortable and Luxurious.” Therefore, each piece that is designed encompasses a balance of these three key elements…one cannot exist without the other.

Beautiful, right? These outfits featured here are all part of the Joie Spring/Summer 2014 line. You can shop all of the looks on the companies website. The color pallet for the collection reminds me so much of the wardrobe for Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley. The entire things makes me want to jet off the southern France for the week. Want to come, Hart Beat?

Top and bottom photo curtesy of Bliss Blog.

Bonjour, Sessùn

Oh hello, Hart Beat. Let’s talk about some French things this morning on the blog. Shall we?
For the past couple months my roommate and I have been complementing each other on our outfits by telling each other how French the other looks. It’s great. I mean, who doesn’t want to embody the effortlessly chic, carefree and natural way French ladies do?
I’ve been finding so many French clothing brands, ba&sh, Pictoresq and 5 Octobre being a few, to inspire the new France inspired fashion love going on at our India Street apartment. Today I want to talk about another discovery for your French fashion cravings. Sessùn is an all women’s clothing line created by Emma François that is sold by a handful of same-name boutiques in Europe. Lucky for us, Hart Beat, Sessùn’s collection is also sold on their online store. One thing that I love about Sessùn is Miss. François origins as an Anthology major. I love seeing other Liberal Arts majors taking the fundamentals they learned in school and applying them to small businesses and the arts (Spanish Literature major over here).  

It was in South America that Emma François felt the turning point which foreshadowed a vocation. It was when she came into contact with people who weave, embroider, sew and make things, drawing unquestioningly on a heritage of techniques and know-how, that she finally understood what she had to do and found her own way, establishing Sessùn in 1995.

I love the simple and elegant pieces in the brand and the Spring/Summer 2014 line is on point. These photographs all come from the newest lookbook and I wish I could add all of them to my closet. Sessùn also curates a great blog that promotes the brand and inspiration for the designs that they create. Man do I wish I could read French. 

Sessùn is a world of its own… poetic, cross-sectional, confidential… Sessùn is a way of living. Sessùn clothes are feminine and timeless with preppy influences and perfect cuts that produce a smart casual look with  a cool attitude. 


All photos from the lovely Sessùn.

Herschel cases

Bonjour Hart Beat! This past Christmas I was lucky enough to get an iPad air and keyboard. It has been my saving grace this winter. My back had been in horrible shape this past year lugging my laptop around with me and now that I have this little mini computer I’m so much happier.

It’s taken me forever to find an iPad case that I actually like and now that I have it I want to share the brand with you. Herschel Supply Co. designs and manufactures a whole collection of backpacks, bags, cases and travel goods. The Canadian company has a definite nautical, California laid-back style that I love and is a nice alternative to the New York City black chic.

If, like me, you carry your iPad with you everywhere you go, then a strong case is essential. Not only can a case turn your iPad into a stylish accessory but it can also help to prevent your screen getting damaged which can result in a trip to an ipad screen repair specialist.

The exact case that I have is not available on their website but you can find similar models here. The color combination I have is on Amazon however. (Teal is all over my life right now.) Hope you love Herschel’s things as much as I do!

All photos from the Herschel Spring 2014 Lookbook.

Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet

Oh hey there Hart Beat, do I have the most beautiful collection to share with you today. It’s been a while since any shoes have taken center stage on the blog and I am so proud to share with you the Wolverine 1000 Mile line by Samantha Pleet.

The Bonny boot in tan/black and black.
(My babies on the left there.)
It’s always a dangerous move when I walk into my favorite shoe store in my neighborhood and last week was no different. As soon as I walked in I feel head over heels (HA) for a pair of Wolverine boots. I had never given the brand a shot before, as I am a tried and true Frye girl, but seeing those tan and black boots with the perfect heel stopped me in my tracks. And, oh sweet baby Hart Beat, I am never going back.
This particular collection of Wolverine’s was designed by New York City designer Samantha Pleet. At the ripe old age of 33 Pleet has created a body of work to rival any of her contemporaries and superiors. Her stockiest include stores from Brooklyn to as far flung as Texas, Australia, Turkey and Japan. Pleet’s studio is located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn and grew up in the countryside of Pennsylvania and this collection of boots truly feels like a beautiful combination of city and country. Being a mix of the two myself I find every pair of boots the kind of design that I’ve been wanting my whole life. 
The Arc boot in blue. 
The Besbit Kiltie boot in tan.

The Arc Boot in taupe.
Photos via Four One Five Shoes and Myrtle.
The girls in the boots, all from the SS13 collection.

All I want is Ba&sh

Hola Hart Beat! Happy snow night! I had plans to check out this new Greenpoint restaurant tonight but because of this horrible I’m stuck inside watching horribly depressing whale movies. Anyway, let’s talk about one of my favorite discoveries of last year, fashion brand ba&sh.

A couple years ago when I was traveling in Spain I came across one of the most beautiful brands I’ve ever come across. You know that effortless french style that is always so hard to emulate? Well Ba&sh makes it appear as easy as breathing. Probably because the two designers are Parisian and have worked to create one of France’s more affordable lines. There’s not much on Ba&sh out there in the internet world but I was able to find this NY Times article back from 2007.

Ba&sh, founded in 2003 by the childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, started in Paris in Printemps, Bon Marché and the tony Frank & fils. The next year they opened a free-standing shop in Saint-Gaermain-des-Prés followed by a location in the Marais at 22 rue des Francs Bourgeois, they now have 200 sales points. Boccara and Krief’s collection is based on the easy, romantic and chic style they wear themselves. “It’s our ideal wardrobe,” Boccara said. 

 Ba&sh pieces I could use right now.
Images from the fall/winter 2013 campaign. 

Thanks to the french blog Les Demoizelles we can look at some preview shots for the designers spring/summer 2014 line. I am in love with these colors and want to wear all of it right now.

Yea, of course the collection is so beautiful and so french. I love too that the brand name, Ba&sh, is a combination of the founders names (Barbara and Sharon). What a bummer that they don’t have a store or stockiest in New York. Luckily some of their collection can be found on Asos and they do have an online store, although right now the only collection available is fall/winter 2013. Come on girls, I’m done with this winter thing. Where’s spring?

I haven’t been able to track down many promotional product shots or any videos for the Ba&sh spring/summer 2014 line. I did however find this adorable video from 2013 s/s announcement. I don’t speak french so finding out these things are really exercising my google translating skills. Here’s the “printemps / été” 2013 collection:
BA&SH – Spring-Summer 2013 from Emmanuel Herbreteau on Vimeo.

Happy french fashion dreaming, Hart Beat!

VOZ Spring and Summer Collection

Hey Hart Beat. I know that it’s freezing out this week (holla at ya winter) but I still think we should dream about summer days and warm weather together. If only for kicks. Anyway, recently I had the pleasure of meeting the women behind the amazing fashion start-up VOZ.

VOZ celebrates cultural tradition through design innovation. Through collaborative workshops, we provide training in design innovation to skilled rural weavers, beginning with Mapuche communities in Southern Chile. VOZ international designers work intimately with artisans to envision, prototype and finalize our fair trade fashion collections. VOZ’ hand-made garments give a new voice to artisans by bridging centuries of their exquisite craft traditions to modern fashion platforms.

Beautiful, right? It’s everything I’ve always imagined in a fashion company. VOZ has an immaculate Fall/Winter 2013 line on their website but bellow are a few of my favorite pieces for Spring/Summer 2014. What’s even better than all this? VOZ sells online here and this weekend they’re having a trunk show in the city. See you there, Hart Beat!

All the beautiful original pieces can be found on the VOZ website.
Top photo via the VOZ vimeo account.