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Alessia Cara - Hannah Hart Beat

Alessia Cara

Ugg, Hart Beat. I have something horrible to admit. I have a new musician crush (not the horrible part) and I found them via an ad on Twitter (that’s said horrible part). A sponsored Spotify ad keeps being served to me and this morning I finally broke down to watch it. Here’s the ad:

Let’s admit it, Hart Beat. That song is CATCHY AS HELL. I had to stop what I was doing (standing in my kitchen waiting for Mr. Coffee to do his thing) to immediately search out Alessia Cara. And thank you Spotify, because I love her. Alessia Cara is a (relatively) new addition to the pop music scene. She got her start on YouTube like a true millennial and has now performed around the U.S. in addition to an appearance on SNL this past February.

Not surprisingly, all of Alessia Cara’s songs are on Spotify. My favorite (in the last four hours that I’ve known of Cara’s existence) is Wild Things. Am I late or what to the party, Hart Beat?

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Hannah Hart Beat

Look at Miss Ohio

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your Monday night going? It’s a rough week in the world so I think we all might need a little music to help us through the week. Lucky for me (and you!) the weekly Spotify Discover playlist came out today. If you haven’t taken advantage of this playlist on Spotify then stop right here and go find it! Every week the app will pull together a playlist of recommended songs based off of what you listened to the week before. This week a song that I wish I had known about years ago was on it. Do you know “Look at Miss Ohio” by Gillian Welch? If you don’t listen here,

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Photo of Gillian Welch by 91.9 WFPK.

Are you with me now?

Are you with me now?

Are you with me now?

Hola Hart Beat. Thanks again to this week’s new Discover Feature in Spotify I found another song that you might like to listen to. At least I’m enjoying it over here on this slow moving Tuesday. This song by Cate Le Bon came out in 2013 with the release of her studio album Mug Museum. Clearly I was not on the ball because I’m only now hearing this song, “Are you with me now?”, for the first time. What do you think, Hart Beat? You like? Had you heard of Cate Le Bon before?

Cate Le Bon sings “Are you with me now?” from her last album. As always, the song has been added to the official Hannah Hart Beat playlist.

A playlist for your afternoon

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.25.03 PM

Hey Hart Beat. I’m not sure about you but today is both a stressful and blah day at work. Thursday’s are rough, the weekend is so close but still, a solid amount of time away. I was surfing through Spotify to find a playlist since my usual WNYC is a little too distracting today and I found a great playlist that I thought you might like.

It’s called “Essential Indie” and while some of the artists are questionably still indie (The Strokes? they’re not mainstream yet?), almost all of the songs are amazing. When each one plays I have that moment of, oh yea! I love this song! Hope you enjoy it too, Hart Beat.

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Top photo of @toastmeetsworld because that is how I feel right now.