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The Camino de Santiago this April and May

Hi Hart Beat!! Guess what? I have some exciting life news for you! This is coming at ya fast BUT for the next two months I’m going to be taking some time out of Brooklyn and traveling. For those of you long-time readers, you know that I’ve always had a love affair with the country Spain. I first traveled there back in 2011 for a semester of study abroad and, since then, I’ve gone back two times. Each time I’m reminded of how much I love this land, this food, and this culture.

The start of this years journey back to Spain began early this month. It was a hard decision but at the beginning of March, I left my job at Food5. I’ve loved every moment there and for the last two and a half years have learned so much from so many lovely people. However, I’m realizing now that I need a break and to fulfill a dream of returning to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago.

If you’re not familiar with the Camino lucky you, I’ve written about the walk here on the blog before! As a quick summary, the Camino de Santiago is a thousand year old pilmagrage throughout Europe ending in the North West of Spain. The walk has traditionally been religious but in the last hundred years or so it it has become more of a spiritual walk. There are many different places one can start the Camino. Some people walk two weeks, some two days, and others two months. For me, I’m going to be starting on April 17th from St. Jean Pied de Port in France and completing the traditional Camino Frances. In total the walk/hike should take 33 days–just over a month. This will leave me arriving in Santiago at the end of the Camino around the 23rd/24th of May.

From today until the 17th, Hart Beat, I’m going to be training for the grueling Camino with my Mom in France. We are lucky to have family friends with a small French apartment in the small town of Fleurie, France where we are staying. I’ve been spending days hiking with my gear and getting my feet into shape. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a couple of shots from this past week.

I’m hoping to share as much as possible about my time in France and on the Camino with you Hart Beat but, I can’t promise much. Internet along the way isn’t what I’m used to in Brooklyn and I’m also hoping to have some time off the computer while on the walk. Please keep in touch with me though, Hart Beat! I love hearing from all of you and if you want to reach me you can comment here, message me on Instagram or email me at hannahhartbeat@gmail.com.

Sending all my love from France right now. Xoxo Hannah

A Few Things, Tuesday Afternoon Editon

Hi Hart Beat. It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am STRUGGLING. STRUGG-U-LING. As some solace, because you too are probably feeling the nap need coming to you, here are a few images that I’ve been loving and finding inspiration in lately. WE CAN DO THIS.

Hannah Hart Beat

This ^^ building La Muralla Roja by the architect Ricardo Bofill in Calpe, Spain.

Hannah Hart Beat

These ^^ Spring lookers from the Portland Apothecary’s newsletter.

Hannah Hart Beat

This ^^ Grand Acrobate c. 1952 by Henri Matisse that creeped (in a great way) into my Instagram feed.

Hannah Hart Beat

These ^^ photos by Alice Gao from the Everlane Open Office events last week.

Hannah Hart Beat: Spanish Clara

How to make a Spanish Clara (and win your company’s Cocktail Competition)

Hannah Hart Beat: Spanish Clara

Hey Hart Beat! A few weeks ago (okay, more like a couple of months ago) my office had one of our reoccurring Cocktail Competitions. The way the competition works is a kind of drink is chosen (we’ve done vodka, tequila, and wine since I’ve been there), then three people volunteer and make a cocktail that includes that one ingredient. This last go around beer was our drink and I signed my name right up.

Why, you ask, Hart Beat? The answer comes from my favorite days spent in Madrid when one of my favorite drinks was a Clara. The Clara, like a caña or tinto de verano, is so commun that it’s not on a menu but can always be ordered at a Spanish bar. I loved ordering them in the warm summer nights when sitting outside in the plazas.

Since the drink is SO. SIMPLE. I didn’t tell anyone when I was making it at work so that no one could watch me doing it. Once I served it and I was told to announce the ingredients I did, but then also added a “special ingredient.” Before I tell you the secret, here is the recipe I used to make Clara.

  • 1 part beer (the Spanish beer Mahou is the best but it’s hard to find so I use Imperial instead)
  • 2 parts lemon soda (this is the kind I used) *** Also, make sure there’s no lime in your soda! It’s hard to find straight lemon soda in the U.S. which I use the Italian kind)
  • Lemon wedges (to decorate the top)

Annnnnnnd, that’s it. Seriously. You just pour the beer and soda together and mix them. Then when you serve it you add the lemon wedge for a bit of flare. And the secret ingredient? There i none! The secret ingredient is just the idea of a secret. Once you tell someone there’s something hidden they automatically love the idea of that. Cheers, Hart Beat 🍻🍻🍻

Hannah Hart Beat: Spanish ClaraHannah Hart Beat: Spanish Clara

Photos by me.

A dream apartment in Malasaña

Hola Hart Beat. My five favorite readings from this week are coming up but before that I had to share this apartment with you that my friend Marina sent over to me yesterday. I met Marina four years ago (I can’t believe it was that long ago) when she and I both studied abroad in Madrid. I’ll never forget how we met. Marina just came up and started talking to me on the street and it turned out we both went to small liberal arts schools and were on their respective sailing teams. After I asked her why she came to talk to me. She said it was because I was wearing clogs.


Anyway, when Marina send me this article I almost fell right out of my chair. Not only is the apartment designed in the most amazing way but it’s located in the our favorite neighborhood in our favorite city. On top of that the decoration of the apartment is based on a mediteranian vibe. Pretty much, to sum it up this is the apartment that both Marina and I dream about having. From the location to the decoration, I can’t think of anything more perfect.

“Esta encantadora buhardilla no esté en la costa, sino en el corazón del madrileño barrio de Malasaña. Pero su blanco interior, su decoración en clave natural y su sencillez nos hacen soñar con el sol.”

“This small, lovely apartment isn’t on the cost but in the hear of the Madrid neighborhood Malasaña. It’s white interior, natural theme and simplicity makes use dream of the sun.”

What do you think, Hart Beat? Want to take a spontaneous trip with me to Madrid this weekend? And Pedro, do you want the apartment to look like this? To see all the photos follow this link here (lo siento, the article is in Spanish but good news, the images are not!).



Tinto de verano

My favorite warm weather drink

Happy hump day, Hart Beat! We did it. We’re officially half way through the week. To celebrate let’s talk about one of my favorite summer drinks.

Chilled red wine

Last year I confessed my love for the pink wine Rosé and this year I’ll share another little secret with you. I like…. chilled red wine. I know right! Sacrilegious! When I first started drinking wine I really loved white because of the crisp cool taste and red because of the fullness of the taste. I didn’t know that you could have the best of both worlds until I studied abroad in Spain and realized over there that it’s par for the course to keep a bottle or two of Rioja red wine chilled.

Every time I go into a wine store I always ask them what red wine I can buy and keep cool. I know it’s a wine store that I’m going to like if they don’t look at me like I’m terribly insane and, instead, points me in the direction of the Spanish reds. If you’re in Greenpoint, Brooklyn then my highest recommendation goes to Dandelion Wine. Those guys know what’s up.

Of course, if this idea feels too weird for you, you can always grab a glass of tinto de verano and call it a day.

Tinto de verano

Source for top photo unknown on tumblr and source for bottom photo.

Kaanas platform espadrilles, my oh my

Hey Hart Beat. I’ve been feeling a little bummed out thinking that this is the first summer since I was 21 that I haven’t been visiting Spain. At the company that I work for now we represent the brand Kaanas, a Colombian espadrille company, that makes the cutest espadrille shoes. They’re almost better, almost, than the few pairs I bought last year in Barecelona.

It’s so hard to find shoes that are comfortable enough to wear walking and biking around the city but cute enough to keep up with the Jones’. My favorite of all the Kaanas shoes are the Monaco platform sandal. We don’t carry this style at my shoe store but I would love to try on a pair before the summer is over. The only question is, white or black?

Feliz Dos de Mayo!

Feliz Dos de Mayo, Hart Beat!! Today is one of my favorite days of the year and I am so excited to share it with all of you! Dos de Mayo was one of my favorite holidays I celebrated while I was studying in Madrid and every year when it rolls around it takes me back right back to that time and place. I can remember so clearly sitting in a plaza in Malasana watching the sun go down, drinking beers and laughing more than I ever have in my life.

For the past two summers I’ve gone back to visit Madrid and as much as I love the city it has never been exactly the same. So this post, more than any other on Hart Beat, goes out to the wonderful people that I got to meet and share that spring with. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and have a cerveza for me. Vale?

Photos I took in Madrid last summer. Want to come back with me this fall, Hart Beat?

Spring uniform

I’ve had the pleasure the past couple of weeks speaking with the founder and president of Beiñ, an amazing company that represents small, independent Spanish designers at trade shows and pop-up markets in New York. I love spanish designers and I’m so glad that now there’s a way to find small designers and order them here in the states.

One of the brands currently on Beiñ’s web store is Ecoology. I love their pieces and I can’t wait to order this amazing grey dress to wear all spring and summer long. What do you think, Hart Beat? Doesn’t it look perfect for throwing on and wearing to everything from dates, to business meetings, to dinner with friends?

Oh Barcelona, you’re a beautiful babe.

Jenny and Zooey sing about best friends

Hi Hart Beat. How was your weekend? I’m so happy that daylight savings is here and that this weekend we could all pretend that it was spring in Brooklyn. I was so lucky this weekend to have a long awaited three year reunion with the loves of my life that I met studying abroad in Spain three years ago. I’ve seen all of my friends separately since we lived in Madrid together but this weekend was the first time we could all get together in the same city. Have you ever had friend soul mates before, Hart Beat? If you are then you know how special and rare these reunions can be. Hey Laur, Steban and Ray, want to move to Brooklyn?

Anyway, in honor for my love for these very special people, here is a sweet song for your Sunday night. This one comes off of Jenny Lewis’s 2008 solo album Acid Tongue. The song, “Trying my Best to Love You”, features the amazing Zooey Deschanel as background vocals. I hope you like it too, Hart Beat.

But still sometimes I can’t believe you’re real
It’s just that I’ve got diamonds in my eyes for you
Our love is simple
Our love is crystal

“Trying My Best to Love You” by Jenny Lewis

Boots of spanish leather

Hey there Hart Beat. Before I run off to yoga I wanted to write you a post for your Friday night. Earlier this spring I was constantly listening to this song, Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan. Only recently did I find out that The Lumineers recorded a cover of the song. Both are amazing and I knew you would like to hear them.

The Lumineers singing the cover.
Oh I’m sailin’ away my own true love
I’m salin’ away in the morning
Is there something I can send you from across the sea
From the place that I’ll be landing?

No, there’s nothin’ you can send me, my own true love
There’s nothin’ I wish to be ownin’
Just carry yourself back to me unspoiled 
From across that lonesome ocean.
Bob Dylan singing the original song.