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The Brooklyn clogs I can’t get enough of

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.16 PM

Oh Hart Beat. Let’s admit it, Fall is coming and it’s coming fast. I hate to think about this, especially since all I want to do is move to a tropical beach after my vacation last week. The only good thing about fall is the fashion that comes with it. WHO DOESN’T LIKE LAYERING?? Right? One of the layering things I’m crazy about are really more of a footwear issue. Clogs! And more specifically, a pair of Nina Z. clogs.

I’ve wanted a pair of these boys so badly that one time I was driving with Pedro and saw a girl biking with them on. I screamed out “NINA Z” and he told me later he was worried I would run over the girl to walk away with the shoes. I’m not there yet, Pedro.

They’re designed by Nina herself who has a studio upstate and sells on the weekends at the Brooklyn Flea. All the clogs are handmade in Sweden so we can all get that northern European dream fashion look that we’ve been wishing for (I know you have too, Hart Beat.) Nina Z. is all over Brooklyn and the girls over at Local Creative highlighted them this summer with this adorable Instagram video you can watch here. Um.. as if I didn’t want a pair enough.


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.43.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.27 PM

Photos via @ninaznyc. Video by @localcreativebk.

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Oh hey there, Hart Beat. How’s your evening going? I wanted to get this post to you earlier today but for some reason time goes by too fast and now all of a sudden it’s 11pm on a Thursday.

Anywayyyy.. What I wanted to bring up today was something that I’m seeing all over the city and am on the fence about so I thought I would bring it up here. Last summer the used-to-be-ugly Birkenstock sandals hit the city HARD. While the used-to-be-hippy shoes are still here I’ve been seeing another slew of ugly shoes around the subway platforms and sidewalks. To be honest I don’t know what to call them other then weird summer slippers. Not sure if that makes sense so here are some photos of them. I don’t own any now and not sure if I’m going to get any but just wanted to put this out there… into the internet world.

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Sandals, why are you so weird this summer?

Top two photos from DNA Footwear blog Wearhouse242 and bottom pair at Need Supply Co.

My spring uniform

Spring Uniform, 2015 Edition

Heyyy Hart Beat. How’s your Sunday night going? This afternoon (as I mentioned earlier) I got to see my best friends Marina and Carolyn (formerly known here as C.) for a picnic in Prospect Park. While there I had the biggest shoe envy because Marina was wearing these gorgeous This is Spring peep-toe sandals. As soon as I saw them I had one of those I MUST HAVE YOU NOW moments. Sad times for me (and you if you thought you could see them) is that the shoe is sold out everywhere online. You Rayray, are a trendsetter.

Spring Uniform, 2015 Edition

After searching for an amount of time that I would not like to disclose, I remembered another brand, Avarcas Pons, that I follow on Instagram that has shoes very, very similar to the ones that Marina was wearing. Lucky us Hart Beat, not only these made out of 100% leather but THEY ARE MADE IN SPAIN. Boom done, bought. While I was on this spree I decided to cash in on some gift cards I’ve been holding onto for a little too long and have pulled together my here-forth Spring 2015 Uniform. What do you think Hart Beat? Do you have a spring uniform you’re looking forward to wearing?

Piece 1. The Avarcas Pons (hello Spain) classic style in black.

Spring Uniform 2015 Edition

Piece 2. The Madewell (surprised anyone?) Oceanside Pullover Sweater.

My spring uniform

Piece 3. The Levis (my favorite jeans right now) 501 distressed light wash jeans.

Spring Uniform, 2015 Edition

Photos via the brands BUT the top photo comes from one of my favorite blogs Emma Dime. Read her!

Photographs: The Atlantic by UNIQ x Saucony

As some of you know, my boyfriend Pedro runs a very successful sneaker and culture blog Solesirius.com. Before knowing him I really didn’t have any concept of how big and talented the sneaker community is but since knowing him, I’ve been so lucky to meet so many amazing people and to see so many BEAUTIFUL shoes. Yesterday Pedro was up bright and early to purchase the new release from UBIQ and Saucony called the Atlantic Tide. The shoe is inspired but the east coast shoreline and to go along with the release, UBIQ released this amazing webpage on their site with a collection of photographs of the shoe and the coast on the east coast.
Let me tell you Hart Beat, while these shoes are amazing, the photos that the brand published of the inspiration behind the shoe is even more breathtaking. I can’t get over the photos and thought you all would like to see them too. For more information on the shoe and the two companies collaborating on it you can visit the UBIQ site. All photo credit goes to the brand.

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The Last Call Shop from Sézane

Hi Hart Beat. Just a little note from me to you here. For those of you who discovered the lovely French brand Sézane this fall when it and Madewell had an exclusive collaboration (more on the V&V here) then you are in luck. Everything by Sézane is so effortless and chic but unfortunately, the prices match the beauty of the clothes. Lucky for us the site has a new section called the Last Call Shop that sells last pieces on sale. I haven’t been able to get anything yet but I have my eye on these shoes… Happy shopping Hart Beat.
P.S. The home shop of Sézane is ON POINT.

Photos via Sézane.

Three work shoes for winter

Hi Hart Beat! I’m still home in the Berkshires but am really looking forward to heading down to the city tomorrow. As some of you might know from reading this blog here, I’ve just accepted a new job to work on the Digital Marketing Team at Food52! I’m sad to be leaving DNA Footwear (aka Pedro) buttttt I’m excited to be back in the city working for a new company.

I’ve been trying to prepare as much as possible for this winter before January hits and I cold from fingers to toes. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is footwear for the winter.

I have this great pair of winter booties that I got a few years ago that will be great for getting too and from work. What I’m looking for now are a few pairs of shoes that I can keep at work and wear throughout the winter at the office. This way I won’t have to worry about ruining any nice shoes in the snow, salt and sand. I know that some of you don’t work in an office and are on your feet all day, rather than sat down. If this is the case for you then the shoes I have found won’t be any good for you as you need to find a good pair of shoes that can help a great deal in increasing your standing comfort. This way you won’t get sore feet after being on your feet for hours. Luckily, I don’t have this issue as I am at a desk. The only problem is picking out a new pair of shoes! Want to help me out, Hart Beat? What do you think of the options below? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are still going on… it’s time to act fast!

Option One: The sleek loafer. This pair has been on my radar for a while now. I love loafers and these look like the perfect combination of professional, comfortable and sleek. Also, Sézane, hello french style. These Dali Pumps are just what my inner parisian wants.

Option Two: The cut-out bootie. One of the great things about finding a great office shoe for the winter is not having to think about all those pesky things like weather and warmth. This pair of cut-out booties would be great to sip on and add a great little twist with a colorful pair of socks. Below are the great Jeffrey Campbell Muskrat booties that you can purchase here.
Option Three: Low heel white booties. These Sam Edelman Petty Booties have been on my radar since we first got them in at DNA. They come in black, honey and bone but I am loving these white ones. They would be great to slip on and off and white is such a bold color in the winter that it would be great to know you get to wear them without worrying about the elements destroying them. You can purchase the Petty Booties here.
Thanks Emerson for the top photo.

Aigle: The best fall rainboots

Hi Hart Beat. One of the problems working for the beautiful DNA Footwear website is seeing all the amazing boots come in for this fall season. One of my favorite pairs is a beautiful style by Aigle. I love these boots from their cut, to their name (they’re called “Miss Juliette” for crying out loud!!)

I had never heard of Aigle before I started working at DNA but now they are all I think about! Aigle boots have been made in Ingrades, France since 1853. The band hand makes all of it’s shoes and the trick that I’ve heard they use is by creating the pieces out of one section of rubber instead of molding together (this way there are no holes to let water in.) Other than being extremely cute, the brand is made in France. Let me repeat that, the shoes are made in France. Done deal. I’ve been thinking of ordering the Miss Juliette Rain Bootie for so long and I think that when I get back from Maine I’m going to have to take the official leap and buy a pair. Too bad DNA doesn’t carry my size…

Thanks Play Like a Girl for these rad photos. The boots look baller on you.

P.S. I’m also obsessed with these pair of Jodhpur leather/rubber boots for fall. I might have to order them both…

P.P.S. Please watch this video that Aigle put together to announce the Miss Juliette boot. I don’t normally like cats but seeing these kittens play made my heart go like, woah.

Kaanas platform espadrilles, my oh my

Hey Hart Beat. I’ve been feeling a little bummed out thinking that this is the first summer since I was 21 that I haven’t been visiting Spain. At the company that I work for now we represent the brand Kaanas, a Colombian espadrille company, that makes the cutest espadrille shoes. They’re almost better, almost, than the few pairs I bought last year in Barecelona.

It’s so hard to find shoes that are comfortable enough to wear walking and biking around the city but cute enough to keep up with the Jones’. My favorite of all the Kaanas shoes are the Monaco platform sandal. We don’t carry this style at my shoe store but I would love to try on a pair before the summer is over. The only question is, white or black?

Authentic California from Seavees

Speaking of California, have you heard of the sneaker brand Seavees? I don’t know what it is about this almost spring weather but it has me craving for all things Californian. I was doing some research on the brand for my new job and I just had to share them with you. The story behind the company is so cool and the photos on their website make me drool. You people are so cool! Want to hire an east coast transplant? I’ll learn to surf for you!

I’m not a huge sneaker person (most of my shoes have heels) but, I would totally change my mind for a pair of their 09/65 Bayside Sandals or the 02/64 Baja Slip Ons. Never had I seen sneakers that would work so perfectly with my clothes. They would be perfect for biking around Brooklyn on the weekends.

And the story behind the brand, Hart Beat, it is so good. Seavees was originally founded in the 1960’s as a simple shoe company that predates Vans. The company closed down nine years after their opening and then 40 years after that, in the early 2000’s, a vintage pair of shoes was found by a collector in Japan. The brand was then relaunched, brining back the laid-back surfer vibe of the 60s to todays market. My favorite part f this story is how each shoes is named for a specific date in history with links that range from important days in the beatnik generation to the first Baja Surf Club Invitation in Mexico.

I have so much more that I want to say about Seavees but the last bit of information I’ll give you is the most recent promotion that the brand is publishing. If you sign up for their newsletter now (until when I don’t know) you are automatically entered to win a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. This beautiful baby below could be yours. But it won’t be, because I’m going to be cruising around Brooklyn in it all summer long. As if I didn’t love you enough, Seavees.

All photos from the Seavees website.

Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet

Oh hey there Hart Beat, do I have the most beautiful collection to share with you today. It’s been a while since any shoes have taken center stage on the blog and I am so proud to share with you the Wolverine 1000 Mile line by Samantha Pleet.

The Bonny boot in tan/black and black.
(My babies on the left there.)
It’s always a dangerous move when I walk into my favorite shoe store in my neighborhood and last week was no different. As soon as I walked in I feel head over heels (HA) for a pair of Wolverine boots. I had never given the brand a shot before, as I am a tried and true Frye girl, but seeing those tan and black boots with the perfect heel stopped me in my tracks. And, oh sweet baby Hart Beat, I am never going back.
This particular collection of Wolverine’s was designed by New York City designer Samantha Pleet. At the ripe old age of 33 Pleet has created a body of work to rival any of her contemporaries and superiors. Her stockiest include stores from Brooklyn to as far flung as Texas, Australia, Turkey and Japan. Pleet’s studio is located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn and grew up in the countryside of Pennsylvania and this collection of boots truly feels like a beautiful combination of city and country. Being a mix of the two myself I find every pair of boots the kind of design that I’ve been wanting my whole life. 
The Arc boot in blue. 
The Besbit Kiltie boot in tan.

The Arc Boot in taupe.
Photos via Four One Five Shoes and Myrtle.
The girls in the boots, all from the SS13 collection.