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Late to the Kiehl’s party


I feel like I’m late to the game, Hart Beat. During my trip to Cape Cod last week I visited my first Kiehl’s store and now, I’m obsessed. I’m not entirely sure why I never checked Kiehl’s out before this trip but between the simple packaging, the branding, the beautiful stores and the fact that these are hair products, it seems like the brand is completely up my alley. It wasn’t until I was waiting for breakfast in Provincetown and looked across the street to see an adorable Kiehl’s store sitting right in front of me, that I finally considered the products.

I talked to the associates at Kiehl’s in Provincetown who was suuuuuuper helpful and picked out some new shampoo and conditioner. They’re are tons of kinds on the site so you can pick exactly what you need for your kind of hair. The kind that I chose, and I guess is good for everyone (yes, maybe? idk) is the Amino Acid Collection. Why do I love it? Because my hair is super smooth PLUS it smells like coconut. I’m in heaven.

If you have other Kiehl’s recommendations let me know. I am not a proud (late) rider on the official bus.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.43.10 AM

Top photo via Dust Jacket and bottom photo via @kiehlsnyc.

All I want

Hola Hart Beat. How was your Sunday? I was working all day down in Williamsburg and I’m really happy right now to be back in my apartment, awaiting this weeks episode of “Downton Abbey.” My good friend Iz shared this song and video with me yesterday and I immediately wanted to share it with you all. Have you heard this song? The video and song is amazing. The video really reminded me of this short here, both of them break my heart. So up Hart Beat’s alley, right? Thanks Iz!

All I want is nothing more
to hear you knocking at my door
’cause if I could see your face once more
I could die as a happy man I’m sure

“All I Want” – Kodaline