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Hannah Hart Beat: Spanish Clara

How to make a Spanish Clara (and win your company’s Cocktail Competition)

Hannah Hart Beat: Spanish Clara

Hey Hart Beat! A few weeks ago (okay, more like a couple of months ago) my office had one of our reoccurring Cocktail Competitions. The way the competition works is a kind of drink is chosen (we’ve done vodka, tequila, and wine since I’ve been there), then three people volunteer and make a cocktail that includes that one ingredient. This last go around beer was our drink and I signed my name right up.

Why, you ask, Hart Beat? The answer comes from my favorite days spent in Madrid when one of my favorite drinks was a Clara. The Clara, like a caña or tinto de verano, is so commun that it’s not on a menu but can always be ordered at a Spanish bar. I loved ordering them in the warm summer nights when sitting outside in the plazas.

Since the drink is SO. SIMPLE. I didn’t tell anyone when I was making it at work so that no one could watch me doing it. Once I served it and I was told to announce the ingredients I did, but then also added a “special ingredient.” Before I tell you the secret, here is the recipe I used to make Clara.

  • 1 part beer (the Spanish beer Mahou is the best but it’s hard to find so I use Imperial instead)
  • 2 parts lemon soda (this is the kind I used) *** Also, make sure there’s no lime in your soda! It’s hard to find straight lemon soda in the U.S. which I use the Italian kind)
  • Lemon wedges (to decorate the top)

Annnnnnnd, that’s it. Seriously. You just pour the beer and soda together and mix them. Then when you serve it you add the lemon wedge for a bit of flare. And the secret ingredient? There i none! The secret ingredient is just the idea of a secret. Once you tell someone there’s something hidden they automatically love the idea of that. Cheers, Hart Beat 🍻🍻🍻

Hannah Hart Beat: Spanish ClaraHannah Hart Beat: Spanish Clara

Photos by me.

Not a cooking blog: How to make sugar cookies

How’s your week looking Hart Beat? As I mentioned last night, I’m going to working in Chelsea Market this week, so I’ve spent the past couple days preparing for the week. I’m also really hoping to finally make it to some of the Gabriel García Lorca lectures happening in the city this month. What are your plans?

Since I’m going to be working so many hours in Chelsea Market this week and I’m tired of giving all my money to Amy’s Bread, I decided that this Saturday night I would try my hand at baking so I can eat my own cookies all week long. Because, let’s be honest, who can go an entire day without some kind of sugar fix?
And before I begin, a disclaimer: this is not a cooking blog. This will never become a cooking blog. I hate cooking blogs. Mostly because I can’t cook and seeing people write things about how “easy” it is to whip up a five course meal in five easy steps really gets to me. So does seeing all those amazing pictures of delicious food that I can’t eat. The whole thing is upsetting.
However, I feel like tonight is a great opportunity to share how a non-cooker/non-baker attempts to make her first ever batch of sugar cookies in this strange Brooklyn kitchen. Come with me, Hart Beat, and share the journey with me. 
I found a pretty easy sugar cookie recipe on this blog here. Well, at least it looked easy, and I had all the ingredients. Or so I thought, turns out I didn’t have butter or any kind of chocolate to sneak in there so, after a quick run down to C-Town to pick up the necessary ingredients, I began.
Let’s skip ahead, because, well, you have the recipe and other then blending the ingredients with a fork for twenty minutes since I don’t have a standing mixer and adding chocolate chips because I’m human, I pretty much did exactly what this lady said to do. Down to coating the cookies with olive oil (strange) and sugar before putting them in the oven.
The weird “trick” of coating the cookies in sugar. I’m not sure it worked…
The first batch turned out like this: (Hannah: 0. Cookies: 1)
Not encouraging. Although, after letting them dry I’m happy to say they taste a lot better than the look. Hannah’s tastebuds: 1. Cookies: 1.
The second batch came out looking more like traditional cookies and less like, well, whatever happened that first time. 
And here’s the final result, my pile of weird looking, and i’ll be honest, a little weird tasting cookies. Someone needs to come visit me at work this week to help me eat them. See you there, Hart Beat!