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4 Great New Podcasts

Hi Hart Beat! Hope you’re day is going well. I have some exciting news from the podcast world! The producers behind the hit shows This American Life and Serial have a new show coming out today! I want to shout it from the rooftops but, I’ll just tell you here instead.

S-Town reads like any other public radio show until boom, a minute into the preview you learn that the show is a multi-episode saga behind a small town murder. The best part? Today not only is the premier of S-Town BUT all the episodes in the series are dropping today for your binge-listening pleasure.

In the honor of this new, sure to be a good show, here are four other new-ish podcasts that I’ve been loving and think you might too.

Missing Richard Simmons. This show is only a six-part arch that is 100% worth listening to in one go. My brother first told me about it and I think I inhaled the entire thing in days. The show is produced by a friend of the famous Richard Simmons and it follows his attempt to get in touch with his friend. Why? Because, apparently, Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen or heard from in years. Right?! Crazy and unbelievable. Listen and you’ll see.

Pod Save America. Yes, I’ve almost given up on politics podcasts. The news is depressing and I’m just not in the mood to pull my ears out of my head all day long. But, this new podcast, hosted by the speechwriters for President Obama during his time in the White House, is almost okay to listen to. The show is adamantly pretty bro-y but the guys on the show own up to their background and the fact that they hate Trump. It’s nice to listen to smart, in the know people talk about what a shit-show our current politics are.

The Hilarious World of Depression. This is one of my favorite new discoveries even though it is about something as horrible as depression. The show hosts interviews with famous comedians and celebrities who have depression. It’s amazing, human, and so enlighting to a disease that so many people suffer from. In fact, I can guarantee you that even if you don’t know for sure someone you know has or is suffering from depressing. Listening to smart people talk about life with depression is invaluable and, as it turns out, entertaining.

What about you, Hart Beat? Have you heard any good podcasts lately?

P.S. Charts about Serial.

P.P.S. Another new show that you might love, Making Oprah.

Will You Accept This Rose?

Will You Accept this Rose? - Hannah Hart Beat

2017 has been the year of new starts and that does not only this apply to my technology choices and bathing routines. I’ve also started watching a new TV show that has circulated in my world for yearssss. Do you watch The Bachelor, Hart Beat?

STOP RIGHT THERE. I know. I know and I’m sorry. I know there are so many things wrong with the show. It’s trashy, humiliating, and poorly made but god is it good. I won’t go into the show last night because I feel like at this point, you know all about it. What I do want to talk about is a great Bachelor podcast that I am currently obsessed with.

Will You Accept this Rose? is hosted by Arden Myrin and Erin Foley who are both L.A. based actors and comedians as well as super Bachelor fans. The podcast has been around for the last few seasons and comes out a day or two after each episode of The Bachelor or Bachelorette airs. They often have great comedians on the show who are also fans so if you’re into the whole L.A. comedy scene that’s always a nice surprise.

The reason to listen to this show? Will You Accept this Rose? is honestly more entertaining than watching the episodes. The hosts Arden and Erin are not funny on their own but they kill the show. They call out all the contestants on all their crap (like Nick’s weird way of eating beignets). They are all vulgar in the best way possible and love the show so genuinely that it makes me laugh out loud every time I listen. I mean, here’s a promo image they made for a live show:

Will You Accept this Rose? - Hannah Hart Beat

What could be more perfect, right? The hosts faces are in the heart that Nick is awkwardly holding! Anyway, do yourself a favor and listen to last week’s episode to prepare yourself for the finale happening this upcoming Monday. You will thank me in about two hours.

You can find Will You Accept this Rose?, produced by Nerdist, on any app that you find podcasts or just by clicking the name here and listening to it on your web browser.

#HappyFriday: Pop Culture Happy Hour

Hola Hart Beat. HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL YOU ALL OUT THERE. Whew, now that I got that out of my system let’s move on. This week instead of giving you five Friday links, I want to share one of my favorite things to happen every Friday, the release of a new podcast episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour. And yes! this is the newest edition of the official Hart Beat Podcast list.


Pop Culture Happy Hour (or PCHH if you’re one of the cool kids) is a weekly podcast published by NPR and hosted by Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Trey Graham, Glen Weldon, Jess Gitner and Mike Katzif. The podcast comes out every Friday (love consistency) and uses it’s 45 minute time to have a roundtable discussion of the current movies, music, books and anything else pop culture related.

Each host has their own likes and dislikes and one of the things that I love about listening to it is “getting to know” each of them and then following along for suggestions. My favorite (sorry Linda and Glen) is Stephen Thompson. Mostly because he’s the ears and the brains behind the Austin 100 every year but also because he’s just so happy all the time and who doesn’t love that?

I don’t always agree with the hosts on their opinion of things but it’s a great way to hear what movies and books are coming out right now. The other thing about the show that I love is the end segment where the hosts present something called “What is making me happy this week.” In the segment each of the hosts in the episode give one thing that they are loving this week. It’s not always current or mainstream pop culture but it’s such a fun way to hear about new things to check out.

So there you go, Hart Beat. A great recommendation for your commute home tonight and all your future Friday morning commutes to come. It’s fun going back and listening to older episodes (especially of topics that you love) but I’d recommend just jumping into today’s episode. Also, have an actual happy hour tonight too. It is Friday after all!


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The only podcast guide you need: Radiolab

The only podcast guide you need: Radiolab

The only podcast guide you need: Radiolab

Happy Wednesday, Hart Beat! As promised what you find this morning here on the blog is the next installment of the podcast guide (see the first here) that I’m pulling together for you. First off the bat was Anna Sale’s Death, Sex & Money (which btw has a new episode out this morning).

Today though, I want to talk to you about one of the first podcasts that I really feel for. My brother has always been a huge fan of podcasts and Radiolab was on of the first that he gave me years ago. So here you go, the official Hart Beat write up for the next pick. Come back Friday for the next installment!

What is it: Radiolab

Who hosts: Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich

Gateway episode: Animal Minds

Recommended listening activity: at home, in lou of watching that next episode on Netflix you have lined up.

The premise of Radiolab is that the two hosts will pick a topic, often related to science, medicine, philosophy, and discuss it with experts in the field. At the end of each episode there is always a point where you either realize something you didn’t know about how you think about things or, are surprised by the emotional roller coaster that you just went through.

At the Hear it Upfront event that I attended last week, I asked Jad why he often times leaves the listener hanging. I said that I feel as if he brings the conversation to a certain point and then just leaves it there, without applying it to greater society. His reply is pretty summarizes what Radiolab is:

I like to leave people in a place of uncomfortable happiness.

– Jad Abumrad

And that, Hart Beat, is the best description f Radiolab that I’ve ever heard.

The only podcast guide you need: Radiolab

Top photo source and bottom photo source unknown.

Death Sex and Money

The only podcast guide that you need (+ pick number one)

The only podcast guide that you need

Hi Hart Beat. Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend a conference and media event hosted by WNYC, WBEZ, and NPR called Hear It Upfront. The event brought together a group if about 30 podcast and public radio enthusiasts to meet, talk, and share ideas with some of the leading voices behind public radio and public radio podcasts. Really what this means is I got to chat and have a drink with the likes of Ira Glass, Jad Abumrad, Steven Thompson, Linda Holmes, Anna Sale, Lulu Miller and Elise Spiegel.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years and have a few that I love so much I could sing about them from the roof of my Brooklyn apartment. Lucky for my neighbors (and you Hart Beat) I have this little old blog where I can detail the podcasts I love and why you should listen to them.

The guide I’ve pulled together is just a small toe dip into the podcast universe and if none here spark your fancy, I promise that there is one out there for you. That’s the beauty of podcasts, there really is one for everyone AND if there’s not, you can make it yourself. Since it’s such a long post already let’s do just one at a time. Look for the next recommendation coming to you on Wednesday!

Number One:

What it is: Death, Sex & Money

Who hosts: WNYC journalist, Anna Sale

Gateway episode: Dan Savage Says Cheating Happens. And That’s OK.

Recommended listening activity: Walking down the streets of New York.

The reason I love this podcast is because Anna brings on guests that not only I wouldn’t normally think of but, she discusses topics that are hard to think about. Some of the advice that I’ve heard here has honestly changed the way that I think about life and how others might be handling it.

This episode where she interviews Dan Savage about cheating was one that I still think about today. I was so stricken by it that after I listened to it on my commute I immediately when into the office last summer and asked everyone what they thought. It’s hard to listen to but this is exactly what makes Death, Sex & Money so good.

Death Sex and Money