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Flower Delivery in Brooklyn

Hannah Hart Beat - Flower Delivery in Brooklyn

Happy Monday, Hart Beat! I hope you had a nice weekend in the city. I woke up this morning and was so upset to see the gray rain. What happened, Spring?! What happened to open toe shoes!? So, in spite of this rain and cold, let’s talk about flowers. Better than flowers, let’s talk about delivered flowers.

Delivered flowers? Yup, that’s right Hart Beat. One of the beautiful things about living in New York City is the fact that almost anything can be delivered to you. Food, alcohol, kitchen supplies and yes, beautiful bouquets of flowers. There are a few options for this service in the city but here are a few of my favorites,

  1. Ode à la Rose. La Rose is a Manhattan-based flower workshop that produces breathtaking, unique bouquets. The company has an amazing track record of delivering fresh, stunning, and long lasting bouquets. The flowers in the photo at the top of this post come from a bouquet that Ode à la Rose send to my Brooklyn apartment. They sent them to me about two weeks ago and I only just threw out the bouquet. Another bonus for Ode à la Rose? They not only send you your flowers but they come in a beautiful vase so all you have to do is open the box, snip the bottoms of the flowers, and plot the vase on your kitchen table. Boom, instant flowers.
  2. UrbanStems. I was introduced to UrbanStems by my best friend, Carolyn. For the past two years on my birthday, Carolyn has sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the office. I cry every time. Shout out to Carolyn because you are honestly the most thoughtful friend. UrbanStems has a smaller offering from Ode a la Rose but the simple offerings are more up my ally. I love their cheeky copy too and the site always has the most beautiful photos. Their selection changes all the time, taking into consideration the seasonality of the flowers and what’s going on in current events. For the month of March, Women’s History Month, they had a simple bouquet of lilies that you could send to your friends. It was simple, beautiful, and topical. I love you UrbanStems.
  3. The Sill. Not a super fan of fresh cut flowers? Who are you? Jkjk, you sound like me a year ago. The Sill is a great option for you. Unlike Ode à la Rose and UrbanStems, The Sill sends adorable succulents, ferns, and other house plants in trendy vases. The Sill has a store in the Lower East Side in New York but, you can send plants anywhere in the country. A friend of mine had a baby (two years ago) and as a congratulations I sent her and her husband a beautiful cactus. I mean, when you think of babies you think of dangerous plants, right Hart Beat? Oh young Hannah, you make me laugh.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Have you ever had flowers delivered to a friend or partner? Don’t wait! Try it out today. I promise when you come back to your desk from a long a** meeting seeing something beautiful on your desk really is the best way to make you feel like the queen (or king) you truly are.

Hannah Hart Beat

My obsession with succulents

Hannah Hart Beat

Afternoon, Hart Beat. It’s a dreary day here in New York so let’s talk about something a little more uplifting. Succulents! I’ve never had a very strong green thumb so when I moved to New York and got my first apartment I decided that now was the time to learn. I tried a few different kinds of plants to no success. No matter how much or little I watered my plants and herbs they just died within a couple of weeks.

After living, and struggling with this issue, for two years I was lucky enough that a beautiful plant store opened up in Greenpoint that stocked the most adorable succulents. Homecoming showed me that you don’t have to have big, complicated, allergy-inducing plants to make your home warm and friendly. Better yet, succulents let you be the forgetful plant owner that you know (ahem, I) am.

My new office at Food52 is located smack dab in the flower district so everyday I walk by tons and tons of succulents on the streets. The store next to our office even has a happy hour on Thursdays for half off all of the little plants.

Now that I’ve had a few for a few months they’re starting to get little big and last night I propagated my first succulent. For instructions and a how-to check out this post by Needles + Leaves. Right now my cutting board holds some soil and the lone leaves of my first succulent. Fingers crossed that it goes well..

What about you, Hart Beat? Have you had any success with succulents? Any other easy, adorable plants to recommend to a city dwelling, serial plant killer like myself?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Top photo by @home.coming and bottom three by me.

Gardening in the city

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your afternoon going? The New York Times just published a piece about a couple in the West Village of the city starting an urban garden. I have so many things to say about this, the first being how is this possible for someone who has zero green thumb?


Apparently the couple started their window and roof growing with just a few tomatoes plants. I never have but I’ve always wanted to check out the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint. My roof in Greenpoint had so much room and sunlight but (and this makes me sound crazy lazy, the roof was four stories up in a walkup). Now that I’m moving into an apartment with the roof just one flight of staircases up, I think I might need to start trying my hand at growing things.

Even if it’s just some flowers and my lime tree that lives in the Berkshires right now, I would love to get some practice with my horrible green thumb. The article from The New York Times was oddly comforting:

“We didn’t know anything — we used Miracle-Gro,” said Ms. Trueman, 54, who blogs about the politics of food for Civil Eats and writes about climate change for Moms Clean Air Force. “But it changed the way I viewed things in cities. Whenever I was on a high floor, looking down, I would see all this roof space and say: ‘Wow, you could grow so much. There are no woodchucks or deer, no Japanese beetles. And so many things grow so well in containers.’ ”

What do you think, Hart Beat? Would you ever start an urban garden? You can read the full articles here (and thanks to the Times for the wonderful photos!).