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Hannah Hart Beat

How to Build the Perfect Fire on Food52

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat! Today on Food52 an article I wrote is published about how to build the perfect fire. When I was home for Christmas this winter I spent about 95% of my time sitting in front of my parent’s fireplace and you can read on the site a detailed instruction on how to make a fire if you’re not super comfortable yet.

Here on Hart Beat I thought I would share a little teaser of some fireplace photos. I’m freezing and am betting you are too so let’s all pretend that the fire from these pictures are pushing the heat through the screen onto our cold toes.

Read the article here and make sure to pass it on to you’re friends. ✨🔥

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Ride Brilliant

Instacrush: Brilliant Bicycle

Ride Brilliant

Hi Hart Beat! This afternoon I want to share one of my newest Instacrushes that I’ve been obsessing over as of late. The account comes from a LA based bicycle company called Brilliant Bicycle Co. that makes the coolest and simplest bikes out there.

As you loyal readers know, I am an avid New York City biker and take pride in my beloved Bianchi. As much as I love my bike, ever since I came across the Brilliant Bicycle Co. instagram and website, I’ve been seriously considering getting one of the Brilliant bikes.

The company makes the options very easy by only offering two different types of frames, the Astor and the Mayfair, with each having either 1, 3, or 7 gears in so many fun, bright colors. I haven’t ridden on the bike but from what I’ve read this is the perfect, inexpensive, adorable bike for anyone in a city looking for a commuter bike. If you’re not ready to ride or ready to spring for a new bike then just follow @ridebrilliant and you can pretend, like me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.14.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.15.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.16.14 PM

Ride Brilliant

Ride Brilliant

Brilliant Bicycle


All photos via @ridebrilliant.

In Cape Cod…

Hi Hart Beat! Did ya miss me? I for sure missed you and as I write this Sunday night (to be published bright and early Monday morning) I feel a little  drunk while writing this, I guess that’s what taking a solid week from the computer will do to you. In this week off of work, off of the blog and out of Brooklyn, I got some serious R&R in with plenty of beach time, reading time, sleeping time and family time.

JPEG image-BD247FB55F2A-1


Every summer of my life prior to this one, I have spent time in August with my mom’s family on a small island off the coast of Maine. The island is tiny (only about four miles round) and is one of those summer communities where the 100 cottages are only open for the summer months with no cars, restaurants or grocery stores on the island at all. This summer we got news that my cousins on my dad’s side of the family were coming east with family that I haven’t seen in years so my mom, dad and I decided to take a break from Maine and spend a week on the cape with the rest of the visiting family. SUCH A GOOD DECISION, HART BEAT.

I had only been to the cape twice before this week long trip. Once when I was 14 and spent Thanksgiving with friends of my parents on their beachside house (angsty Hannah loved walking the cold beach listening to the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack) and another time when I was 15 and spent about a week biking Cape Code with a summer camp group. Since both of these experiences were somewhat bizarre I had a weird sense of the cape and was so happy to have a solid week to get to know the area as a (somewhat) adult.

My final review? I love Maine but, MAN, Cape Cod is the bomb! There’s so much to do! There are oceanside beaches! bayside beaches! ponds! rivers! bike trails!! It was so great to have so many spaces to explore and still feel like I didn’t get a grasp on everything there was that I could have done.

JPEG image-574D76E113DF-1

My mom, dad and I rented a tiny little cabin on the coast of an inlet in Eastham. It was the perfect size for the three of us (missing Pedro every minute 😭) and we were able to cook (see above’s lobster dinner), nap and outdoor shower (pic below) to our hearts content. One of the things that was great about the cape was that my dad and I could bike around and explore. My dad has a hard time walking and riding a bike is one of the only ways he can get around. Having a bike path going through ever village was amazing. Extra points for Cape Cod. I’m not going to go into crazy detail here about the beaches we went to and the crazy good ice cream we ate but here are some photos that I took throughout the week. I hope you like them Hart Beat and I will see you back here soon with your regularly scheduled romantic postings and such.

JPEG image-87E14A456569-1

JPEG image-0D28B7DD598A-1

JPEG image-AE182EC11E52-1

JPEG image-9363211CB5DC-1

JPEG image-2B99EDE553A6-1

JPEG image-F7E0057A1B2E-1

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

Evening, Hart Beat. How’s your night going? I was exploring ye old internet on my commute home (aka the one time that I have cell service over the Manhattan bridge) and found out that a website I used to love is coming back.

Married in New York is just like it sounds. Run by Natasha, a New York City based photographer and hopeless romantic (hey girl), the tumblr honors all the types of weddings that pass through City Hall in the city.

Whether low-key or grand affairs, weddings are a big deal. For two people in love, they’re the start of a new chapter, a major turning point in their stories, a public declaration that their lives are intertwined from that moment on. It’s the most special day in a couple’s life — and they have the wedding albums and videos to show for it.

But what about the couples who get married at City Hall?

– Married in New York

Along with an active twitter, facebook and instagram, Married In New York not only shows great photographs of couples celebrating the happiest moments of their lives but, it gives you a little snippet/interview into their private lives. I feel like these days there are so man places to find “New Yorkers” living their “New York” life (*cough* HONY *cough*) but what I love about Married in New York is that I can always go and see true love. It feeds the hopeless romantic that I, not so secretly, am. So happy Tuesday night, Hart Beat. I hope you love these photographs as much as I do.

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

All photos courtesy of Married in New York.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hart Beat! Valentine’s Day has always been a special time on the blog and in years past I’ve done countdowns and listing my favorite romantic posts from the past on the blog. For the past two years I’ve spent my Valentine’s Day with my mom on vacation and this year we’re going south a little later so I’m in Brooklyn with Pedro for the special day.
The artist on the top photo:
“Tango is the dance of love. I danced tango from ages fourteen to eighteen in Istanbul, and was always drawn to the emotional depth of the songs and the musicality of the bandoneon. In this picture, instead of capturing the kinetic quality of the dance, I wanted to pause on a moment that portrayed the intimacy of the couple in an abstract manner.” — Pari Dukovic
This morning I saw an amazing collection of photos pulled together by The New Yorker for the holiday and I had to share them with you. What are you doing today Hart Beat in the name of love?

“Stephen and I in Copenhagen,” 2014.

“This photograph of me and my boyfriend was made while we were travelling through Denmark. A profound sadness came over me as he was heading back to New York the following morning, and I was staying in Copenhagen for three weeks to work. I had to photograph this moment and feeling. The result is a photograph that speaks to me about our shared intimacy and love for one another.” — Jen Davis

“My marriage was on the rocks when I photographed this heart of stone shrouded in mist. When I returned another day, the rock was there, but I could not find the shape of a heart.” — Rosalind Solomon
“I met a lovely girl with strawberry hair three years ago, at a party in California.  I immediately liked the light and easy way she moved through the world. A few days later, she moved to Europe to be with her family for the summer.

Feeling as though I was letting something fall through the cracks, I purchased an airplane ticket to Paris the following morning. We met and locked ourselves in an old hotel for a week. We were both very much in love. Three years later, we stayed in the same old hotel in Paris, but the lightness in us was gone, and in its place things started to feel heavy and challenging. We left that hotel and flew back to California, two very different people from the ones who’d first come.” — David Black

“Dylan and Megan,” Driftwood, Texas, 2009. 

“I began chronicling my son Dylan from the moment he came into the world. He has been a willing and gracious subject throughout his twenty-one-year journey; however, he only recently expressed the gratitude he feels for the photographic record of his life that he and I have created together. I am deeply drawn to this particular image, of him and his first steady girlfriend, Megan. We were working on his 1954 Chevrolet that afternoon, and Megan was hanging out at the shop with us. Like the majority of the photographs I have made of him, the image is unscripted, and born out of spontaneity rather than planning. Perhaps this is why my photographs of him are so appealing to me. As a commercial photographer, myriad logistics are often required to facilitate the making of a single photograph. And while I find great joy in this milieu, when a photograph is born of an intimate family moment I am drawn to it all the more.” — Dan Winters

“Less than a month after we met in New York, Sara and I were already on our way driving down to Louisiana to meet my family for Christmas. From the time we met, we couldn’t be apart. It was terrifying, because we didn’t know each other that well. But it felt right, so I didn’t question anything. It was one of the best ideas ever. This is from somewhere halfway.” — Coley Brown

July, the time for rosé

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your Tuesday night going? I am so glad this is a short week and in two days I’ll be taking the train home to one of my favorite places in the world. The Berkshires are so nice, especially in this heat since it’s always a good 10 degrees cooler in those hills than it is in this sweltering city.

To celebrate this first day of July, I thought I would write to you about one of my favorite summer drinks while sitting at one of my favorite bars in Greenpoint. Speaking of this neighborhood, I need to get back on my Greenpoint Guide. Anyway, ROSE IS IT FOR THE SUMMER.

I was thinking the other day about the progression of my alcohol tastes since college. I’m not going to share it with you here but I will say that I am happy to have finally come full circle to land on rosé this summer. These beautiful photographs come from this great blog post on the Need Supply Company’s blog defending the pink drink. All I can say is yes yes a thousand times yes. The only thing better than rose might be chilled red wine but until we can get that to be a norm at the neighborhood bar, I’ll settle for a glass of the pink stuff.
Thanks Need Supply Co for the beautiful photos!!

My favorite coffee: No. Six Depot

Oh hello there, Hart Beat. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, I’ve been in and out of New York the past couple of days and I am so glad to be back in Brooklyn tonight. Now that it’s summer though, I will be making trips back home to visit my parents in the Berkshires for the fresh air and swims in the lake. One of the best parts of going home is visiting one of my favorite coffee shops, Six Depot.

Six Depot is owned and run by two of my parents friends who live in our neighboring town, West Stockbridge. Lisa and Flavio are two of the nicest people and opened this coffee shop/gallery/restaurant space in an old train station in 2013. The space is so beautiful and the coffee is so so so good. Flavio makes the best cafe con leche that I’ve had since being in Spain (he’s from Argentina so I guess he has a leg up on good coffee.) All of the coffee used by Six Depot is brewed on premises by the owners. One of the best parts is the names that Lisa and Flavio give the blends. My favorites are “Infinite Jest Blend” and “Bali Blue Moon Organic.

Not only does No. Six Depot have amazing coffee but they have an amazing gallery space in the old train station. The gallery’s first show showcased a show by my mom! If you ever visit the Berkshires then you have to visit Six Dept. I know you’ll love it, Hart Beat.

Hi Sascha!

All photos from the No. Six Depot website.

The night of 100 beards

149. Adam: Thomas Street, Manchester

Hi Hart Beat. I can’t remember where I found this photography series but I came across it the other day and knew I had to share it with you. The site is called 100 Beards, 100 Days and is a collection of work by freelance photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce. The beard has been widely discussed lately and to be honest whatever way the final decision lands, I have already made up my mind. I love a guy with a solid beard. Fortunately, the last few guys I’ve dated have all had them (one even had a mustache). So people of the world, what do you think? Any good beard stories? Side note, for anyone wondering where the bearded men are, come to Brooklyn and walk down Bedford, beards galore.

Over the past few years, the beard has re-established itself as the ultimate accessory for the modern gentleman. To document this, every day for 100 days I photographed a new beard on the streets of London. From big and bushy to trendy and trimmed, I found men from all cultures and creeds who signed up to the cult of the beard.
Hello Ricki from Kings Road, London
Number 214, Sham in Alexandra Palace, Lodon

Number 216, Dane in Alexandra Palace, London
Lucky number 207, Andrew in Acton Mews, London
And lad number 170, Mr. Fabio on Via Fogazzaro, Milan
All photos by Jonathan Daniel Pryce.
P.S. This entire tumblr reminds me so much of Your LL Bean Boyfriend. I miss Maine.

My Weekend on a Maine Island

Hey Hart Beat. I hope your Wednesday is going well. I’m on my lunch break and though I’d share some photos with you from this past Memorial Day Weekend. As I mentioned last week, my college roommate and I joined my family on an island in Maine where my Grandmother has a summer house. It was such a beautiful weekend, Hart Beat. The island was just opening for the summer (they turn the water off in the winter) and a bunch of families made the trek north to enjoy the sunny weather.
The entire weekend we spent wandering around the small island, visiting friends, looking out at the water and hanging out with my mom’s new puppy. She had been looking at australian labradoodle puppies for a while and she finally decided to get one. He’s in a bunch of the photos below, I can’t get enough. I hope you like the pictures and that they give you a little boost this cold and dreary Wednesday.
Me and James, chillin’ on the South Shore.
I want dis house.
The cove and Bobby’s lobster boat.

One of my favorite rooms on the Island, the library children’s section.
This was my jam when I was growing up.
My mom brought her new Labradoodle puppy up to the island. James is about 8 months old so he’s still getting used to being off leash and playing with other dogs. He had the best time! There were so many other family dogs running around that he got to make so many friends. Getting a puppy was a great idea for mom. She spent ages learning about them on websites like zooawesome.com and the puppy adores her too! It’s so cute! Buying a puppy can be expensive but I think they’re worth every penny. You’ll have to pay for vet bills, hair cuts and pet food so the costs can quickly add up. That said, my friend uses pet food coupons which makes looking after her many pets a bit cheaper!! Below are some of the best puppy play dates.
C. playing with James and another Labradoodle Griffin. HEAVEN.
James! Follow Daisy!

Dreams do come true.

The island pump where you can get crystal clear water.
P.S. James is there drinking from the special dog bowl.

A day on the beach with James.