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Our Soppy Love Story

I make what Pedro calls “Prison Pasta" [2:14] pasta, olive oil, salt and parmesan cheese (things we always have) [2:14] slash we go down to the pizzeria downstairs

Hi Hart Beat. I’m back! If you follow me on Instagram then maybe you saw I was on a romantic Costa Rican vacation with my mom last week. Well, like it or not now I’m back and have so much to share with you! Let’s start with this adorable book that has been circulating the internets recently.

Soppy by Philippa Rice is one of the most romantic things I’ve seen in a while. The artist has captured the small nuances of what it’s like to be in a long-term relationship like no one I’ve ever seen. From moments like cooking together to the trials and tribulations of claiming your side of the bed, to falling asleep together on the couch after the 100 Seinfeld episode, I kept thinking “did this woman spy on me and Pedro?” Honestly, so many of these comics could be us. And the best part? They are illustrations off of her relationship with her partner.

This means that as much difference as there is in every relationship, some things stay the same. The intimate parts stay the same. And for that, I am grateful.

P.S. For more illustrations from the book check out this post on Upworthy that has a ton.

Our Soppy Love Story

All photos by Philippa Rice.

In Red Hook…


Hola Hart Beat! Annnnnd, happy Monday. Or at least, hey, it’s Monday, what can we do about it. Over the weekend Pedro and I ate like the kings of Westeros and decided to do somethings that have been on our bucket lists this summer.

For me, one of those things has been to spend a day in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I don’t know Red Hook at all but it’s one of those Brooklyn neighborhoods that I’ve been wanting to check out. For those of you not familiar with the neighborhood, it’s a East River adjacent little nook of a neighborhood pretty isolated from the rest of the borough. The subway doesn’t run there so you’re dependent on bike or bus to get in and out of the area. Since I have my trusty SAAB in the city we drove over in the morning and well, it was a success Hart Beat.

First thing we did because we are human and need energy, was stop by Baked to grab some coffee and a treat. The shop is super cute and sells the BEST cookies. I can attest since I got the “breakfast” cookie in an attempt to both please my stomach and my health concerns. After hanging out in, what Pedro called, the yuppies coffee shop I could have found, we ventured forth to the rest of the neighborhood.

There isn’t a ton to do in Red Hook in terms of attractions but there are a dozen or so adorable little stores, a handful of great bars and some breathtaking piers to walk out onto. From the pier you can see all of lower Manhattan and look out over lady liberty. You can check out in my pictures below some of the places we checked out.

After walking around in the heat for what felt like EONS we checked out the Brooklyn Crab to grab some Coronas and seafood before we trekked back to Bay Ridge and the sanctuary that is AC. It was a successful day and if you’re coming into Brooklyn this summer and looking for something to do, I couldn’t recommend it more.

P.S. If you want to check out the Superga shoes I’m wearing in the top shot, you can see them here!

JPEG image-D5E08FB2938C-1 JPEG image-6B89D3936608-1 Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.26 PM JPEG image-9CACAE64DE0B-1

Portland, OR

To Portland…. (Oregon)

Portland, OR

Morning, Hart Beat! For a while now, Pedro and I have been talking about life in Brooklyn and what that means for well, everything. Jobs, friends, fun, culture are all so close by but, Pedro has been talking a lot about how he’s always dreamed of living somewhere else. And that place is Portland, Oregon!**

I’m not sure where Pedro’s original obsession with the west coast city came from (Nike’s office’s are there, maybe that’s it?) but over the past few months we’ve been talking about the city so much that I was finally like, ya know what, let’s go there ourselves and see what we think. So we are!

My company gives all employees something called “Summer Week,” one week off around Labor Day, so Pedro and I are jetting off to the west coast to check out this hipster mecca. Our only experience with the west coast comes from my once upon a time “move” to San Francisco and Pedro’s one time trip to Seattle during his professional gaming days. We are both super excited.

It’s been a long while since Portland was hailed as “the place to be” and between Portlandia and the amazing instagram photos I’ve been obsessing over, I’m afraid that everyone might be right. For Pedro, Portland has a pretty big sneaker community thanks to both Nike and CSS having their home offices there and hypebeast not having hit the small city. For me, it seems like an amazing place to actually ride my bike around as well as a great place to finally open my dream store.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. PEDRO AND I ARE NOT MOVING. We’re just taking a trip out to Portland… Oregon…. to see how we like it. I would love any recommendations of places to check out. A few of my friends from work have sent over amazing lists and we would love to keep them coming. The more places to check out the better.

Portland, OR


** Yes it’s necessary to distinguish. Everyone and their mother assume Portland, Maine when I say just “Portland” and Pedro has some pretty strong opinions about that. I USED TO LIVE IN MAINE, OKAY PEDRO?? jkjk, I love you.

Photos from @portland and @everlane.

Moving in with Pedro

JPEG image-1048E7E9D29F-1

Hi Hart Beat. I have some exciting and big life news to share with you today! As most of you have gathered from reading this here blog, a year ago I started dating the amazing Pedro (our anniversary was actually this past Tuesday!). With this one year mark we decided to make another big life event and as of the beginning of September we will officially be living together. It might be a good time to learn from Ds Carriers to understand how I’m going to move all my stuff in with Pedro.

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Phone photography with Pedro

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.31.51 PM

Afternoon, Hart Beat. I hope you all had a nice weekend. Pedro and I spent the weekend visiting my parents in my hometown in the Berkshires and it was so nice to get away from New York for a bit. On the drive up Pedro and I realized that we had forgotten on camera back at the apartment and at first were disappointed as we wouldn’t be able to take as many pictures as we would have wanted.

Since he and I both have nice phones (the iPhone 5 and Android something respectively) we just kind of shot with those and used VSCO cam to edit them as we went. Our photos actually came out amazing (they’re all in this post here) and it made me think about how photography has been changing lately now that all our phones are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Instagram phone photos have been getting so amazing that lately on the blog I’ve been using mostly Instagram photos in posts instead of scourging the internet. For me it’s great because I can give someone direct credit for the photo. All the recent Friday round-ups have featured Instagram accounts that I love.

This week in the Artifact Uprising blog, the company featured a story by Kevin Russ called “Have iPhone, Will Travel.” Russ is a photographer that snaps amazing photos via his iPhone and Artifact Uprising as a company itself works with phone photos in making beautiful calendars and notecards. This in depth piece about one of the talented artists using the phone as a medium for photography really got me thinking about how much my photography and experience with the art has changed even in the last year or so.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.31.34 PM

What are your thoughts on all of this Hart Beat? Do you still have a camera that you carry around sometimes? Or are you, like me, starting to notice more and more that your good photos are coming out of your phone? Would love to hear how other people are interpreting this change.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.31.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.31.06 PM

All the photos here are taken by Pedro and myself.

Madewell blog

#HappyFriday: Jukeboxes, Brimfield & More

Madewell blog

THE HAPPIEST OF FRIDAYS. Oh Hart Beat, for some reason this week was super long and I am so glad it’s Friday. The reason is probably because Saturday morning I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon and I’m very nervous slash excited. Any of you out there in internet world have plans for the weekend? If not you should come cheer me on! Carolyn and I are both running and there’s going to be a party at the end at Coney Island. What else do you want to do on a Saturday morning?

Until then, here are my top five links from the week:

. The most popular jukebox songs depending on your zip code in New York.

. All I want to after reading this article is go to Brimfield insane antique market.

. Last week was Brigitte and this week we have Katharine Hepburn as our style guide. I love her.

Abandoned love signs from Miss Moss.

. I have the worst wanderlust right now and this blog post from Madewell is not helping.

Oh also, here’s an Instagram photo from this week (shameless plug to get you readers to follow me there). Isn’t Bay Ridge a crazy cool place?

Hannah Hart Beat instagram

Top photo via Madewell. When did they get so good at the photography thing? Whatevs, lurv you 4ever Madewell.

#HappyFriday: Jane Goodall, Brooklyn Slang Translated & More


Oh Hart Beat. The happiest of Fridays to you. Hopefully the majority of you reading this are not in the immediate New York area and are NOT waiting on another snow storm to start this afternoon. All I have to ask is WHY WINTER WHY. What did we ever do to you?

In order to avoid thinking about this unfortunate situation, here are five links that I enjoyed reading this week. May the warmth be with you. 

The only way I can understand what Pedro is saying half the time. (The only things I’ll add is that “she got the cake” = nice ass and it’s actually pronounced “fuckouttahere” in one word.)

A great piece about Jane Goodall and her life now. This baller woman is in her 80’s and still out conducting research. Am I the only one who knew that?

. A new eccomerce site to watch this week. Welcome to the madness Bezar.

. Food52 spells out the five house plants that are hardest to kill. Once more into the fray. 

. The newest podcast I’ve been binge listening to. Lucky for you episodes come out every Friday.

Photographs: The Atlantic by UNIQ x Saucony

As some of you know, my boyfriend Pedro runs a very successful sneaker and culture blog Solesirius.com. Before knowing him I really didn’t have any concept of how big and talented the sneaker community is but since knowing him, I’ve been so lucky to meet so many amazing people and to see so many BEAUTIFUL shoes. Yesterday Pedro was up bright and early to purchase the new release from UBIQ and Saucony called the Atlantic Tide. The shoe is inspired but the east coast shoreline and to go along with the release, UBIQ released this amazing webpage on their site with a collection of photographs of the shoe and the coast on the east coast.
Let me tell you Hart Beat, while these shoes are amazing, the photos that the brand published of the inspiration behind the shoe is even more breathtaking. I can’t get over the photos and thought you all would like to see them too. For more information on the shoe and the two companies collaborating on it you can visit the UBIQ site. All photo credit goes to the brand.

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How do you part your hair?

Hi Hart Beat!! I hope you’re having a nice weekend! Pedro is working today so I’m hanging out on my own and hoping to get some good posts for you. Anyway, on today’s docket is a conversation about hair.

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with my hair. Over the summer I cut off about 6 inches and since then I’ve kind of just been letting it grow out. You know, all intentional and stuff. Ha. Anyway, I’ve decided to try something new while in this little rut and have switched over my normal side part to a, wait for it, center part. CRAZY, right? Actually, I’ve already gotten quite a few compliments and am going to keep it up for a bit. How about you, Hart Beat? What’s your normal part situation? And have you ever thought about switching it up?

P.S. This post may or may not have been inspired by the fact that I saw Wild last night (AMAZING and go see it slash read the book if you haven’t already).

Our girl B, always rocking the center part. 
Photo via The Red List

The Victors & Vanquished

Hi Hart Beat. I have great news! The blog that my boyfriend, Pedro, and I have been working on for the past two months is finally ready to launch! When Pedro and I first started dating one of the things that we had in common was that he and I both write our own lifestyle blogs (he writes solesirius.com and I have Hart Beat here.) We were always talking about ideas we each had for the other and about three months ago, we started talking about starting a project together.

After a lot of discussion of the kind of project we wanted to start (an ecommerce site, a relationship blog, a photo collection) we finally decided to focus on what we both love – fashion, design, music and up-and-coming brands. Pedro came up with the name, The Victors & Vanquished, and I came up with the idea of signing off each post “from him” or “from her” so that we can give our readers and “his and hers” perspective on what we’re writing about.

So far we’ve done posts on upcoming men’s and women’s collections released by Woolrich, Original Penguin and Everlane, music albums by Father John Misty and Wu-Tang Clan, and design by Max Wagner and Artifact Uprising. It’s super exciting and we have so many ideas for the new year. It’s been a team effort to get the blog going (huge shout-out to Marina for designing our logo) and I hope that you love reading it as much as you love reading Hart Beat! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (coming soon) and Facebook for updates on all our posts! Plus, I’ve included a handy little icon here on the side that will link you right away to The V&V! Happy reading, Hart Beat.