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Swimsuit Help

Hannah Hart Beat

Help me, Hart Beat! In a little less than a month, my mom and I are going on our annual trip to the sun. The tradition started my first winter in New York when I was having a hard time in the dark city. My doctor recommended some vitamin D so my mom and I hopped on a plane to the Carribean. Four years later we’re continuing the tradition.

Like last year, we’re going down to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica where I can get my surf on and my mom can get her reading on. Last year I invested in a great bathing suit from Hackwith Design House. I love it so much but this year I need something a little more secure in the chest area for my surfing days.

I’ve tried so many suits over the years and as someone with a large chest, there are two things that make or break a bathing suit. One, it has to have an underwire. And two, it’s best if there’s some kind of tie aspect. That way you can make it as tight as you want on the shoulders or on the back. For years I wore a few from Victoria’s Secret that I loved but I’ve noticed in the last few seasons haven’t been as well made.

So I need your help, Hart Beat! Do you busty (or non-busty) ladies out there have any brand recommendations to pass along?

Photo by Steven Meiers.