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The New Cool Kids from Madewell, December Edition


Hi Hart Beat! I have something to admit… I have been doing some online shopping. In even more honesty, it’s more than I should be doing because what I should be doing is buying the rest of the Christmas gifts on my list. But I can’t help myself! This season everyone I love is having sales. And this is not excluding Madewell (who at this very minute is having 25% off their entire site as a “thank you to procrastinators” aka “here you go buy everything you’ve wanted all year because it’s Wednesday night and lalala it’s the holidays.” (Code is LATEBIRD.)

Anyway, I made a pretty big order over Cyber Monday and so I thought I’d share some of the things that I honest to god love so much. First up, up top and #3 in the grid below, these plaid pajamas. Madewell calls them “Flannel Bedtime Pajamas” and they are my favorite thing right now. The only two reviews on the site claim that the pants are too wide but WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? The pants are perfect. I’m wearing them right now. And the pajama top! I won’t go on because there are other things I want to talk about but it’s the cutest and most comfortable thing I’ve bought in a while and I get so sad every morning when I take it off before I go to work. I’ll be honest, I’ve definitely considered just wearing it to the office. Now I officially cannot. #whatever

And here’s a rundown of the rest: #1 = THE body suite I’ve been pinning about since the summer. It’s this amazing sweater material that’s not too hot, not too cold. Almost as if goldilocks were a sexy body suit. #2 = the most comfortable beanie in the most flattering color. I feel like a tall Swedish babe when I wear it and I don’t think I ever want to feel anything else ever again. And #4 = Another sweater. Why? Because it’s December and I already hate the winter and my attempt to fix this feeling is by bundling myself up with the softest things ever until April when I remember again when I love this city. Anything you’re loving from Madewell or anywhere else right now?


Clothes that Last: Taylor Stitch

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Ever since I moved in with Pedro I’ve found myself gravitating to more and more “boyfriend” styled clothes. Jeans, beanies, jackets, shoes… my wardrobe has definitely changed. The jeans that I wear now are men’s Levi’s, the winter coat I have is the women’s version of a traditional men’s flight jacket AND the shirt that I’m loving right now reminds me of the best kind of a men’s button down.

I think Pedro was getting a little frustrated with me taking his clothes all the time so after a little research on the internet I came across Taylor Stitch, the answer to my prayers. Taylor Stitch is an ecommerce and brick and mortar clothing store that makes traditional pieces of high quality. I was drawn to them for their simple, oxford cloth button down in black. I ordered it after debating for a bit but now that I have it I’m having a hard time not wearing it everyday. The shirt is incredibly well made and I can feel the material strength every time I put it on. I also love the white buttons that add an extra pop. The brand has all kinds of good finds and I think I might have to order this and this now. As I’ve shared on the blog before, I’ve recently been wanting to invest in better made pieces that will last and that I love rather then spending money left and right on things that ruin and tear in two seconds. This shirt definitely a long lasting piece and for that I am so happy. What do you think, Hart Beat? Is Taylor Stitch also the answers to your shopping prayers this season?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Photos by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat

Bag Envy


Heyyy Hart Beat. Over the summer I was enticed enough by a beautiful email sent to me from Everlane to buy this amazing backpack. Even after six months I’m still obsessed with it and use it for work everyday. This fall, Everlane announced a few new bags they added to their collection and one of them has me particularly in love…

Isn’t the Petra Crossbody the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? My best friend Samantha has it and even after seeing it in person I can confidently say it’s just as breathtaking as it is in the photos. The bag is a little (a lot for me) on the expensive side for a crossbody bag but, in typical Everlane fashion (get it?) they break down the costs and let you know that this bag should really cost $1,300. CRAZY PANTS. Soooo, if you look at it that way Hart Beat, you’re actually saving yourself $935. Jkjk. As always I recommend this piece of financial advice before hitting the “purchase now” button. I know it’s on my list right now.



Top and bottom photo via @thetrottergirl. Second photo via Everlane.

Hannah Hart Beat

Scarf season is (almost) here

Hannah Hart Beat

Oh Hart Beat, we can’t deny it any longer, Fall is here. This morning in Brooklyn was the first time that I really felt the brisk weather here for real. While this makes me incredibly sad that summer is now over (and winter is only one season away), fall does bring one thing that I love, scarfs!

In college I used to get a lot of slack for always having a scarf on but come on, it was Maine people! Since moving to New York I still wear a ton in the winter but last week I saw the perfect scarves for this transitional fall weather we’re having now. One of my favorite brands, Sézane, released their new Fall 2015 collection and in it are a wonderful collection of beautiful scarves.

There are a handful of new designs in the Shop. I think that the Aspen Scarf is my fave though and if I could, I would have it in both the blue and the red. Sweet mother Mary, they’re all so beautiful. Which one do you like the best, Hart Beat? Do they make you at all happy that fall is here?

Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat

Of a kind

An opal dream ring, treat yo self

Of a kind

Treat yo self, Hart Beat. Treat. Yo. Self. This post comes at you a little ridiculously since what I’m going to tell you about right now is a ring that costs an entire months rent (at least for me). That’s right. You know what I say to that, Hart Beat? Whatever. Sometimes we want to dream and some days we want to dream big. Today is one of those days.

One of my (and probably your) sites, Of a Kind, has the most amazing jewelry right now. One of my favorites is the Opal Dream Ring by Kathryn Bentley, the NY/LA transplant designer who has an eye for the oh so beautiful. The handmade ring is made of 14-karat gold so it will last you forever. Come on, Hart Beat. Don’t you want to buy me one?

Of a kind

Of a kind

Of a kind

Quinn Vintage and Found


Hola Hart Beat. Last week I came across (still not 100% sure how, probably while I was searching for bedside tables) the BEST Etsy shop I’ve seen in a long, long time. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to share it with you. The shop is called Quinn Vintage and Found, a vintage seller based here in Brooklyn, NY.

Now let’s be real, Hart Beat, in no universe an I afford to spend $500 on a Vintage wood framed circle mirror, no matter how much I want to. That doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about having all of these beautiful, vintage, mid century, one of a kind stylish furniture decorating my three bedroom in Fort Green. Oh Hart Beat, aren’t I hilaaarious. In fact, this vintage/antique furniture looks so good that I would love some more. After discussing this with a friend, they recommended the antiques world website; I will definitely be spending some time on their later…

For those of you who want to join me in this indulgent dream shopping, check out the Etsy account here or you can follow along on Quinn’s Instagram account. Happy day dreaming, Hart Beat!


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People of 2morrow (aka how to shop on Instagram)


Hi Hart Beat. Let’s talk. Where do you find your favorite clothes? A friend of mine texted me yesterday asking where one could find non ridiculous onesies for the summer and to be honest, I was at a loss. And no, Hart Beat, it’s not because I’ve stopped shopping (what kind of world would that be) it’s because I’ve started shopping… on Instagram.

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Everlane silk dress

I want to wear this dress. Forever and ever.

Everlane silk dress

Hiii Hart Beat. How was your weekend? It is hotter as bejesus in New York today and I am so glad that my new sandals just arrived to the office. I guess summer got here early. Since I’m subscribed to about one hundred newsletters for my job (research, research, research) I was super excited to get the new Everlane one in my inbox this morning.

Exciting news from them, Hart Beat! A few new silk dresses are available! I don’t know how comfortable I am wearing silk in the summer (hello sweat stains) but this dress looks too good to pass up. I think I might have to break down tonight when I get home. It is treat yoself Monday? Right?

Everlane silk dress

Photos from Everlane.

The Last Call Shop from Sézane

Hi Hart Beat. Just a little note from me to you here. For those of you who discovered the lovely French brand Sézane this fall when it and Madewell had an exclusive collaboration (more on the V&V here) then you are in luck. Everything by Sézane is so effortless and chic but unfortunately, the prices match the beauty of the clothes. Lucky for us the site has a new section called the Last Call Shop that sells last pieces on sale. I haven’t been able to get anything yet but I have my eye on these shoes… Happy shopping Hart Beat.
P.S. The home shop of Sézane is ON POINT.

Photos via Sézane.

Win a trip to Paris!!

Moi oui bien sur! That’s right! I said you can win a trip to Paris by reading this blog post! Unfortunately, Hart Beat is not at the stage right now where I can offer this giveaway but our friends at Madewell sure can. I received this email newsletter this morning informing me that all I have to do to be eligible to win a trip to Paris (with a plus one, Pedro get your passport) is by pinning some of the products they have selected for their gift guide.
I know that by sharing this news with you I am decreasing my chance of winning but, come on, it’s PARIS. How could I not share the good news? So pin away friends! And keep those Parisian styled finger-nails crossed!
Top photo Source, Bottom photo Source.