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Oh Hart Beat. How’s the beginning of your week going? We’re solidly into fall right now and even though it still feels like summer outside in New York I’ve been slowly but surely getting together my fall wardrobe. I feel like 26 year old Hannah officially cannot wear my college clothes anymore. Not only are they horribly out of fashion but they are worn past the point of no return. So, this month I’m starting to pull together some pieces that not only are 26 year old appropriate but material that will last more than a year (looking at you H&M).

Reformation was the first brand on my search for new fall clothes. I’ve been pulling looks I like together on this Pinterest board and Reformation hits all the levels. Not only are the clothes gorgeous but they both fit like a glove AND the company is environmentally friendly. They are transparent that they’re not 100% sustainable quite yet but are working on it and every piece that they make works toward that goal. You can read all about it on their site here.

So all that being said, here are the pieces that I have in my cart right now (other than that Reese Top in the photo above.)

The Trice Skirt

Mable TopReformation

Ollie TopReformation

The Calor TopReformation

Orange Nails, Do or Don’t?


Happy Fridayyyyyyyyy, Hart Beat! We did it. To celebrate Friday-eve last night after Barr class I decided to treat myself to a post-workout pre-weekend manicure. To be honest, Hart Beat, before this year I had never had a manicure. I love me a good pedicure but manicures just looked so high maintenance and dependent on picking a baller color that I just stayed away.

I don’t know what happened this year but all I’ve been noticing on the New York subway and Instagram lately has been all the different nail colors. The one that has kept my attention this spring is the weird orange color you can see above. And! Guess what! That’s me! Those are my nails. I took a took the gamble last night and now I’m lovin’ them (in a non Ronald McDonald kind of way).

What do you think? It’s a very strong color and to be honest I didn’t love it at first but I’m whooooooof it’s pulling at my heart strings this morning.

I know the manicure can only last week with my lifestyle so I need help! What’s the color your seeing on everyone right now?

Hannah Hart Beat

Photography by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

P.S. Mug from the Food52 Shop and my rings I’ve written about here!