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Four Songs for You

Hannah Hart Beat

Hello. Hi. Hola. It’s me! I’m not gone forever, Hart Beat! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you here on this here ye old blog but now that the G.D. book is kind of out of my hands for a month I felt like I needed to give you all a little love, my o.g. readers.

So to catch up a little bit here are five songs that I’ve been listening to lately. Four good summer-is-almost-here-ra-ta-ta-ta songs at least in my world. They’ve all been added to the official Hart Beat playlist on Spotify so if you want them and the six-year backlog I’ve collected there click this here link. I think out of all of them the middle two are my faves. What about you, Hart Beat? Send me anything new you’re loving and we can get the great music exchange back up and running.

1. “Woo” by Beach House from their new album 7.

2. “Every Time I Hear That Song” by Brandi Carlile from her new album By The Way, I Forgive You. P.S. Shout out to Gail for sharing this on her Spotify friend activity—you always share the best music. <3

3. “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” by Mel Carter

4. “Such A Simple Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. It’s his first new single since 2016, v. exciting day and he’s playing up here at Mass Moca this summer if you’re in the area, Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat

I Dare You

Hannah Hart Beat - L.A. and the xx

Hi, Hart Beat. How are you today? I’ve been sitting here writing all morning. I can’t wait to (eventually) share with you the other project I’m working on. This morning I listened to the new album from the xx and there was one song that I loved particularly. I thought maybe you might like it too, Hart Beat.

The song, “I Dare You” is off the new album “I See You” and the video, according to a statement by the band, is “[A] love letter to Los Angeles, a city close to our hearts, where we wrote and recorded parts of our album ‘I See You’.” As L.A. is on my hot list for the fall I loved watching the scenery. I know it’s a sprawl of city but the skyline shot and the overhead highway shot at the end make my heart skip a beat.

The video is a little weird but it does star Millie Bobby Brown who played Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things. What do you think, Hart Beat? It’s good writing music, no?

P.S. An older post about the xx from years ago on Hart Beat.  

Photo via The Glitter Guide guide to L.A.

Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Hi my Hart Beat. One of the things I love about this time of year is all the new music that is released. This week we were hit by the new Lorde album and today I spent some time with it seeing how our girl has been doing. It was a melancholy day here on the island. I did lots of writing but, the sun has nowhere to be seen these past two days and that’s probably why the song that I loved the most off of Melodrama was the sad “Liability.” Have you heard it yet, Hart Beat? It’s what I’m listening to tonight while I write to you. I hope you like it. And, if it’s too sad you can always go back to our favorite Miley after.

For a great and full-length review of the album see what Craig Jenkins has to say over at Vulture.

Top photo by me from last year.

Hannah Hart Beat

No. 2: Happy Music Friday

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. HAPPY FRIDAY. We did it. And to celebrate, here are some of the songs that got me through the entire week. As I mentioned last week, this is a new Friday installment of Hart Beat. I hope you liked last week’s songs and find these others help you with your commute home from work. Cheers to that, Hart Beat.

  1. A preciously undiscovered track (at least to me) from the Alabama Shake’s Sound & Color, “Over My Head.”
  2. “More Than Enough” by Elizabeth & the Catapult. Because ladies rule.
  3. Ratata’s song “Cream on Chrome” has me DANCING ON THE SUBWAY. And I like it.

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Hannah Hart Beat

I wanna be around, girl

Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. I hope you had a nice weekend out there in the world. It was a restful one for me in Brooklyn. One thing that was on the top of my list for the weekend was to listen to some of the new music that has come out this fall so far. I haven’t been on my game but I hope I’ve caught up a bit…

One song that I heard this weekend that I love is by an, apparently, buzzed about singer Leon Bridges. The Texas gospel and soul singer released his first album this spring and if you haven’t listened to it yet then you should definitely give it a shot. The title track of the album, Coming Home, is the song I keep coming back to over and over again. It reminds me of the perfect combination of Sam Cooke, John Legend and a mystery someone that I know know is Leon Bridges. Hope you like it too, Hart Beat! (Also, this music video is 👍.)

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges. Photos from @leonbridgesofficial. P.S. His instagram is on point.

Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat

Roll up your sleeves


Hi Hart Beat! This past week Pedro and I discovered (heavy on the Pedro side of things) the new Spotify feature called “Discover Weekly.” It’s hidden on the side left of your browser under your “Starred” playlist. If you haven’t gotten on the Spotify train yet then this is another reason to hop on. ALL ABOARD SPOTIFY. (No I do not work for them.)

Anyway…. what “Discover Weekly” does is just what it sounds like. The program pulls together a weekly playlist customized just for you. Every Monday the playlist updates so you have an entire week to mull over what robots think you will like. Pedro says that this week his playlist is on point and I have to say that mine is 50/50. I def have an eclectic mix of music taste so I forgive you, Spotify robots.

One of the songs that I do love from this week’s picks is a song that came out this past March. It’s by the singer Meg Mac (baller name girl) and it has just the right amount of hand-clapping, girl loving to make it one that I’ll listen to over and over again. Have you heard this one, Hart Beat? I thought of you when I heard it and think you will like it too.

Meg Mac’s “Roll Up Your Sleeves”

P.S. Meg was on Daytrotter this past April and sings a great acoustic version there..

Liza Anne sings “Lost”


Hi. How’s your night going, Hart Beat? It’s finally warmer here in Brooklyn tonight and I’m so thankful for that. Pedro and I drove up to Greenpoint tonight to get some of my things and I forgot how much I love driving past the Manhattan skyline at night.

For once in Hart Beat’s history, the song I’m sharing with you here is NOT about what’s going on in my life. Instead, it’s just a new track that I can’t stop listening to because of the amazing singer that is behind the song. Liza Anne, a Nashville based singer and songwriter, is a new artist to me but this song “Lost” is hauntingly beautiful and just the kind of thing that I love to listen over and over again to. I first heard her voice when her song “Room” was included in my favorite Austin 100 this year. Not only is the song amazing but the official video has a beautiful choreographed dance for the song. What do you think, Hart Beat? Are you as much of a fan as I am?

“Lost” by Liza Anne.


Both photos via the Liza Anne facebook page.

I will be there


Hi Hart Beat. Hope you’re keeping cool in this bizarre afternoon heat flash hitting the city. Tonight Carolyn and I are going to a Bates event at the new Whitney Museum. Check up on Instagram later to see if I can get some cool shots!

I recently discovered a new artist that I thought you would like, Hart Beat. Have you head of Odessa? Her debut album Odessa released last month, featuring eleven tracks (including the previously released single “I Will Be There.”) The album is great (I love her voice) but I haven’t been able to get rid of “I Will Be There” ever since I heard it for the first time. The video, you can watch it below, is also amazing (THAT DRESS).

The song is such a good positive summer feels song. This is the kind of song I would put on while pulling together a dinner for friends. Yup, that’s happening soon friends. As soon as I get moved into my new place.

Odessa sings “I Will Be There.”



Best friends, Beau sings a song for you

Best friends, Beau sings a song for you

Best friends, Beau sings a song for you

Hi Hart Beat. I just shared this on our sister blog (brother blog?) The Victors & Vanquished but it is so good that I couldn’t help sharing it here with you too. On Monday Pedro and I went to an event sponsored by French band and recording label Kitsuné at Williamsburg’s Baby’s All Right. There were three bands preforming and I’m not going to go into the whole thing here but, there was one band that was A-MAZING.

They’re called Beau and there was a song that they sang at the event that I can’t get over. It’s called “One Wing” and you lucky duck you Hart Beat, you can listen to it here. Before the lead singer Heather Golden started the song she confessed to the audience that the song is about how she feels about her best friend. I love this so much. Happy Friday tomorrow, Hart Beat.

P.S. If you’re as obsessed with this song as I am then you’ll be happy to know that their first EP comes out on May 4th.