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I’m 😍😍😍 (goo-goo eyes) for Levis

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Ohhhh Hart Beat. I’m starting to realize that my days of biddie skirts and skin tight pants are behind me. I dress differently now than I did at 21. Okay, maybe this isn’t a surprise. I still have my iconic scarf collection and am still wearing mostly black (some things can never change) but all in all, the garb that I threw on every day in college has transitioned into something more… comfortable or classic as I would prefer. The realization has come slowly but surely over the years and has been cemented recently when I discovered I was borrowing Pedro’s clothes more and more.

I’m taller than Pedro but even so, he and I generally wear the same size in clothes. Aside from sneakers (because I don’t have a death wish) I borrow most of his things, including his Levis—for the legitimate boyfriend jean look. I realized it was time for me to invest in some of my own vintage Levis and I was in luck a few weekends ago when I walked by a pop-up space in Greenpoint that had exclusively piles and piles of vintage Levis. As you can see below, there were lots to pick from and lucky for me the owner of the store helped me pick out a bunch. I had one of Pedro’s pairs on at the time so I could show him the effect I was looking for in the pants. After about five minutes BOOM, I had my perfect pair.

These bad boys are short in the length so I can show my shoes (YUP) and slowchy enough to constitute boyfriend jeans. (#lifewin) Are you with me in the boyfriend jean boat, Hart Beat? Do you have a place you like to buy vintage Levis? Does my butt look good in these pants? Jkjkjk, you don’t have to answer that, I know I’m rocking the mom jean here.

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Photos by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

Levis, my favorite jeans


Hi Hart Beat! Welcome to another week at work (😑) AND another week at Hart Beat(😀)! Today on the blog I want to tell you about something that I’ve been loving this summer. I don’t know about you, Hart Beat, but jeans shopping is one of the most torturous things known to man. Not only does every company adhere to it’s own sizing standards (wtf) but it also seems that each brand within its own line of jeans will switch up the sizes depending on the style. Not cool, companies. Brands that I love (looking at you Madewell) and who pride themselves on their jeans never really last longer than one season. And when you’re putting down solid money for a pair of pants, you want them to last. This is where my secret comes in…enter Levis, ladies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.41.51 PM

I’m not sure when Levis came back on the scene but, like all things I love lately, they came into my life on a recommendation from Pedro. I had always thought of Levis of a brand that had it’s heyday in the 70’s/80’s and then stopped being relevant but, I guess not. I should have known I guess, two of the first posts here on Hart Beat four years ago were for Levi’s ads (see them here and here). Now though, I’ve bought four pairs of Levi’s in the past six months and I love ALL of them.

The best part of buying Levi’s is that once you find your size, you are that size. Forever, in every single style. Buying boyfriend jeans? Use your size. Buying skinny jeans? Yup, use that same size. Vintage Levi? SAME SIZE AGAIN. It’s like magic. I can even buy jeans online now. I never thought this day would come. In the spirit of Levi’s videos, here’s a new one that the brand has put out in honor of their new campaign “Live in Levis.” If this review and video don’t make you want to buy Levi’s then I don’t know what will. THIS IS A SPONSOR FREE POST FOR GOODNESS SAKE, HART BEAT.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.30.05 PM
Photos from top to bottom: @levis@thebakerygreenpoint, and @kellouhar.

Three work shoes for winter

Hi Hart Beat! I’m still home in the Berkshires but am really looking forward to heading down to the city tomorrow. As some of you might know from reading this blog here, I’ve just accepted a new job to work on the Digital Marketing Team at Food52! I’m sad to be leaving DNA Footwear (aka Pedro) buttttt I’m excited to be back in the city working for a new company.

I’ve been trying to prepare as much as possible for this winter before January hits and I cold from fingers to toes. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is footwear for the winter.

I have this great pair of winter booties that I got a few years ago that will be great for getting too and from work. What I’m looking for now are a few pairs of shoes that I can keep at work and wear throughout the winter at the office. This way I won’t have to worry about ruining any nice shoes in the snow, salt and sand. The only problem is picking out a new pair of shoes! Want to help me out, Hart Beat? What do you think of the options below? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are still going on… it’s time to act fast!

Option One: The sleek loafer. This pair has been on my radar for a while now. I love loafers and these look like the perfect combination of professional, comfortable and sleek. Also, Sézane, hello french style. These Dali Pumps are just what my inner parisian wants.

Option Two: The cut-out bootie. One of the great things about finding a great office shoe for the winter is not having to think about all those pesky things like weather and warmth. This pair of cut-out booties would be great to sip on and add a great little twist with a colorful pair of socks. Below are the great Jeffrey Campbell Muskrat booties that you can purchase here.
Option Three: Low heel white booties. These Sam Edelman Petty Booties have been on my radar since we first got them in at DNA. They come in black, honey and bone but I am loving these white ones. They would be great to slip on and off and white is such a bold color in the winter that it would be great to know you get to wear them without worrying about the elements destroying them. You can purchase the Petty Booties here.
Thanks Emerson for the top photo.

Pretend shopping with a Madewell Sale

Hey Hart Beat. Happy almost weekend! I was at work today and got an email from Madewell saying that they’re having a random 24 hour sale today. Um.. what Madewell? I don’t usually like to shop from big stores but Madewell is always the one that changes my mind. I’m on a bit of a spending freeze right now so why don’t we do a little pretend shopping of their sale items? Want to come fictional shopping with me?

1. The Latticework Shirt. This shirt says, I’m your girl next door best friend who knows how to french braid like a baller and drink whisky straight up.
2. The Lightweight Tomboy Workshirt. This shirt says, I’m the salt of the Earth kind of girl who likes to hop on my bike and ride through Brooklyn all day. I won’t stop for a car but if you’re cute dog runs up to me I’ll make sure to yield to that pup.
3. The Warren Sandal in Silver. This shirt says, Oh don’t mind me stomping down Bedford Ave this casual Saturday afternoon. I’m just going to stop by Smorgasburg and grab an ice cream cookie and then bop into Bird to pick up a new maxi skirt for work this week.
4. The Checkbook Wallet. This wallet says, I’m the kind of girl that has my life together with all my cards perfectly categorized in alphabetical order. My bills never come out crinkled and ripped and oh, this leather hue, I woke up with this.
5. The Linen Timeoff Tee. This T says, What’s that? I didn’t see you there I’m just going through my bag to find my metro pass before I whisk off to the East Village for a drink with my best friend from college at a local Jazz bar. No big.
6. The Essential White Boyshirt. This shirt says, Whoops, didn’t see you there. I’m just rushing out of my boyfriends apartment on the way to my workshare space to edit some photographs for a couple of magazines that are freelancing me.
Thanks, Madewell!

To jean or not to jean

Oh hello Hart Beat. I have a fashion question for you today. How do you dear readers feel about the infamous Texan Tuxedo? My roommate was at a Levi’s party a few weeks back and was gifted this great open back jean shirt. I’ve been borrowing it a lot lately and since I’m tired of wearing so much black I’ve started pairing it with jeans. Bad idea or good idea? I know the general idea is no but in Brooklyn? I know we’re not in the south but I think it might work.

P.S. My favorite jeans right now. 

Bike Style by Eleanor’s

It’s an exciting day today my dear Hart Beat. Why is that you ask? I am proud to announce that today Hannah Hart Beat was featured by the brilliant Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories website and blog. I was approached by the site a couple weeks ago asking if they could interview me about bike style for their blog. Of course I said yes, blog city baby.

Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories is a Brooklyn based store and website dedicated to the stylish biker in all of us. The web store carries great helmets (if I didn’t lose mine all the time I would invest), bike boxes, and all kind of other accessories. Eleanor’s also features a wonderful blog about chic cycling gear and style. Some of my favorite posts have been 5 Bike Helmet Friendly Short Hair Styles, and this rose garland bike for Valentine’s Day.

I am so honored to be included in such an amazing site dedicated to biking and style (two of my favorite things) and I hope you all enjoy reading the article!

1. What is Hannah Hart Beat blog about?
Hannah Hart Beat is a lifestyle blog that highlights photographs, music, poems, and fashion brands all with a romantic twist. I started the blog while I was in college writing my undergraduate thesis. After writing about Spanish literature all day every day, every day, I desperately needed a break and a distraction. Hart Beat was the perfect creative outlet. Now Hart Beat centers around my life in Brooklyn, more specifically, my life in Greenpoint.
2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?
I’m lucky that one of my all time favorite rides starts right outside my apartment in Greenpoint. There is a great bike path that runs down along the East River and makes it all the way south to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s such a peaceful stretch within the city and I love looking out at the beautiful Manhattan skyline.
3. Does your bike have a story?
Oh yes. The neon color rock hopper was originally my dad’s bike in the 80′s. He called it Rocky Balboa and gave it to me when I moved to Brooklyn two years ago. Rocky’s not the most beautiful bike but since I ride everyday I never have to worry about it breaking down or being taken when it is parked outside in my neighborhood. The mahogany wooden box on the back was made for me by a carpenter friend who lives in my neighborhood and I use it to carry just about everything.
4. What is your favorite restaurant?
Le Gamin in Greenpoint. They have an unlimited muscles, french fries and wine night once a week. Who wouldn’t love that?
5. Early bird or night owl?
A. Early bird, for sure. With a midday nap thrown in there.
6. Who is someone you admire?
Anyone who is brave to bike New York City in the winter.
Photo credit for all the pictures goes out to Samantha Plakun.