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Hannah Hart Beat

Scarf season is (almost) here

Hannah Hart Beat

Oh Hart Beat, we can’t deny it any longer, Fall is here. This morning in Brooklyn was the first time that I really felt the brisk weather here for real. While this makes me incredibly sad that summer is now over (and winter is only one season away), fall does bring one thing that I love, scarfs!

In college I used to get a lot of slack for always having a scarf on but come on, it was Maine people! Since moving to New York I still wear a ton in the winter but last week I saw the perfect scarves for this transitional fall weather we’re having now. One of my favorite brands, Sézane, released their new Fall 2015 collection and in it are a wonderful collection of beautiful scarves.

There are a handful of new designs in the Shop. I think that the Aspen Scarf is my fave though and if I could, I would have it in both the blue and the red. Sweet mother Mary, they’re all so beautiful. Which one do you like the best, Hart Beat? Do they make you at all happy that fall is here?

Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat

Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet

Oh hey there Hart Beat, do I have the most beautiful collection to share with you today. It’s been a while since any shoes have taken center stage on the blog and I am so proud to share with you the Wolverine 1000 Mile line by Samantha Pleet.

The Bonny boot in tan/black and black.
(My babies on the left there.)
It’s always a dangerous move when I walk into my favorite shoe store in my neighborhood and last week was no different. As soon as I walked in I feel head over heels (HA) for a pair of Wolverine boots. I had never given the brand a shot before, as I am a tried and true Frye girl, but seeing those tan and black boots with the perfect heel stopped me in my tracks. And, oh sweet baby Hart Beat, I am never going back.
This particular collection of Wolverine’s was designed by New York City designer Samantha Pleet. At the ripe old age of 33 Pleet has created a body of work to rival any of her contemporaries and superiors. Her stockiest include stores from Brooklyn to as far flung as Texas, Australia, Turkey and Japan. Pleet’s studio is located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn and grew up in the countryside of Pennsylvania and this collection of boots truly feels like a beautiful combination of city and country. Being a mix of the two myself I find every pair of boots the kind of design that I’ve been wanting my whole life. 
The Arc boot in blue. 
The Besbit Kiltie boot in tan.

The Arc Boot in taupe.
Photos via Four One Five Shoes and Myrtle.
The girls in the boots, all from the SS13 collection.