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Hannah Hart Beat

I Dare You

Hannah Hart Beat - L.A. and the xx

Hi, Hart Beat. How are you today? I’ve been sitting here writing all morning. I can’t wait to (eventually) share with you the other project I’m working on. This morning I listened to the new album from the xx and there was one song that I loved particularly. I thought maybe you might like it too, Hart Beat.

The song, “I Dare You” is off the new album “I See You” and the video, according to a statement by the band, is “[A] love letter to Los Angeles, a city close to our hearts, where we wrote and recorded parts of our album ‘I See You’.” As L.A. is on my hot list for the fall I loved watching the scenery. I know it’s a sprawl of city but the skyline shot and the overhead highway shot at the end make my heart skip a beat.

The video is a little weird but it does star Millie Bobby Brown who played Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things. What do you think, Hart Beat? It’s good writing music, no?

P.S. An older post about the xx from years ago on Hart Beat.  

Photo via The Glitter Guide guide to L.A.

Young and In Love

Hi my beloved Hart Beat. How are you? It’s been a slow and relaxing week here in Brooklyn for me. I’ve been able to get my ducks in a row right in time before Spring. And that means more music for you since Spotify has been on blast while I organize my apartment. I’m sure my neighbors are LOVING my belting out loud singing voice.
Speaking of singing voices. Dios mio, Hart Beat. Say what you will about Lana Del Rey but she has some serious pipes. I recently found her new(ish) song and video for “Love” and I’m (can you guess it?) obsessed. The song is beautiful but the art direction in the music video is really what has my heart. You can’t deny that she’s got both the a) vintage style down pat and b) is executing the eye liner wing tip that a girl like me can only dream about. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet with an eyeliner stamp like this one from Lovoir here.

“Love” by Lana Del Rey

It’s a beautiful video, right Hart Beat? Those daisies in her hair! That shoulder shuffle around mark 2:58. It really is all enough to make me go crazy.

Leon Bridges - Hannah Hart Beat

Take Me to Your River

Leon Bridges - Hannah Hart Beat

Afternoon, Hart Beat. How’s your Friday going? I’m home today resting and it’s been the nicest day to stay in Brooklyn. I’ve been catching up on a few things and thought I’d share a song with you that I’ve been listening to a lot this week.

I’ve posted about Leon Bridges here on Hart Beat before, but today I want to share a new (to me) song of his. The song is amazing but the video is something even more incredible.

The video, according to Bridge himself is intended to “incorporate the struggles of the black community within Baltimore with song about a hope that’s not if this world.” The short film was written and directed by Miles Jay. What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you love Leon Bridges as much as I do?

Hannah Hart Beat

I wanna be around, girl

Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. I hope you had a nice weekend out there in the world. It was a restful one for me in Brooklyn. One thing that was on the top of my list for the weekend was to listen to some of the new music that has come out this fall so far. I haven’t been on my game but I hope I’ve caught up a bit…

One song that I heard this weekend that I love is by an, apparently, buzzed about singer Leon Bridges. The Texas gospel and soul singer released his first album this spring and if you haven’t listened to it yet then you should definitely give it a shot. The title track of the album, Coming Home, is the song I keep coming back to over and over again. It reminds me of the perfect combination of Sam Cooke, John Legend and a mystery someone that I know know is Leon Bridges. Hope you like it too, Hart Beat! (Also, this music video is 👍.)

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges. Photos from @leonbridgesofficial. P.S. His instagram is on point.

Hannah Hart Beat Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Next of Kin by Alvvays

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! How was your weekend? I’m enjoying my companies week off before Pedro and I head to Portland and I’m excited to relax for a bit, see my family and get ready for THE BEST TRIP EVER. While I’ve been bopping around Brooklyn getting ready for our adventure I’ve gone back to listen to some of my favorite artists from this years Austin 100. One that I posted about here is Alvvays, the Toronto based band that took my heart with it’s song “Marry Me, Archie.” Now I’m obsessing over the song and video posted here, called “Next of Kin.”

What do you think, Hart Beat? You love as much as I do?

Alvvays sings “Next of Kin”

Hannah Hart Beat

Official 2015 Summer Anthem


I don’t care what the mainstream media is saying about this summer lacking an official “summer anthem.” While most major news media can’t decide on what 2015 summer means to all of us sitting on the beach and drinking beers in the parks, I have a bold claim to make on the subject. The 2015 summer anthem is here and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem, not summers. “Déjà vu” came out this late spring to screaming fans (at least I was screaming) celebrating Giorgio Moroder’s return to the dance and electronica scene.

For those of you not familiar with Giorgio’s work, NPR had a great interview with the composer a few weeks ago that is definitely worth a listen. In this new(ish) single, Giorgio partners with the pop-icon of the decade, Sia, in a song that is both addictive and dance worthy. What else does a summer anthem need?

If you are familiar with my taste in music (plug here for the official Hart Beat playlist) then you will definitely love this song. And take to twitter people! Let the public know that the official 2015 summer anthem is here and it is ready to be enjoyed by the masses. Unless you disagree, which I would be curious to hear. Oh and P.S. the official video for the song (see below) is amazing.

Celebrate! Jenny Lewis shares a new music video

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.40.49 PM

Breaking news Hart Beat! My favorite song of 2014 from one of my favorite singers for life, Jenny Lewis, has just released the official music video for her hit song “She’s Not Me.” Like her last music video release this one has an onslaught of guest starts including Fred Armisen, Zosia Mamet and Vanessa Bayer. The video recreates some of Jenny’s childhood roles in The Golden Girls, Troop Beverly Hills, The Wizard, Pleasantville. First of all, WHO KNEW JENNY WAS A CHILDHOOD ACTRESS?? I sure didn’t. And secondly, could she get any more beautiful?

Top photo I took at the epic Jenny Lewis concert here in New York this last fall.

I will be there


Hi Hart Beat. Hope you’re keeping cool in this bizarre afternoon heat flash hitting the city. Tonight Carolyn and I are going to a Bates event at the new Whitney Museum. Check up on Instagram later to see if I can get some cool shots!

I recently discovered a new artist that I thought you would like, Hart Beat. Have you head of Odessa? Her debut album Odessa released last month, featuring eleven tracks (including the previously released single “I Will Be There.”) The album is great (I love her voice) but I haven’t been able to get rid of “I Will Be There” ever since I heard it for the first time. The video, you can watch it below, is also amazing (THAT DRESS).

The song is such a good positive summer feels song. This is the kind of song I would put on while pulling together a dinner for friends. Yup, that’s happening soon friends. As soon as I get moved into my new place.

Odessa sings “I Will Be There.”