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Hannah Hart Beat

Looking for the One

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. A bit ago I shared the exciting news that one of our favorite advice columns Dear Sugar was coming out with a podcast of the same name. One of my resolutions this year was to read more actual books which has been great but means I’ve been falling behind on some of my favorite podcasts, like Dear Sugar.

This morning on the train I caught up and listened to the two most recent episodes of the show. I immediately knew I had to share them with you here. The episodes are a part one and part two of a discussion on the idea of looking for “the one.”

In the first episode, “The Anxiety“, Cheryl and Steve talk about all the letters the receive from women asking for their advice on finding true love. The women who write in they say, have everything going for them in their careers, friendships and personal growth. What the women say they are missing is finding someone to share their life with and are wondering if and how they will ever find “the one.”

The second episode, “The Reality“, focuses on the scientific research that women actually do have a hard time finding men to couple up with since the data confirms there are less and less “available” men in the world.

They are both so eye opening, Hart Beat. I may be in a relationship but I know that for years I was always wondering this very question, will I find the one? And, more importantly, how?? I have so many amazing single lady friends and it baffles me daily that they’re single. I keep suggesting that they go on sites like love magnet to get dating advice but to no avail. And while I strongly believe there is nothing to be ashamed and nothing wrong with being a single woman, that sentiment only matters if you are happy and want to be single. If you’re like me and countless other women I know, coupling up (for whatever reason) is something desired.

The podcast episodes definitely don’t tell you exactly how to find the one, or even confirm that there is one person for everyone (something that I don’t think is true either). But, it is so wonderful to hear Cheryl and Steve talk about this theme. I hope you like listening to them too.

P.S. Some dating advice I’ve written on the blog here and here.

Update: The Sugars did a Part Three of the series called “Reimagining the Spinster” where they speak with Kate Bolick, author of Spinster. Listen to it if you haven’t!

Yours to Bear

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.33.53 PM

Hi Hart Beat. Today begins the busiest time of year for my work (free shipping at the Food52 Shop! yea that’s right) and while I’m head down, emails deep, I’ve been listening to this one song over and over. I thought you might like it too.

I’ve shared music by honeyhoney here on the blog before and lucky for all of us, this year the released their third studio album. One of the songs from the album is absolutely amazing and is giving me all kinds of #feelings.

Yours to Bear by honehoney

P.S. Who wants to watch Before Sunset with me tonight?

P.P.S. If you don’t already, check out the Hart Beat playlist.

Top photo of the Seine by @alice_gao who is in Paris right now and if you don’t follow you should start immediately.

Hannah Hart Beat

A song for you, Tuesday afternoon edition

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.21.39 PM

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your Tuesday going? It’s crunch time here at work (t minus too few days until Thanksgiving) and I’ve been surviving off some new songs that I found on Spotify. One in particular has my heart and I know it will have yours too as soon as you hear it. The band is San Fermin and the song is called “Sonsick” Not only is the song UNBELIEVABLE but the video is pretty cool too. I’ve added it to The Official Hart Beat Playlist, so if you want other song recommendations just pop on over there.

Photo by @heidisbridge.

Kissing around the world

K-I-S-S-I-N-G from continent to continent

Kissing around the world

Hi Hart Beat. We all need more romance in our lives, right? Lucky for us late last week Cut Videos published a great video showing eleven real couples from around the world kissing. Since romantic on the lips full make-out (cough Italy) isn’t as commonplace around the world, lots of these kisses here are more hesitant and in some ways, much more intimate. Some of the others though, wooo man. Seattle, Paris and London you guys are the BOMB DIGGITY. Anyway, hope you like this video, Hart Beat. And give someone a kiss today, okay? You can blame me if it doesn’t work out.




Video via Cut.

Babe Vibes for your Monday morning

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.05.06 PM

Hi Hart Beat. Here it is again, Monday morning. While I love my job, Monday’s can still get the better of me (especially after a wonderfully restful weekend). On Friday our girl Jo linked to a great site called The Pep Talk Generator that I think deserves a little bit of our attention right now.

Life is hard, you know that already. If you didn’t know that you probably wouldn’t be here reading this. But knowing almost makes things easier doesn’t it? You’ve done this before, you’ve felt this before, and yes it sucks but you’ve overcome it every single time. Your talent, intelligence, beauty, and boobs are greater than whatever thing this is. They will outshine your problems every time. You are a babe, and do you know what babes do? They fight back. And they win. So get back in the ring and earn yourself a KO. And never forget: Babes Fight Back.
Winter Sherrod

The project is run by a collective of baller women called Babe Vibes who conduct interviews with other baller women and make projects with the interviews. One of the projects that Babes Vibes has pulled together is a real live happy thought generator that you can read over and over again this morning to get a little positivity in this Monday morning.

The first (and best) quote that I got is the one above here but I’ve also pulled together some of the other inspirational words so that you can get a whole lot of loving without even clicking your mouse.

Hey you. Good news: No one knows what they are doing. Better news: You get to make mistakes. Best news: You get to keep trying again until you find the right fit. So… focus on one thing and one day at a time. Keep your head down. Work hard. Fail quickly. Move on. Go!
Elise Blaha Cripe

You rock. You might not realize it at times, but you really do. You have a unique voice and outlook that is worth sharing. Sometimes you may question this because you see others doing things cool things. You want to do those cool things too? Go ahead and do them. Experiment, get creative, start that project you have been dreaming about. The only thing standing between you and what you want to be doing is (spoiler alert)… DOING IT. Go for it, babe. Focus on what you love. Try to enjoy every minute of it and build something you are proud of.
Amy Tangerine

Get it, girl.
Jordan A. Smith

Protect Your Heart

Top photo via me and bottom photo via @isabella.chan

Summer love in New York


Hi Hart Beat. Some of you might have seen this but The New York Times is pulling this great series called “Summer Love” that I thought you might like to see. The paper is requesting couples to submit summer love stories that they have experienced in New York, for however long, or short amount of time. Not to overdo this but, I love this idea.

So far the Times has pulled together about a dozen features on couples of all kinds. I’ve had the best time reading through them and thinking about all the ways to fall in (and sometimes out) in this city. As much as I love so many cities in the world (Madrid, Boston, Amsterdam, Portland), New York really has the most romantic feeling about it. I think it has something to do with the vastness and the sheer number of possibilities. On any given day you could run into your soulmate, the most romantic bar you’ve ever seen or into a heart-wrenching public breakup on the C train.

This video here is one of my favorite stories from the series. Summer = roller coasters and love = a roller coaster (see what I did there?). I’ve been thinking about submitting Pedro and my story to the paper. What do you think, Hart Beat? Have you found love in New York before?


Photos and video via The New York Times.

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

Evening, Hart Beat. How’s your night going? I was exploring ye old internet on my commute home (aka the one time that I have cell service over the Manhattan bridge) and found out that a website I used to love is coming back.

Married in New York is just like it sounds. Run by Natasha, a New York City based photographer and hopeless romantic (hey girl), the tumblr honors all the types of weddings that pass through City Hall in the city.

Whether low-key or grand affairs, weddings are a big deal. For two people in love, they’re the start of a new chapter, a major turning point in their stories, a public declaration that their lives are intertwined from that moment on. It’s the most special day in a couple’s life — and they have the wedding albums and videos to show for it.

But what about the couples who get married at City Hall?

– Married in New York

Along with an active twitter, facebook and instagram, Married In New York not only shows great photographs of couples celebrating the happiest moments of their lives but, it gives you a little snippet/interview into their private lives. I feel like these days there are so man places to find “New Yorkers” living their “New York” life (*cough* HONY *cough*) but what I love about Married in New York is that I can always go and see true love. It feeds the hopeless romantic that I, not so secretly, am. So happy Tuesday night, Hart Beat. I hope you love these photographs as much as I do.

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

City Hall Love: Married in New York

All photos courtesy of Married in New York.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hart Beat! Valentine’s Day has always been a special time on the blog and in years past I’ve done countdowns and listing my favorite romantic posts from the past on the blog. For the past two years I’ve spent my Valentine’s Day with my mom on vacation and this year we’re going south a little later so I’m in Brooklyn with Pedro for the special day.
The artist on the top photo:
“Tango is the dance of love. I danced tango from ages fourteen to eighteen in Istanbul, and was always drawn to the emotional depth of the songs and the musicality of the bandoneon. In this picture, instead of capturing the kinetic quality of the dance, I wanted to pause on a moment that portrayed the intimacy of the couple in an abstract manner.” — Pari Dukovic
This morning I saw an amazing collection of photos pulled together by The New Yorker for the holiday and I had to share them with you. What are you doing today Hart Beat in the name of love?

“Stephen and I in Copenhagen,” 2014.

“This photograph of me and my boyfriend was made while we were travelling through Denmark. A profound sadness came over me as he was heading back to New York the following morning, and I was staying in Copenhagen for three weeks to work. I had to photograph this moment and feeling. The result is a photograph that speaks to me about our shared intimacy and love for one another.” — Jen Davis

“My marriage was on the rocks when I photographed this heart of stone shrouded in mist. When I returned another day, the rock was there, but I could not find the shape of a heart.” — Rosalind Solomon
“I met a lovely girl with strawberry hair three years ago, at a party in California.  I immediately liked the light and easy way she moved through the world. A few days later, she moved to Europe to be with her family for the summer.

Feeling as though I was letting something fall through the cracks, I purchased an airplane ticket to Paris the following morning. We met and locked ourselves in an old hotel for a week. We were both very much in love. Three years later, we stayed in the same old hotel in Paris, but the lightness in us was gone, and in its place things started to feel heavy and challenging. We left that hotel and flew back to California, two very different people from the ones who’d first come.” — David Black

“Dylan and Megan,” Driftwood, Texas, 2009. 

“I began chronicling my son Dylan from the moment he came into the world. He has been a willing and gracious subject throughout his twenty-one-year journey; however, he only recently expressed the gratitude he feels for the photographic record of his life that he and I have created together. I am deeply drawn to this particular image, of him and his first steady girlfriend, Megan. We were working on his 1954 Chevrolet that afternoon, and Megan was hanging out at the shop with us. Like the majority of the photographs I have made of him, the image is unscripted, and born out of spontaneity rather than planning. Perhaps this is why my photographs of him are so appealing to me. As a commercial photographer, myriad logistics are often required to facilitate the making of a single photograph. And while I find great joy in this milieu, when a photograph is born of an intimate family moment I am drawn to it all the more.” — Dan Winters

“Less than a month after we met in New York, Sara and I were already on our way driving down to Louisiana to meet my family for Christmas. From the time we met, we couldn’t be apart. It was terrifying, because we didn’t know each other that well. But it felt right, so I didn’t question anything. It was one of the best ideas ever. This is from somewhere halfway.” — Coley Brown

You me oiu by Pakayla Rae Biehn

Hi Hart Beat. I am so happy to be blogging tonight from ye old Brooklyn. I had a great vacation in Maine and I love being on the water there but, it is SO nice to be home in my favorite city. I took some great photos that I’ll share later this week so stay tuned. Tonight though, I want to share one of my favorite pieces that I keep coming back to (it’s been my desktop background for over a year now).

Artist Pakayla Rae Biehn has been featured here on Hart Beat before. Anything she does I seriously can’t get enough of. What do you think Hart Beat? Isn’t it just oh so romantic?

For more neon art work check out this post about Tracey Emin. And for neon decoration check this apartment decoration out.

Someone, somewhere, is falling in love

“As you read this introduction, someone, somewhere, is falling in love; a child is calling out to someone in the darkness as he awakes from a bad dream; someone is sitting alone in a car missing someone as rain pelts the windshield; someone is leaning on a desk, anticipating happiness he holes love will one day bring him; and perhaps someone very old is looking out a window, wishing he had said yes instead of walking way on that snowy afternoon in 1951.

“No matter what we do, love saturates our lives in every possible way. Even when we try to escape, it finds us — if merely to tease us with what we could have had.

“Through the readings, paintings, quotes ideas, and confessions within these pages, we are going to explore why we seem so desperately to need love, but also why we need to give it.”

– Simon Van Boody

Last year I bought the book Why We Need Love at one of my favorite book stores in Brooklyn. I couldn’t not buy it as the cover was just screaming out at me. Over the past year I’ve posted some excerpts from the book (you can read them all here). The collection of stories, quotes, photographs, short stories, and academic literature is compiled by Simon Van Booy. This excerpt above is written by the editor as an introduction to the collection. 
I just love the idea of finding love in all sorts of places and this seems like the best definition of Hannah Hart Beat that I’ve found in a while. For those of you who want to read the entirety of the book, you can find more info here.
Oh, what’s that you say? Where did I get those rings?
The gold one comes via Marina Pecoraro and the circle beauty is by 5 Octobre.