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To bra or not to bra?

Hannah Hart Beat

Oh Hart Beat. It’s May!! We did it! We made it through the cold, dreary winter into my absolute favorite season in Brooklyn. In Spring everything perks up in the city. Flowers come out lining the previously mud slicked streets, dogs finally walk around without those little silly rubber shoes, and we can all shed our heavy winter coats. One thing that this weather does make me think about, weirdly enough, is bra politics.

When Carolyn and I traveled the southern coast of France beach hopping, I was easily converted to the topless beach approach that most French and Spanish women embrace. (Side note, if you haven’t gone to a topless beach I can’t recommend it enough. Swimming without a bathing suite on is THE BEST FEELING. Boobs free in the water = pure bliss.) In the US topless beaches isn’t super common and, for that matter, neither are boobs in the wild.

I’m too well endowed to truly go braless without offending everyone who looks my way. Additionally, I always was under the impression that going braless or without much support ended up being bad for your boobs. It caused sagging, stretch marks, and back pains was always what I told myself. Now, I am not a doctor (lol), and all I have is my internet research but after suffering from horrible back pain the last year I’ve been researching what I can do to help my poor back. Going braless is apparently, one solution. The idea is that women who wear bras forever and ever lose muscle that we normally have in our boobs to support them. By going braless (even for a short amount of time) we can help our breasts gain more muscle. Interesting…

Now, as I said, there is now way that I can actually go to work braless so what I’ve been trying out is any time I’m not doing anything professional, family oriented, or where I anticipate hugging people, I’ve been going sans bra. It’s going pretty well. Still feels strange to have freedom but from what I learned topless bathing in France, it works for some people. Plus, now I can start looking at all these crazy dresses and tops that require braless fashion. I figure with a couple of these pasted on I’ll be good to go.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Dare to go bare with me this summer?

Photo via La Cool & Chic.

Hannah Hart Beat

Pansy, a cheeky way to spend your Tuesday

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat! This post is a little NSFW but whateves. Hopefully you’re not opening up this link on you’re huge ass screen in front of all your employees. Oh, you did? Sorry about that Hart Beat… This post should make it up to you!

A while back in one of my Friday link lists (cop out, I KNOW) I shared this great article from the NYT about how, apparently, today’s ladies are forgoing thongs for the ever more comfortable and appealing cotton panties. Now, my rule of thumb when reading something on in The New York Times is that if there’s a “trend” or “culture” piece written there, then the trend is about two months old. While The Times may be up to date with the world news, they are not, on it when it comes to culture or fashion.

In terms of the actual bulk of the article however, I couldn’t agree more. As much as I love my Hanky Panky’s I find lately that I’ve been grabbing the more comfortable, albeit definitely not as attractive underwear. This is where Pansy comes in. The brand makes very simple, very cotton and very alluring panties and bras. While I cannot (to say it simply) wear the bras, this underwear looks out of control and I think I’m going to have to order some for myself. Even if not I am LOVING the photos that they took for their new collection. The girls are so real! Hey brands, this works.

Pansy, a cheeky way to spend your Tuesday Pansy, a cheeky way to spend your Tuesday Pansy, a cheeky way to spend your Tuesday Pansy, a cheeky way to spend your TuesdayPansy, a cheeky way to spend your TuesdayPansy, a cheeky way to spend your Tuesday

Lingerie crush: Naja

Let’s talk lingerie, Hart Beat. I’ve featured a few brands on the blog before but, tonight I’m excited to share a great (and affordable!!) brand that I came across a few weeks ago. I cannot remember for the life of me where I came across Naja for the first time but I am so glad that I did. The brand creates beautiful pieces for an affordable cost, I can imagine so many sexy women from websites similar to watchmygf.adult (https://www.watchmygf.adult/) enjoying these beauitful pieces. According to their website, “We did away with fake wind blowing into model’s hair and created a brand that could connect with smart, courageous, and sexy women.” Amen, sister friends, now we can feel like we should be a part of filming a scene for www.videoshd.xxx or the likes for our partners, or even just for our self underneath our clothes.
These ensembles below are my favorites. What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you know any lingerie brands to pass along to this fashion maven?

The Noir Audrey Hi-Waisted panties. (They are only 22 dollars!!!)

And the matching Noir Juliette Bra. That name, Hart Beat.
All photos via the Naja website.

Valentine, the lingerie edition

Hi Hart Beat. I have something excited to share with some of you ladies out there. Over the weekend I was hanging out with some good friends of mine and we got started talking about bras. What else, Hart Beat? My friends were all asking where they could find beautiful, (relatively) affordable lacy bras for small chested women. We all wanted to feel as attractive as the women at www.escortguide.co.uk! While this is not, ahem, something I think about that often, I have an answer for all of you similarly endowed ladies out there. Let’s talk about Valentine!

The lingerie line Valentine was created by two friends Whitney Brown and Paloma Jones. Apparently the two (ex)models bonded over the need for “cool, comfortable, and affordable lingerie – especially for women with smaller busts.” There you go ladies! Straight from the horses er, models, mouth! Of course there are designs suitable for more busty ladies such as Babestations Terrie Hawkes too. They are a brand all about celebrating women of all cup sizes.

Whitney and Paloma now design a lifestyle brand and showcase their work in New York, L.A. and parts of Europe. The line was apparently created from the blog that the two wrote together:

“People featured on the V-blog are asked to share very private details through a series of 10 questions: first kiss, secret affairs, best pickup lines, hidden crushes, bad habits, the first time you said (or heard), ‘I love you,’ the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love, and more. It’s all part of Valentine’s lofty ambition to revive romance, especially in the lives of hyper-busy young millennials.”

Their site has a great online shop, as well as their baller blog. I love the idea for the collection and where these women are coming from. And that name, Valentine, come on Hart Beat. Can we get a that’s right over here?

All photos curtesy of the Valentine Lookbook.

The loved one

Oh Hart Beat, I’m so sorry for leaving you out on your lonesome for the past few days. One of my best friends from Bates and amazing Colorado blogger Leah came to stay for the weekend. To ask of your forgiveness let’s look through some beautiful intimates that I found from a new (to me anyway) company this afternoon.

I was introduced to The Loved One by my favorite Mangiliman sisters and now I can’t stop thinking about the brand. The Loved One was founded in 2009 by Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz as a vintage wholesale business. Now the design their own line of intimates and all I can say is I want them all. Wearing these gorgeous pieces would make me feel as glamorous as one of the most gorgeous paris escorts. If you want more images you can look through the Lingerie Lookbook from SS 11 here.

The Agony of Love. (That name!!)
The How To Make A Doll gelmart.

The pieces originally sold at Dalaga.
For more intimates check this out and one of my other favorite brands Uye Surana.
From the lookbook.