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Hannah Hart Beat

Beauty Challenge: Zero Purchases

Hannah Hart Beat

Afternoon, Hart Beat. Let’s talk beauty. Last week our favorite ladies over at Of a Kind release an amazing array of their favorite beauty products. The collection is both luxurious, surprisingly affordable and wrapped with the most beautiful packaging. This week, Claire and Erica continued the conversation on their podcast and talked about their love for these beauty products.

While I love me some buttery soft lotion (weird description? probs) I confess that I have a problem accumulating lotions and products. I know that all my past roommates can confirm that at any time next to my bed I have at least three bottles of lotion and three different kinds of mascara floating on my dresser.

Hannah Hart Beat

This is a problem, Hart Beat. Especially when people like of a kind email be lists of beautiful beauty products that I want, nay, need. What I realized after loading my shopping cart with pretty much their entire collection, I stopped. Do I really need all these products when I have an apartment full of pretty much the same thing? I mean, I really want them all (like no joke that hair towel is everything) but can I make due until I actually need to replace my towel instead of adding another one to the massive pile?

Yes I can. So I’m challenging myself to something and I thought, if you’re anything like me Hart Beat, you might want to try too. I decided that I’m not going to buy any more beauty products until I finish everything that I own now. No more face lotion, no more shampoo, no more lipstick. Sorry Claire and Erica 😞.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you have the same problem I do? Want to try this with me? Or are you thinking I’m crazy because buying new beauty products is one of the most satisfying things in the worls (no lie). Bet you I go longer with what’s stacked up in my medicine cabinet…

Both photos by Of a Kind.

July, the time for rosé

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your Tuesday night going? I am so glad this is a short week and in two days I’ll be taking the train home to one of my favorite places in the world. The Berkshires are so nice, especially in this heat since it’s always a good 10 degrees cooler in those hills than it is in this sweltering city.

To celebrate this first day of July, I thought I would write to you about one of my favorite summer drinks while sitting at one of my favorite bars in Greenpoint. Speaking of this neighborhood, I need to get back on my Greenpoint Guide. Anyway, ROSE IS IT FOR THE SUMMER.

I was thinking the other day about the progression of my alcohol tastes since college. I’m not going to share it with you here but I will say that I am happy to have finally come full circle to land on rosé this summer. These beautiful photographs come from this great blog post on the Need Supply Company’s blog defending the pink drink. All I can say is yes yes a thousand times yes. The only thing better than rose might be chilled red wine but until we can get that to be a norm at the neighborhood bar, I’ll settle for a glass of the pink stuff.
Thanks Need Supply Co for the beautiful photos!!

Bangs on bangs on bangs

Oh hello, Hart Beat. Happy Friday! It is so dreary in Brooklyn this morning. Doesn’t the rain this morning make you want to talk about bangs? No? Well let’s anyway.

Last fall I took the plunge and went full on bang. Since then I’ve battled with my forehead and remained undecided whether I fall pro or con on this debate. According to The New York Times, bangs are back. Now Hart Beat, I have bangs and I believe the ever holy New York Times Style section (most of the time) but I still kind of hate having hair hang in my face all day long. Who’s with me?

On the pro side, my life long desire to look like Brigitte Bardot is ever closer if I sport the blond bang. On the con side, MAINTENANCE. I am a pretty low key girl and all this blow drying and hair washing is almost too much. I guess I’ll have to buy some new bobby pins soon.
So either way you land on this one, Hart Beat, I hope we’re in it together. Let’s just sit back and take some inspiration from these lovely photographs. Happy Friday!
Smoking =  not cool.
Banks = cool!
Oh Claudia Schiffer, you minx.

Girl crush: Courtney Adamo

Oh hello there Hart Beat. As I’m sure many of you dear readers are aware, our girl Joanna posted a great new series on her blog the other day entitled “My beauty uniform.” In her first post of the series Jo (come on girl, we’re friends now) wrote about her friend and “one of the sweetest and most effortlessly beautiful people I’ve ever met,” Courtney Adamo.

Oh Miss Courtney, can I have your life? Can I have it?

I’m sure that Courtney, the founder and co-owner of a baby boutique online aggregator site called Babyccino, is another European form of Joanna Goddard but at this point I don’t care. I am fascinated by her life in London, her four beautiful children, her effortless style, and the work life that she has created for herself.
Oh Courtney, tell me your secrets (and not just about the two hundred dollar face cream you use, I’m on an entry level budget here). Apparently Courtney met her husband while living in San Francisco and then the two of them moved to London for her husbands job. While living in England Mrs. Adamo began a blog with her other mommy friends living around Europe and now that has turned into Babccino.
It’s fine, Hart Beat. We all can’t have our lives together like this. It is fun though to read articles about her life and marvel at her ridiculously clean house (YOU HAVE FOUR CHILDREN). So, on this drab Monday, let’s live vicariously through my newest girl crush.
Article from Design Mom on Courtney’s London house.
Courtney discussing style tricks on Chic Little Baby.
Another article about the beautiful house on My Houzz.
The Adamo family’s favorite vacation place.
This office is so organized. How??
Just some beautiful children playing in a beautiful bedroom.
Photos via the articles listed above.