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No Plan Jan

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. Happy end of the holiday season! For those of you working in e-commerce, bravo, for those working in hospitality, congrats, for those of us just looking to survive the parties, friends, family, travel, and events that onslaught us all this time of year WE DID IT. WE REALLY, REALLY DID IT.

I don’t know about you, Hart Beat, but between traveling, working, and seeing people I got about zero actual good work done this month. I tried to sit down and write a few days but what came out was pretty much gobbledygook and needs a major rework in the second draft I’m starting next month. So, what to do about it? Well since we can’t go back in time I decided to try something new, something I’m calling “No Plan Jan.”

What’s No Plan Jan, you may be asking? That’s so catchy, is that something real? I mean, it is now. No Plan Jan comes from me and pretty much is exactly what the name implies—all of January is plan free. For me, that means that I’m not doing one social thing the entire month. No after work drinks, no coffees, no parties, no traveling, nada. I am going to be turning promptly into a hermit at zero o’clock on January 1st until midnight on January 31st. The point is so that I can go heads down and dive into finishing the first draft of my book and get the lions share of the second draft done before February 1st. I want to have not one thing in my way of writing.

But honestly, Hart Beat, No Plan Jan can mean whatever you want. The most important part is to just take the month for yourself. I know you told everyone and their mother you’d “catch up after the holidays” but honestly, no one will mind if you push that further back into February. Next thing we know spring will be here and with it summer so take this month, hermit yourself away, finish that project you started, that scarf you were knitting, that book your reading, and we’ll all be better off when we regroup in February, I promise.

Here’s what No Plan Jan means for me,

Things that are okay:

  • Work at the café two days a week (girls gotta make some cash)
  • Yoga classes at my yoga studio
  • Meetings with my writing coach (don’t fret Virginia!!)
  • Anything I’ve previously agreed to (Weddings, baby showers, Grandmother’s eightieth birthday party, etc.)

Red hot not okays:

  • After work drinks, coffee, parties, parties, seances, whatever
  • Catch up lunches that I planned in November 🙄
  • Leaving the Berkshires
  • Having fun of any kind (jkjk, it’s fun to sit in a room all alone and write, right?)
  • Book readings, poetry readings, basically, any event of any kind

What my goal is, and yours if you choose to accept it, is to do every day the same way, getting yourself (myself) into a routine to create. If you’re not a creative, TBD if No Plan Jan will work for you but try it out! Tell me! Maybe we have something good here.

I promise at least one more post before the end of the year. I’m not sure where I land on the blog and if it should be allowed for No Plan Jan. Part of me says yes since it does involve me sitting down at my laptop and writing. Ho-hum we will see. Happy New Year, Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat

Both photos via one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @aygabrielle. Follow her!

Hannah Hart Beat

My obsession with succulents

Hannah Hart Beat

Afternoon, Hart Beat. It’s a dreary day here in New York so let’s talk about something a little more uplifting. Succulents! I’ve never had a very strong green thumb so when I moved to New York and got my first apartment I decided that now was the time to learn. I tried a few different kinds of plants to no success. No matter how much or little I watered my plants and herbs they just died within a couple of weeks.

After living, and struggling with this issue, for two years I was lucky enough that a beautiful plant store opened up in Greenpoint that stocked the most adorable succulents. Homecoming showed me that you don’t have to have big, complicated, allergy-inducing plants to make your home warm and friendly. Better yet, succulents let you be the forgetful plant owner that you know (ahem, I) am.

My new office at Food52 is located smack dab in the flower district so everyday I walk by tons and tons of succulents on the streets. The store next to our office even has a happy hour on Thursdays for half off all of the little plants.

Now that I’ve had a few for a few months they’re starting to get little big and last night I propagated my first succulent. For instructions and a how-to check out this post by Needles + Leaves. Right now my cutting board holds some soil and the lone leaves of my first succulent. Fingers crossed that it goes well..

What about you, Hart Beat? Have you had any success with succulents? Any other easy, adorable plants to recommend to a city dwelling, serial plant killer like myself?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Top photo by @home.coming and bottom three by me.

Hannah Hart Beat

My productivity secret

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. I want to share a little secret with you today. As you loyal readers know, I’ve been writing this blog here for four years now (scary…) and during this entire time I’ve not had the pleasure of working solely here on the blog. I’ve had college, life and work all to do while coming up with love notes and good songs to recommend. It’s a lot.

Other than the countless cups of coffee and late nights, one of the ways that I’ve discovered to make this multitasking life possible are two websites that make a hell of a difference when you’re courting for the creativity mojo. The two sites are both ambient noise makers of the best sort. The first, Coffitivity, recreates the wonderful murmur of voices and chatter that you get from working at your favorite coffee shop. The bonus? You can take it with you and even play it when you’re working from home. The second site is called Rainy Mood and it’s pretty self explanatory. The site plays a seamless stream of a rain storm with some light thunder in the background. It’s magical.

Now, each of these sites on their own are extremely comforting and relaxing. What’s even better, you ask? PLAYING THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. It’s a serious game changer. I’m actually doing it right now and have had them both on while working for the past hour or so. The combination of comforting chatter and relaxing rain makes it possible for me to go for hours and prevents the fatigue I would have if I did the same with my favorite music or radio shows.

So there you go Hart Beat, a little tip from me to you. Hope you’re having as much of a productive morning as I am right now. 😂😂😂

P.S. My life most days… The struggle is real.

Hannah Hart Beat

Melo trying to distract me 👆 and top photo via @everlane.