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Hannah Hart Beat

Certain Things

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. How’s you’re freezing January? It’s been hovering around negative four for the past few days and it’s starting to get to me. Thank god I’m going somewhere warm soon or I would be planning my escape from the Berkshires earlier rather than later. Yesterday was a Day, if you can say that as a descriptor. I read a poem that shook me and had me thinking about it all day. Then later last night Oprah gave a speech that gave me the same feeling of empowerment and overwhelming want of the universe.

Here’s the poem that shook me. It’s from the amazing Boneshaker by Jan Beatty which I picked up at my favorite used bookstore in the Berkshires. I had seen it around and am so grateful the universe put it in front of me right now. The poem has now become my New Year’s resolution, and maybe late twenties resolution at that. Don’t skip this poem Hart Beat, get to the last section and then we can talk.

Certain Things
by Jan Beatty

We were looking for kicks between
Pittsburg and L.A.—rolling down
Will Rogers Turnpike in my ’73
metallic blue Chevy Malibu—
when we heard “Kansas City” on the radio
and knew it was a sign. Bobbie and me
shot back up the 69 to Kansas City—Kansas,
not Missouri—so we could sing
Goin to Kansas City… and mean it.
It was the song we wanted, not some
crazy little women, just drinking
and dancing, a way to forget
how scared we were. We ended up
at the Pink Corral with wild cowboys
who two-stepped us, swung us around
until my lucky mother-of-pearl flew
right off my finger and I knew that meant
it was time to go. Three days later
we hit Utah’s saintly boulders and
salty hard ground where I learned
the true nature of Bobbie—she begged
the universe for a rest stop—no answer—
so we stopped by huge rocks and she said:
I can’t pee outside. I shot a look at her
to see if this was real, and she had no clue
about how to, where to—right then I knew
it was over—I instructed: Get up on a slant,
one foot forward, one foot back, and
let it rip—make sure you leave room
for the pee to cut a path between your feet—
how did you get this far not knowing this?

This explained the over-reliance on friends,
the long tearful phone calls—this was a woman
who hadn’t yet felt her own soul
in the foothills of a desert—and liked it.
There’s certain things you’ve got to know:
how to use jumper cables, drive a stick,
never fight with a drunk; you’ve got to speak
from your heart, walk with an attitude, know
the words to “Gimme Shelter”: change a tire on
a dark, rainy highway, say when you’re wrong,
and slam down a shot; you’ve just got to know
how to look someone dead straight in the eye
and tell them to fuck off, stride across the room
and dance hard, want hard, throw down,
wear your jeans low and tight, you’ve got to
send long hot kisses until further notice, in short—
you’ve got to deliver—and you’ve got to pee outside.

No Plan Jan

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. Happy end of the holiday season! For those of you working in e-commerce, bravo, for those working in hospitality, congrats, for those of us just looking to survive the parties, friends, family, travel, and events that onslaught us all this time of year WE DID IT. WE REALLY, REALLY DID IT.

I don’t know about you, Hart Beat, but between traveling, working, and seeing people I got about zero actual good work done this month. I tried to sit down and write a few days but what came out was pretty much gobbledygook and needs a major rework in the second draft I’m starting next month. So, what to do about it? Well since we can’t go back in time I decided to try something new, something I’m calling “No Plan Jan.”

What’s No Plan Jan, you may be asking? That’s so catchy, is that something real? I mean, it is now. No Plan Jan comes from me and pretty much is exactly what the name implies—all of January is plan free. For me, that means that I’m not doing one social thing the entire month. No after work drinks, no coffees, no parties, no traveling, nada. I am going to be turning promptly into a hermit at zero o’clock on January 1st until midnight on January 31st. The point is so that I can go heads down and dive into finishing the first draft of my book and get the lions share of the second draft done before February 1st. I want to have not one thing in my way of writing.

But honestly, Hart Beat, No Plan Jan can mean whatever you want. The most important part is to just take the month for yourself. I know you told everyone and their mother you’d “catch up after the holidays” but honestly, no one will mind if you push that further back into February. Next thing we know spring will be here and with it summer so take this month, hermit yourself away, finish that project you started, that scarf you were knitting, that book your reading, and we’ll all be better off when we regroup in February, I promise.

Here’s what No Plan Jan means for me,

Things that are okay:

  • Work at the café two days a week (girls gotta make some cash)
  • Yoga classes at my yoga studio
  • Meetings with my writing coach (don’t fret Virginia!!)
  • Anything I’ve previously agreed to (Weddings, baby showers, Grandmother’s eightieth birthday party, etc.)

Red hot not okays:

  • After work drinks, coffee, parties, parties, seances, whatever
  • Catch up lunches that I planned in November 🙄
  • Leaving the Berkshires
  • Having fun of any kind (jkjk, it’s fun to sit in a room all alone and write, right?)
  • Book readings, poetry readings, basically, any event of any kind

What my goal is, and yours if you choose to accept it, is to do every day the same way, getting yourself (myself) into a routine to create. If you’re not a creative, TBD if No Plan Jan will work for you but try it out! Tell me! Maybe we have something good here.

I promise at least one more post before the end of the year. I’m not sure where I land on the blog and if it should be allowed for No Plan Jan. Part of me says yes since it does involve me sitting down at my laptop and writing. Ho-hum we will see. Happy New Year, Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat

Both photos via one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @aygabrielle. Follow her!

Hannah Hart Beat - Beach Body

How to Get a Beach Body in Two Easy Steps

Hannah Hart Beat - Beach Body

Hi, Hart Beat! It’s finally summer and I think we can all say THANK GOODNESS THE SUN IS FINALLY HERE. I know I wait all year long for this season (maybe I should be living out west?) and am so glad I have time this year to go to the beach.

I know that this time of year isn’t always the easiest on our self-esteem. It’s easy to look at your Instagram feed or Pinterest boards and feel like the rest of the world is light and tight and ready to rock any bathing suit style. What do I have to say about that? Well, I know the secret trick to getting your dream beach body. It’s honestly so easy Hart Beat and I’m going to give it to you straight right here. Ready?

How to get a beach body in two easy steps:

Step one. Have a body.

Step two. Go to the beach!

Boom! There! You did it! You know have a 100% authentic and beautiful beach body. See you out in the waves, Hart Beat. 

P.S. My summer bucket list this year.

Illustration by Christopher Delorenzo.

HannHart Beat - Wilderness

Life Advice

HannHart Beat - Wilderness

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your afternoon going? It’s dark and rainy here in Brooklyn and it’s hard to have a cheery demeanor on days like this. Browsing some of my favorite sites for inspiration today I came across this great post on goop. In the post, the advice given is from a friend of goop who wrote a letter from a mother to her about to go to college daughter. The thing about the letter though is that it can apply to anyone durring a time of change. Read it and let me know what you think, Hart Beat.


My Dear,

This is a big day and while I know I’ve been peppering our time together with tidbits of unsolicited advice and truisms, I feel the need to send you just one more big one (for now). I’ve had 18 years to teach you what I know about life—and now have this feeling that I’ve got to get in my last few drops of whatever wisdom I’ve garnered in my 44 years on the planet. So here you go:

There is one certainty in life. It’s universal and mathematical, it’s spiritual and it’s true: Things go up and they go down. They wax and wane. They rise and fall. That is life.

There is no straight line, Joni Mitchell was right. Nothing stays good forever, and it always gets better when it’s bad. You will undoubtedly get knocked down a few notches now and then. The trick, and I’m not saying it’s easy, is to truly enjoy the moments when you feel good, the sun is shining and your ideas are flowing, the world is smiling at you, and things are going your way. The other part of the trick? The hard part? To hold on to the knowledge that when it’s dark and the air is heavy and everyone else feels just beyond your ability to reach them, it will pass. You will shake the little cloud above your head; you just have to let the wind do its thing and blow it away.

It will pass, because it always does.

The goal isn’t to never feel pain. That’s actually where most of us make the mistake. Most of the ways we humans choose to not feel pain make things a whole lot worse. We drown it out, we medicate it, and we do stupid stuff that causes ourselves and others more pain. That’s not the goal. The goal is to feel the pain, try to understand it; process it by talking it out or writing it down, boosting our serotonin with exercise or kindness, or plain old sleeping it off. Our paramount job is function through it: keep moving and doing what we need to do. The goal is not being disabled by the pain. And here’s the great news: the difference is your thoughts.

There won’t be a warning, or sometimes there will be and you will choose to ignore it. You will be striding down the street feeling strong and clean, well-liked and solid, and a car will whiz by and splatter you with mud. At that moment you have a choice: “I am covered with mud. It is wet and goopy and it has made me late for my appointment and ridiculous looking. I am upset and this sucks.” And you choose to keep walking. The other option goes along the lines of: “Why is my life so shitty that I always get covered with mud? No one else got splattered. Everyone’s looking at me. I can’t handle this.” And stopping. The difference is the way you think about it. You get to decide.

You are strong and capable and you know what you need. You always have. When the the first day of school felt overwhelming to you, do you remember what you did? Nursery school was big and new and separating was scary. But you figured it out. You, decided to be a bunny. You looked at me, announced you were a rabbit, and then you got down on the floor and you HOPPED into class. That was that and you haven’t looked back for 16 years.

You have always been self-aware and known what you need for your well being—and it hasn’t been easy. I know you know what you need, so please, keep a strong eye on that as you enter this new phase of life. Stay connected to yourself and keep yourself strong and healthy and well rested so your body is able and your mind is clear. Listen to the part of you that says “slow down,” or “get up,” or “ask for help.” There is a voice that will ring clearer than the others and that is the one you should heed. And if that voice tells you to be a bunny, then hop—and don’t let anyone tell you not to.

I love you so much, more than you feel, I can promise you that. And even though “it’s not my proud it’s your proud,” I am SO SO SO very proud of you.


Letter via goop and photo via The Modern Day Explorers.

P.S. Other love advice from Dear Sugar.

2017, Getting Brighter Every Day

Hart Beat! It’s 2017! I have some resolutions that I want to share but what I really just want to put out into the internet tonight is this amazing video. A few things before you watch; One, if you don’t know this is a video starring street style icon and 87-year-old Grandmother slash Instagram star Baddie Winkle. Two, yes this is an advertisement for Smirnoff. Three, it came out a few months ago but whatever. And four, of course. How did you know? This is who I want to be in sixty years.

What do I see when I look in the mirror? A diamond. 87 karat. Getting brighter every day. We all should. We were born to shake, dip and roll. So when people say to me, granny sit down you’ll break something. I just smile and say, “Honey, the only thing I’m about to break is your man’s heart.”

BADDIE YES. And this song (because I know you’re obsessing like I am) is Breakout by Arnie Love & The Lovettes. This song is officially the best way to ring in 2017.


Is this what I should be spending my time on right now?


Oh what a question. Right, Hart Beat? One of the things I struggle with day to day at work, at home, writing this blog, riding the train and yada yada is how to prioritize. My mind works at one thousand miles an hour and multi-tasking isn’t a skill, it’s something I inherently do. All in all this is a great thing for my career and general well being but, at times (often crucial deadline times), it can be not a help but a hinderance.

Working on this blog for instance. I often will sit down to write a post, realize I need an image to begin the post, go to Pinterest for inspiration and then spend the next hour just browsing rando Pinterest boards. Fun? Yes. Helpful? Ehhhh. Not UN-helpful but maybe not the most important thing I could be working on. This happens at work too, I’ll be going through my email and get a calendar pop-up notification. This will then spiral me onto my calendar, then onto a doc I have to prepare for another meeting next week. Boom. I’ve successfully derailed something important (like answering urgent emails) to something important but not THE thing I should be looking at that moment.

Enter the question, Is this really what you should be spending your time on right now? I’ve started asking myself this question any time I start a new task. Whether it’s working on a project for two months from now to deciding what to do before I head out to work I’m asking myself to really think about how I’m spending my time. So far so good. I know there are other tips out there too, though. You got any, Hart Beat?

Four Apps I Use Every(ish) Day

Hannah Hart Beat Apps

Morning Hart Beat! What apps we all have on our phones apparently can predict how old we are, what gender we are, and how much we make at work. Creepy right? What I got after taking said quiz was I basically had none of the apps listed on my phone. It got me thinking, what do I keep on my phone. I won’t list all of them but here are my four most used apps in the last few weeks. You have any of these, Hart Beat?

Ham Lottery App
= Reminds and helps you enter in the daily Hamilton the musical lottery.

That’s right, this app’s one job is to help you enter the daily Hamilton lottery to win same day tickets. I’m sure you like me, Hart Beat have been obsessed with the AMAZING MUSICAL MAGIC that is Hamilton. If not then stop right now, don’t finish this post, and listen to the official cast album. When I realized my my life would not be complete until I saw this musical live on Broadway I had a slight heart attack when I realized tickets are sold out into next Holiday season and sit at prices like $200 per ticket. After realizing this I did some digging and found that shoe does a daily lottery for 21 same day front row tickets which are sold for $10 each. The catch to the lottery is that you have to enter each day.

And that’s where Ham Lottery App comes in. Besides having the icon of a hilarious cartoon ham, the app sends you a notification every day when the lottery opens and lets you easily enter. MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED EVERY DAY AT 11AM.

= Makes it insanely easy to edit photos on your phone.

I like Instagram, Hart Beat. And as much as I love my actual real life camera, I definitely take my photos for Instagram on my trusty iPhone camera. What that means is most of them need a little doctoring up and that’s where VSCO comes in. The app has hundreds of pre-made filters that you can download to find the exact amount of contrast, coloring, shading, and highlighting that you want. Additionally, you can manually edit each photo if you want it to look juuuuuust right. I use it all the time that I don’t even know what filters Instagram actually has now.

= Now listening to public radio the most enjoyable and convenient thing in the world.

NPR rules my life and WNYC runs my morning routine. As soon as I wake up in the morning I turn the radio on and it’s really not until late in the afternoon that I turn it off. As soon as I get back home it’s on again. Let’s just say that I pretty much never turn it off. For years I had an old radio that used to be in the kitchen when I was growing up but in my move down to Bay Ridge, it stayed back in Greenpoint to keep Samantha company now that I don’t live there anymore. In it’s absence I’ve come to love the NPR One app. It’s basically pandora for raidio and podcasts. The app first asks you to pick a public radio station that you prefer (WNYC is New York’s public radio) then the app plays a stream of national, local news stories with podcasts mixed into the stream. It learns what kinds of stories you skip over and what you “fave” and uses this information to play more stories that you’ll like.

What I love about the app (other than more NPR more of the time) is the news is always on and the app plays even if you don’t have service. For my commute that means that I can load a dozen stories before getting on the subway and can listen to the morning’s news while commuting. Long live NPR.

Nike + Running
= Easily track runs.

I wish I could say I run every day but I definitely do not. When I am running though, Nike + Running is what I use every time. The app uses both geolocation and pace tracking to track how many miles you run and how what your miles per hour time is. I find this helpful mostly because while you are running at every mile a voice will come on and say in a soothing robotic voice “One mile run, time 9 minutes thirty seconds per mile” or whatever your average pace that run is. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am actually seeing or hearing my progress but each time I run with the Nike app I run more than I would without it.

Help a Sister Out (Every Day)

Lift Each Other Up - Hannah Hart Beat

It’s mesmerizing. Right, Hart Beat? One of my favorite artists Libby Vander Ploeg, who has worked with Food52 in the past, published this PSA for International Women’s Day called “Life Each Other Up” earlier this month. Now in the days of social media these small(ish?) holidays are everywhere and I usually just pass them by. National Donut Day! National Hug a Friend Day! National you have a sibling day who cares we all have siblings day. They can be a bit much. Also, if every day is a holiday of some kind then they never seem special.

International Women’s Day though, it got me thinking. With everything shitty going on in the world, not to mention all the fear mongering and general hate happening in this country, it was nice to have a day where I was seeing all my favorite ladies being celebrated. From bloggers, to celebrities, to politicians, everyone was preaching wise words that they have heard from a women. So much love was spread.

The day got me thinking about how we should think about women and the roll we’ve all played in each other lives every day. And, even more than that, that we’ve got to lift each other up everyday. Because if we don’t, who will? That’s why I’m in love with this gif and am in love with you Hart Beat. As a belated International Women’s Day, here are a few posts I’ve published in the past waxing love for women everywhere.

Happy reading, Hart Beat!! And happy everydayshouldbewomens day!

Hannah Hart Beat

Just Not Sorry

Hannah Hart Beat

Evening, Hart Beat. Sorry for the radio silence for a few days there. I promise I’m back and have a few posts for ya. This first one comes from a suggestion of a friend at work. In our All Staff slack room she posted this genius google mail plug-in Just Not Sorry and I was like OH MAMACITA DOES THE WORLD (do I) NEED THIS.

Hannah Hart Beat

If you didn’t pick up from the screenshot above Just Not Sorry is a gmail plug-in that warns you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message. The words will be underlined for correction plus each correction gives you a quote or summary of how the phrase might be perceived.

Hannah Hart Beat

I hate to say this but I am 100% guilty of qualifying things I say at the office. It’s something I don’t understand (for real though). I should say what I mean and mean what I say! Yes that may be a Dr. Suess reference but whatever, this stops now. It kind of reminds me of this post I wrote last year about using exclamation points too much in work email. Since then I’ve definitely toned down the exclamation points and now, after this plug-in, I have a reminder to cut back on the “just’s,” “sorry but’s,” and “I think’s.” Are you with me, Hart Beat?

Plug-in recommended by Kenzi Wilbur and top photo of Debbie Harry from The New York Times.

Hannah Hart Beat - OKreal

OKREAL Talk & Life Advice

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

Evening, Hart Beat. Have you heard about OKREAL? I can’t remember how exactly I came across the site but it’s one that I’ve wanted to share with you for a while. I mean, who doesn’t love inspirational quotes like the one above of this one below?

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real



OKREAL is a site that pulls quotes, articles and advice from women working in creative fields. From the time that I’ve followed their Instagram account they have interviewed Ann Friedman (LURV HER), Rachael Yaeger and Joy Bryant among others. Aside from original interviews and articles, the site also pulls inspirational pieces by writes that we all know and love. One of my favorites was this speech written by my role model Mary Karr.

Not only does the OKREAL website have a treasure trove of life advice, baller women inspiration and general MHM HELL YEA moments but they also have a great Instagram account that brings these three feelings into your feed when you’re on the go.

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

Hannah Hart Beat - Hey OK Real

All quotes and images via OKREAL.

Need other inspiration, got another post right here waiting for you.