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A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas

Hi Hart Beat! Guess what! Work is done!!! Not forever but, the wonderful Food52 gives it’s employees off between now and the New Year to rest our heads and rest up before January hits. What does this mean for you? More posts!! That’s right. Now that I have some time and more importantly, well needed sleep, all the posts that I’ve had in my head are now here for you!

And the first thing I want to talk about is A Very Murray Christmas. The hour long Netflix special follows Bill Murray around a snowy New York City hotel while a cast of celebs join him to sing classic Christmas songs. Here are the reasons to love it:

  • All of the Christmas songs
  • Sung by all of our favorite celebrities
  • Sofia Coppola directed the special and the entire thing has a very Coppola atmosphere in the best way possible
  • There’s nothing more beautiful than New York City in the snow
  • Chris Rock is hilarious
  • There’s really no plot so it’s the kind of thing you can have in the background when you’re doing other holiday related things (I may or may not have it on right now)
  • Our girl JENNY LEWIS MAKES A GUEST APPEARANCE and sings “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Billy Murray. There are no words to describe how amazing it was. Just watch the trailer here and you’ll see why.

Hannah Hart Beat

The Voyager, I love you

Hi Hart Beat. I can’t believe this is the first time that I’m writing to you about one of my favorite things to happen this summer. At the end of July, my favorite Jenny Lewis released her third solo studio album The Voyager. It took me a while to put aside the time to give the entire album and now that I have it’s all I can listen to. I can’t pick my favorite song to share here because I’m seriously in awe of every single one.

There have been a great couple of articles reviewing the album (this Slate one here was one of the best) and I couldn’t agree more with the critical acclaim that has come with the album. If you love Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley or music in general I can’t recommend listening to the full album enough. This one posted here is one of the songs that I just can’t seem to get out of my head. The other night I sang myself to sleep in my head with the song. I just love this woman so much.

For an amazing article about Jenny and her life read this article here from the New York Times Magazine from last month. Photo credit for the top picture goes to that article as well.

Jenny Lewis live on WNYC

As if I didn’t love WNYC enough, tonight I found out that my favorite Jenny Lewis recorded a few songs live on “The Soundcheck.” UM WHAT. Jenny, why are you doing this to me. According to the episode Jenny has a new solo album coming out this June. This weekend she’ll be playing at Governor’s Ball in New York. Side note, I almost bought tickets just to see her in concert.. Glad I didn’t but sad I won’t see Jenny. I am so jealous of my roommate who works at Refinery29 saw her at the office today for a photo shoot. No big.

This fall HBO’s Girls premiered a new Jenny Lewis song, “Completely Not Me” (previously featured on Hart Beat) and I’ve been dying to know if this meant a new album. I am so glad to hear that the rumors are true and The Voyager will be gracing us with it’s presence this July. Thank you so much to WNYC and “The Soundcheck” for brining us this amazing live session and interview about her upcoming album. Uou can listen bellow to Jenny singing live “Just One of the Guys,” “Rise Up With Fists”(one of my favorite songs) and “The Voyager” or just listen to one of her new songs via the youtube clip. Happy listening, Hart Beat.

What are we going to do

Hi. Happy Wednesday night, Hart Beat. I’m pretty tonight after biking all over Brooklyn today so I just want to write a quick post. As you loyal readers know, I love Jenny Lewis and I love Rilo Kiley. This song here is one I’ve been listening to over and over in my apartment. I think you might like it Hart Beat. And as always, you can subscribe to the official blog playlist here.

“Godspeed” by Jenny Lewis

It’s True! New Jenny Lewis song on Girls

Hey Hart Beat. The news is true! Jenny Lewis has a new song that is featured in the end credits of the “Girls” season three premier. The song comes on as soon as the credits start rolling in the second part of this two part opening episode. I’m not here to analyze this newest episode by Lena Dunham but I do want to share the track with you so badly. It’s here via a youtube link but if that gets taken down (probable) follow this link here.

“Completely Not Me” by our favorite gal, Jenny Lewis
P.S. On a similar Jenny Lewis note, this Bustle article about whether or not to get bangs was amazing. Especially in it’s mention of wanting to be JL. Don’t we all Bustle?