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I’m 😍😍😍 (goo-goo eyes) for Levis

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Ohhhh Hart Beat. I’m starting to realize that my days of biddie skirts and skin tight pants are behind me. I dress differently now than I did at 21. Okay, maybe this isn’t a surprise. I still have my iconic scarf collection and am still wearing mostly black (some things can never change) but all in all, the garb that I threw on every day in college has transitioned into something more… comfortable or classic as I would prefer. The realization has come slowly but surely over the years and has been cemented recently when I discovered I was borrowing Pedro’s clothes more and more.

I’m taller than Pedro but even so, he and I generally wear the same size in clothes. Aside from sneakers (because I don’t have a death wish) I borrow most of his things, including his Levis—for the legitimate boyfriend jean look. I realized it was time for me to invest in some of my own vintage Levis and I was in luck a few weekends ago when I walked by a pop-up space in Greenpoint that had exclusively piles and piles of vintage Levis. As you can see below, there were lots to pick from and lucky for me the owner of the store helped me pick out a bunch. I had one of Pedro’s pairs on at the time so I could show him the effect I was looking for in the pants. After about five minutes BOOM, I had my perfect pair.

These bad boys are short in the length so I can show my shoes (YUP) and slowchy enough to constitute boyfriend jeans. (#lifewin) Are you with me in the boyfriend jean boat, Hart Beat? Do you have a place you like to buy vintage Levis? Does my butt look good in these pants? Jkjkjk, you don’t have to answer that, I know I’m rocking the mom jean here.

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Photos by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

Levis, my favorite jeans


Hi Hart Beat! Welcome to another week at work (😑) AND another week at Hart Beat(😀)! Today on the blog I want to tell you about something that I’ve been loving this summer. I don’t know about you, Hart Beat, but jeans shopping is one of the most torturous things known to man. Not only does every company adhere to it’s own sizing standards (wtf) but it also seems that each brand within its own line of jeans will switch up the sizes depending on the style. Not cool, companies. Brands that I love (looking at you Madewell) and who pride themselves on their jeans never really last longer than one season. And when you’re putting down solid money for a pair of pants, you want them to last. This is where my secret comes in…enter Levis, ladies.

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I’m not sure when Levis came back on the scene but, like all things I love lately, they came into my life on a recommendation from Pedro. I had always thought of Levis of a brand that had it’s heyday in the 70’s/80’s and then stopped being relevant but, I guess not. I should have known I guess, two of the first posts here on Hart Beat four years ago were for Levi’s ads (see them here and here). Now though, I’ve bought four pairs of Levi’s in the past six months and I love ALL of them.

The best part of buying Levi’s is that once you find your size, you are that size. Forever, in every single style. Buying boyfriend jeans? Use your size. Buying skinny jeans? Yup, use that same size. Vintage Levi? SAME SIZE AGAIN. It’s like magic. I can even buy jeans online now. I never thought this day would come. In the spirit of Levi’s videos, here’s a new one that the brand has put out in honor of their new campaign “Live in Levis.” If this review and video don’t make you want to buy Levi’s then I don’t know what will. THIS IS A SPONSOR FREE POST FOR GOODNESS SAKE, HART BEAT.

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Photos from top to bottom: @levis@thebakerygreenpoint, and @kellouhar.

The great jean debacle

Hey Hart Beat. I hope I’m not the only one who is surprised by the new banner every time I log onto the blog. I love the picture but I guess it’s going to take a little to expect it to be there, kind of like a new hair cut. Anyway, this morning I got an text from my best friend from college M. asking where I buy my jeans. It’s a fair question and I’m sure you Hart Beat, like me and M., really don’t enjoy new jean shopping.

Either way I thought I would compile my favorite denim brands here on the blog in case anyone is doing some new year/ new life/ new wardrobe shopping.

First off: Flying Monkey Jeans
(Love these, I think I have three pairs…)

Christie Skinny Jean

Unfortunately, the only place that you can buy Flying Monkey Jeans that I know of is online from the Los Angeles Boutique Anonymous LA (previously known as Anonymous Venice). The good news is that it’s a really small store and the people who work there are amazing. I’ve bought so many pairs online and called to talk to them about what size I should buy and they’ve always been really helpful. Must be that California livin’.

Second brand: Miss Me
(These are a little more expensive but they last forever. I’ve had the same pair since freshman year… of high school.)

Denim Brand Puffed Emb Signature “M” Skinny
I used to by Miss Me jeans at a boutique at home in the Berkshires (hence the pair I’ve had since circa 2004). It looks like you can buy some online on their website and they fit pretty true to size. It looks like some of their more recent pairs are really decked out in the derriere (Tyra would like them… right G?) but if you scroll down the original styles are amazing.
Other than this the best suggestion I have for you Hart Beat is to go out there scour second hand stores for some random pair of jeans that fits you like a glove.