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The New Cool Kids from Madewell, December Edition


Hi Hart Beat! I have something to admit… I have been doing some online shopping. In even more honesty, it’s more than I should be doing because what I should be doing is buying the rest of the Christmas gifts on my list. But I can’t help myself! This season everyone I love is having sales. And this is not excluding Madewell (who at this very minute is having 25% off their entire site as a “thank you to procrastinators” aka “here you go buy everything you’ve wanted all year because it’s Wednesday night and lalala it’s the holidays.” (Code is LATEBIRD.)

Anyway, I made a pretty big order over Cyber Monday and so I thought I’d share some of the things that I honest to god love so much. First up, up top and #3 in the grid below, these plaid pajamas. Madewell calls them “Flannel Bedtime Pajamas” and they are my favorite thing right now. The only two reviews on the site claim that the pants are too wide but WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? The pants are perfect. I’m wearing them right now. And the pajama top! I won’t go on because there are other things I want to talk about but it’s the cutest and most comfortable thing I’ve bought in a while and I get so sad every morning when I take it off before I go to work. I’ll be honest, I’ve definitely considered just wearing it to the office. Now I officially cannot. #whatever

And here’s a rundown of the rest: #1 = THE body suite I’ve been pinning about since the summer. It’s this amazing sweater material that’s not too hot, not too cold. Almost as if goldilocks were a sexy body suit. #2 = the most comfortable beanie in the most flattering color. I feel like a tall Swedish babe when I wear it and I don’t think I ever want to feel anything else ever again. And #4 = Another sweater. Why? Because it’s December and I already hate the winter and my attempt to fix this feeling is by bundling myself up with the softest things ever until April when I remember again when I love this city. Anything you’re loving from Madewell or anywhere else right now?


Hannah Hart Beat

Just Not Sorry

Hannah Hart Beat

Evening, Hart Beat. Sorry for the radio silence for a few days there. I promise I’m back and have a few posts for ya. This first one comes from a suggestion of a friend at work. In our All Staff slack room she posted this genius google mail plug-in Just Not Sorry and I was like OH MAMACITA DOES THE WORLD (do I) NEED THIS.

Hannah Hart Beat

If you didn’t pick up from the screenshot above Just Not Sorry is a gmail plug-in that warns you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message. The words will be underlined for correction plus each correction gives you a quote or summary of how the phrase might be perceived.

Hannah Hart Beat

I hate to say this but I am 100% guilty of qualifying things I say at the office. It’s something I don’t understand (for real though). I should say what I mean and mean what I say! Yes that may be a Dr. Suess reference but whatever, this stops now. It kind of reminds me of this post I wrote last year about using exclamation points too much in work email. Since then I’ve definitely toned down the exclamation points and now, after this plug-in, I have a reminder to cut back on the “just’s,” “sorry but’s,” and “I think’s.” Are you with me, Hart Beat?

Plug-in recommended by Kenzi Wilbur and top photo of Debbie Harry from The New York Times.