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Brooklyn Apartment Jealousy

Apartments, apartments, apartments. In New York just the word has a chilling effect. One of my favorite things about walking around the city is creepily looking into windows walking by and seeing the both beautiful, huge apartments next to the small, dark places. It may sounds creepy to you non-city dwellers but I know you New Yorkers know what I’m talking about.

The other day I found this great Brooklyn apartment detailed by Refinery29 and I just had to share. THIS PLACE. Ugg, it gives me such apartment envy. The woman who lives there, Lauren Snyder, also owns The Primary Essentials one of the best curated boutique in Brooklyn. She’s been living in this Fort Greene apartment for 10 years and all I want to do right now is drag all of these amazing things from the photos into the room I’m sitting in now. Having an apartment in Brooklyn must be lovely. Think of everything you can do virtually on your own doorstep! This is why many people are willing to sacrifice purchasing a home outright by renting instead. After all, renting can actually be a mutually beneficial arrangement particularly when you have a fair lease agreement in place.

All photos via the Refinery29 website.

A dream house by Alejandro Rosuti Kotti

Hi Hart Beat. It is a lazy, rainy morning here on the island. I’m sitting in the kitchen while my mom works on a birthday lunch for my Grandmother. It’s pretty perfect. Being here on the island makes me wish for more outdoor living in New York City. It’s nice in the summer to go to rooftop bars and parks but once fall gets here those kind of things start to die down. I came across this house today and thought now this is a house. Can you imagine living here, Hart Beat? Too bad I have absolutely no green thumb…

This beautiful house is designed by architect Alejandro Rosuti Kotti and is set on this perfect piece of land in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the different spaces in this open floor plan. Also, those windows. Am I right?

This is my house

Hola Hart Beat! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Oh were you stressing in the city? Don’t worry, I was relaxing in my beautifully renovated farmhouse Upstate that features not only a fireplace in the bedroom (my dream) but, a porch floating over the creek next door. Just kidding. But really, isn’t this the perfect house? Designed by Givone Home, this “floating farmhouse” just looks like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. As Liz Lemon states, “This is MY house.” Why don’t we take a tour this lazy Sunday morning (and try to forget what might happen after a massive rain storm when the creek creeps up to the land…)

Sited at the edge of a pristine creek, with a waterfall cascading over an ancient dam of hand-laid stone, the Floating Farmhouse was sinking shop when first discovered. After a design and rebuild process spanning four years, the 1820 manor home is now a study in contrasts: fully restored to its period grandeur while featuring purely modernist elements, including a curtain wall of skyscraper glass in the kitchen, polished concrete and steel finishes, minimalist interiors, and a cantilevered porch “floating” on the surface of the water. 

All photos via inthralled and Giovne Home.

Home hunting

Hey Hart Beat. There must be something in the air but I’ve been doing a lot of organizing in my apartment lately and it has me doing some research for image inspiration. I’m thinking that once I get the apartment in tip-top shape I will share some images of it here on Hart Beat. Until then, what do you think of this redesign? I am loving the use of the wood and integration of the original house. What do you say, Hart Beat? Move to Austria with me?

A dream ocean house

Hi Hart Beat. Isn’t this the most beautiful house you’ve ever seen? The house, like all epic estates, is named Clingstone. How appropriate, right? The 103 old house is perched on a small island in Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay. The house has 23 rooms on three stories that all radiate off a center hall. Even better, there are ten bedrooms that all have beautiful views of the ocean. These pictures are unbelievable, I’m in love. 

All photos and information from The New York Times.

Home details

Hola Hart Beat. I hope you’re all having a nice, relaxing time after Thanksgiving. Being at my parents house is really making me think about my apartment back in Brooklyn. It’s been through a lot during the last year and this winter I’m going to try to spruce it up a little. Here are a few ideas I’ve been thinking about…

Dream house

Hi Hart Beat. My friend H. sent me the images of this beautiful house after I told him my dream of living in a converted barn. He nailed it. Isn’t this the most beautifully designed house you’ve ever seen? I want to live here now, somewhere on the coast, and read all afternoon. The cabin, called “Chicken Point Cabin” was designed by Olson Kundig Architects and sits somewhere in rural Northern Idaho.

The design concept is composed of basically three parts: a concrete block box with a plywood insert and a 4-foot diameter steel fireplace. Materials are low maintenanceconcrete block, steel, concrete floors, and plywoodin keeping with the notion of a cabin, left unfinished to naturally age and acquire a patina that fits in with the natural setting. Open interior spaces are intended to be a seamless extension to the natural setting. A 19-foot tall steel entry door can accommodate long skis.

My bed, please.

For more images and information on the cabin visit The Contemporist website.