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A Weekend Away in the Berkshires and Hudson

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Sorry for my delay in this post. Life has been happening fast since the summer/spring weather hit New York (!!) and I’ve been spending my non working hours away from the computer. Plus, Pedro and I headed up to my hometown of Stockbridge, MA over the weekend to celebrate his 30th birthday. Big. Deal.

My parents still live in the house I grew up in and I feel super lucky that I have a beautiful Berkshire County house to escape to any weekend I need to. To get from Stockbridge to Brooklyn is only a three hour drive or a two hour train ride. Since we went up this weekend with the two pups, Pedro and I drove up Thursday night. We were able to both take off work Friday and Monday so had an extended time in the country. Ugg, I miss it so much up there.

This weekend we did some of my favorite things to do in the area like hiking, drinking cocktails and coffee, and exploring Great Barrington and Hudson, two towns really close to Stockbridge. Here are some photos that I took over the weekend with where they were shot just in case you’re planning a weekend getaway out of the city anytime soon.

Hannah Hart Beat

Great Barrington, MA // Drinks at Allium

Hannah Hart Beat
Great Barrington, MA // Rubi’s Cafe

Hannah Hart Beat

Great Barrington, MA // Hiking Monument Mountain

Hannah Hart Beat

Hudson, NY // Historic District

Hannah Hart Beat

Bandit the pup at my parents house

Hannah Hart Beat

Melo the wild animal also at my parents house

Why I Knit

Hannah Hart Beat sweater

Evening Hart Beat. What are you up to? Pedro and I are plowing through season two of The X-Files (still going strong👊) and I’m getting back to knitting the sweater I started last month. While sitting here knitting I started thinking about how I got started with the hobby originally and thought it might be something you’d like to read.

I’ve mentioned it here before but over the years I’ve had struggles with depression. This winter I have been loads better (!) but I’m still finding myself doing things that were habits or projects picked up from when I was sick. Things like the vacation that my mom and I take, while now greatly appreciated, is something that used to be prescribed.

Knitting is another habit that I picked up over the years. When I first started it was really a way to do something with my hands while I repeatedly binge watched Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Knitting is repetitive and consistent. It doesn’t take a lot of thought, especially when your just knitting unnecessarily long scarfs like I was at first.

Hannah Hart Beat sweater

Before this year, I had never knitted anything I would gift or even wear myself. I still have totes full of unfinished projects stored at my parents house. This fall though I thought it was time to try something more difficult. That’s how I ended up with this sweater here.

Hannah Hart Beat sweater

The sweater in progress.

It’s a amazingly soft, grey-tan (my favorite hue) turtleneck sweater and I can’t wait to rep it out of the house. Pedro calls it my Drizzy sweater and he may not be wrong. Either way, it means so much to me this year. I’m not sad knitting this time and I think I might finish it before winter is really over. My security blanket 2.0 as I’m thinking about it. Cheers to happy times, Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat

The Secret to Finding Furniture in Brooklyn

Hannah Hart Beat

Happy Saturday morning, Hart Beat! I hope you’re having a nice, relaxing time. Other than making some coffee and praising the fact that the headache I’ve had since Wednesday is FINALLY GONE, I’m also celebrating a few new acquisitions that I made to my kitchen.

If you don’t live in New York you might find this story a little unusual but if you do then you’ll know what I’m getting at.. See these beautiful chairs here? I found them on the street!!

Hannah Hart Beat

That’s right, on the street. One weird thing about living in New York is that I’ve found a few of my favorite pieces on the streets of Brooklyn. And it’s not just me! I got my beautiful kitchen table in outside my old Greenpoint apartment while slightly drunk on a Saturday night and Pedro’s cousin found a handful of framed, original Keith Herring prints resting on the corner of a Brooklyn back ally. These stories aren’t that bizarre and I bet if you’re not from here if you asked anyone living in the dirty they’ll have a similar story.

Hannah Hart Beat

By far though, my favorite thing found on the streets of New York are these two wooden folding kitchen chairs. I found them when out walking the dogs in my neighborhood! I was walking by an old building where, leaning casually outside, sat these two just polished collapsed wooden chairs. I didn’t know if they were good or bad but one trick about scooping things from the trash man is to take now and question later. The worst is to walk by something, think, oh that’s nice, and then twenty minutes later come back and see that it’s gone to someone else. You can always take things home and then if you hate them, put them back outside you’re apartment for someone else to grab! Karma is real people.

As soon as I got them home with these chairs though, I realized how much I loved them. I’m not sure if the chairs are anything special but I don’t care, they are perfect in my eyes. They’re simple, stable, and sit just right in our kitchen. Plus they are hella comfortable.

Hannah Hart Beat

One caveat though. BED BUGS ARE REAL PEOPLE. This is why having termite treatment precautions in place are super important. Never bring in anything that has a place for bugs to live. Furniture = good because you can disinfect the crap out of it. Mattresses, couches, chairs with pillows = DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

P.S. The linen dishcloth, if you’re interested, comes from a little site called Food52.

A dream apartment in Malasaña

Hola Hart Beat. My five favorite readings from this week are coming up but before that I had to share this apartment with you that my friend Marina sent over to me yesterday. I met Marina four years ago (I can’t believe it was that long ago) when she and I both studied abroad in Madrid. I’ll never forget how we met. Marina just came up and started talking to me on the street and it turned out we both went to small liberal arts schools and were on their respective sailing teams. After I asked her why she came to talk to me. She said it was because I was wearing clogs.


Anyway, when Marina send me this article I almost fell right out of my chair. Not only is the apartment designed in the most amazing way but it’s located in the our favorite neighborhood in our favorite city. On top of that the decoration of the apartment is based on a mediteranian vibe. Pretty much, to sum it up this is the apartment that both Marina and I dream about having. From the location to the decoration, I can’t think of anything more perfect.

“Esta encantadora buhardilla no esté en la costa, sino en el corazón del madrileño barrio de Malasaña. Pero su blanco interior, su decoración en clave natural y su sencillez nos hacen soñar con el sol.”

“This small, lovely apartment isn’t on the cost but in the hear of the Madrid neighborhood Malasaña. It’s white interior, natural theme and simplicity makes use dream of the sun.”

What do you think, Hart Beat? Want to take a spontaneous trip with me to Madrid this weekend? And Pedro, do you want the apartment to look like this? To see all the photos follow this link here (lo siento, the article is in Spanish but good news, the images are not!).



Pillowcases by John Baldessari

Hola Hart Beat. Aren’t these pillowcases great? This spring I decided to give my Brooklyn bedroom a little makeover. I’ve had a lot of the same accessories, bedding and curtains since college and now that I’m 24 I thought it might be a good idea to revamp somethings. I want my room to seem more age appropriate, spring cleaning yo. Since I’m on a budget I’ve been getting most things from BedBath but I found these amazing pillowcases in this week’s New York Times Style Magazine. They are designed by artist John Baldessari and are being released by The Thing Quarterly. I love the photograph and the romantic feeling that it evokes. Since my room is pretty simple I think these would be a great addition. Anyone want to buy me a present?

In the suburbs

Hi Hart Beat. I love sharing covers with you and this is one of my favorites, I thought you might like to hear it. This is a cover of an Arcade Fire original. I can’t tell which one I like better. Did you know that if you follow this link here you can experience the Arcade Fire song “We Used To Wait” with your own personal home address google earth video (make sure you allow pop-ups for this one). It’s so cool and I always think about it when I listen to Arcade Fire. Too bad the Berkshires are so unsearchable.
Mr. Little Jeans covering “The Suburbs”

This is my house

Hola Hart Beat! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Oh were you stressing in the city? Don’t worry, I was relaxing in my beautifully renovated farmhouse Upstate that features not only a fireplace in the bedroom (my dream) but, a porch floating over the creek next door. Just kidding. But really, isn’t this the perfect house? Designed by Givone Home, this “floating farmhouse” just looks like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. As Liz Lemon states, “This is MY house.” Why don’t we take a tour this lazy Sunday morning (and try to forget what might happen after a massive rain storm when the creek creeps up to the land…)

Sited at the edge of a pristine creek, with a waterfall cascading over an ancient dam of hand-laid stone, the Floating Farmhouse was sinking shop when first discovered. After a design and rebuild process spanning four years, the 1820 manor home is now a study in contrasts: fully restored to its period grandeur while featuring purely modernist elements, including a curtain wall of skyscraper glass in the kitchen, polished concrete and steel finishes, minimalist interiors, and a cantilevered porch “floating” on the surface of the water. 

All photos via inthralled and Giovne Home.

Prairie Clothing Company

Hi Hart Beat. Happy Saturday! I hope all of you lovelies are staying warm and toasty wherever you are. I took a wonderful walk this morning, as Frances McDormand says, “And it’s such a beautiful day.“Anyway, let’s move on to better and warmer things.

A few days ago I stumbled on the beautiful photo bellow on my regular Pinterest roundup. What I didn’t know is that the dress is designed and hand-made by a fellow Berkshire County resident. Jeni Leigh, the amazing woman behind all the dresses featured here, lives just across the NY State border from where I grow up and works as a French teacher at the local private school in the area. After studying her Etsy page and blog, I am now such a huge fan that next time I go home I’m going to try to meet with her and talk about the Prairie Clothing Company.


My idea of the perfect dress is one that is sexy yet classy and not overly provocative. A woman can wake up, put on a PCC dress and boots, play with her horses and then change her shoes and add some pearls and go on a date.

My god, as soon as I get Aquarius Made up and running this is the kind of artist I want to represent. Not only do I love every single one of Jeni Leigh’s dresses but the photographs featured on her Etsy store are equally breathtaking. The poses are so natural and refreshing and I love that they are all taken in the county I grew up in. What do you think, Hart Beat? What is your favorite dress in the collection?

I like subtle sensuality. And that’s what this line is. 



All I can think about when I see these dresses in this photo are Elizabeth and Jane Bennet frolicking through the English countryside.  I want in. 
Thanks Rural Intelligence for the great article featuring Jeni Leigh. For more information visit the designers blog here.

Home sick: Top five picks

Hi Hart Beat. I had to come home from work early today. My roommate and I both have the horrible flu or something with the usual suspects of fever, soar throat, and headache. When I’m sick there are somethings that always help, so tonight I am inspired to write Hart Beat’s Best Home Sick List.

1. Listening to Dermot Mulroney‘s voice. When this man talks I instantly go both weak in the knees and extremely comforted at the same time. This probably comes from obsessively watching “My Best Friend’s Wedding” when I was ten.

2. Sleeping in my favorite white sheets.

3. Looking at photos of Theo and Beau from Momma Gone City.

4.  Chamomile and Lavender, “Yellow and Blue Tea” by Harney & Sons. I first had this tea when I was working in Chelsea Market and have since discovered that the home base for Harney & Sons is up by where my parents live. Meant to be tea.

5. Watching episodes of one of my favorite show, “Northern Exposure.” The episodes aren’t on Netflix but I am lucky enough the my dvd rental store down the block has all of the seasons. Some of the best clips are on Youtube too.

I realize now that this could be an amazing gift guide. Maybe I should start writing some of those…

Home details

Hola Hart Beat. I hope you’re all having a nice, relaxing time after Thanksgiving. Being at my parents house is really making me think about my apartment back in Brooklyn. It’s been through a lot during the last year and this winter I’m going to try to spruce it up a little. Here are a few ideas I’ve been thinking about…