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People of 2morrow (aka how to shop on Instagram)


Hi Hart Beat. Let’s talk. Where do you find your favorite clothes? A friend of mine texted me yesterday asking where one could find non ridiculous onesies for the summer and to be honest, I was at a loss. And no, Hart Beat, it’s not because I’ve stopped shopping (what kind of world would that be) it’s because I’ve started shopping… on Instagram.

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Homecoming: A little store I’m missing on vacation

Hi again Hart Beat! Another beautiful day on the beach here. I’m having a pretty bad sinus infection (blast) but I guess paradise is a nice place to be recovering. One thing I’ve realized since arriving south is that I need more plants in my life (don’t laugh Pedro). I’m not good at keeping plants alive but I think regardless plants can make a space so nice and fresh (cough get here NOW spring.)
Homecoming is store that I love stopping into in Greenpoint (and that I’ve written about here on Hart Beat before when it went by another name). I am not looking forward to coming back to the North East winter but I can’t wait to pop into Homecoming and get some new succulents and ferns. 
P.S. On this list is this amazing looking vintage store as well. Anyone been there before?
All photos via the Homecoming Instagram

Greenpoint Guide: Greenpoint’s Great Donut War

Hey Hart Beat! Happy long weekend! Instead of this weekend going up to Maine or home to my parents home in Massachusetts, I decided to stay in Brooklyn and get some relaxing done. Carolyn and I might even be heading back to Long Island tomorrow for the last of the summer rays. Today while I’m getting some reading done I came across the best article in the New York Times Business section. The article talks about an impending donut war going on in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I’m not complaining Hart Beat and I thought this a perfect opportunity to tell you about one of my favorite neighborhood haunts.

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop, located right on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, is one of my all time favorite parts of the neighborhood. The bakery has been around since 1950 and is constantly heralded as the BEST donut shop in New York City. I have a lot of donuts in my life, Hart Beat, and I could not agree more.
To be honest, I didn’t step into Peter Pan Bakery until I had been living in the neighborhood for a year because I was afraid that after I went once I would never be able to stop. It doesn’t help that it’s right around the corner from my gym and favorite coffee shop. Anyway, for my birthday party this year instead of bringing a whole cake to the bar I carted over two dozen donuts from Peter Pan. They were a HIT! Since then I’ve started bringing them into work every now and then for everyone. Doesn’t that make you want to work with me, Hart Beat? Ha.
So write this down Hart Beat, next time you’re in Greenpoint make sure to visit Peter Pan. Any donut there is amazing but in case you’re wondering, my favorite is definitely the red velvet…

P.S. You’ll notice that yes, in fact, I do spell doughnut “donut.” I blame Massachusetts..

Kennaland’s opening last night

Hi Hart Beat. Congratulations! You made it to Friday morning. I met Kenna while working at Dalaga, unfortunately at their closing sale, and was excited to hear that he was opening a studio right in my area of Greenpoint. Kenna is an acclaimed hair stylist from England with a studio, Kennaland, in London. Now living in Greenpoint, last night marked the official opening of his first Brooklyn studio. The space is beautiful Hart Beat, super vintage looking with all these amazing details. The haircuts are on the expensive side at Kennaland but if you’re in the mood to splurge, meet some nice people and hang out in a great space in Greenpoint then this is the place for you.

I wish I had taken more photos of the space but I didn’t have my camera on me. Especially since Spina did the amazing flower displays for the opening. Next time Hart Beat.

Great photo from Spina’s Instagram, @spina.

Photos via the Kennaland website.

One of my favorite places in Greenpoint

Hi Hart Beat. I hope your week has been going well. After being cooped up all weekend in my apartment sick and stuck in side at work this week, as soon as I got back to Greenpoint tonight I raced to one of my favorite places in the neighborhood. I made it just in time, Hart Beat, and I got to watch the sun set over Manhattan. So tonight, I thought I would share one of my favorite Greenpoint places, pier at Transmitter Park, with you lovely readers. You really can’t get the whole effect from the photos but when you stand at the end of the pier it feels like you’re in the middle of the East River and if you stretched your hand out far enough you could touch the Empire State Building. I’ll take you next time you visit, Hart Beat.

Greenpoint from the pier.

The India Street ferry pier to the right. 
The high rises and Williamsburg bridge to your left.
One Wold Trade Center in the background.
Fisherman taking advantage of the view. Smart fellas.

Congrats, Propeller!

Just a quick note this morning. My newest favorite Greenpoint coffee spot, Propeller, has been recognized by Eater as one of the best places to drink coffee in New York. Propeller is listed among good company next to other favorites of mine El Rey, Toby’s Estate and Konditori. It’s a great little coffee shop with the nicest staff and vibe that reminds me of the small town I grew up in. Next time you’re in Greenpoint I definitely recommend stopping by. Congratulations, Propeller!

MCMC Amara

Hola Hart Beat. Happy first day of spring! Let’s talk about fragrances. Before this fall I had never been a fragrance person, probably because I could never find one that was natural and subtle enough to wear with confidence. This all changed when I was introduced to fellow Greenpoint, Brooklyn resident Anne McClain, the brilliant woman behind MCMC Fragrances.
I’ve been wearing Phoenix religiously (I love the vanilla and cherry blossom combination) and couldn’t be happier. A few days ago I got an email from MCMC revealing that their fan favorite scent AMARA is back for a limited time on their online store. According to Miss. McClaine AMARA is “an ancient Hindi word for roots, Amara draws from the mysterious spiritual nature of Angkor Wat and the amazing sight of trees overtaking ancient temples.” Nice.
The best part about the AMARA fragrance is the story that comes with the fragrance. Read bellow to hear about Anne McClaine’s partnership with the The Humanity Project in the creation if the scent. 
Two years ago I created the Humanity Fragrance with public arts organization Trust Art, a fragrance inspired by a volunteer trip to the Casa de los Angeles in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The idea was to create a fragrance inspired by the feeling of compassion, and see if that sentiment could be carried to the wearer. When Anthropologie approached me about a collaboration, I jumped at the chance to renew the Humanity Fragrance Project with a second edition. Anthropologie was so kindly open to that, and supported me when I embarked on a trip to rural Cambodia, where I volunteered with six friends at the Working for Children Rainbow Orphanage, then visited the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temples. 

Each fragrance contains a stamped postcard addressed back to the MCMC Fragrances studio, encouraging wearers to tell us about any moments of compassion one may feel while wearing the fragrance. We’ll post the messages here on the blog as they roll in. A portion of the proceeds from the fragrance will go back to the Rainbow Orphanage, to build a new boys dormitory. 
How great is that? So Hart Beat, so fresh. Bellow are some of the best postcards that I found on the blog. I want to buy AMARA just so that I can do this. Anyway, happy spring again, Hart Beat!

Greenpoint Guide: Caffé Spina

In the land of all that is beautiful there has been a (relatively) new addition to the crop-up of storefronts on my beloved Franklin Street. Caffé Spina is a beautiful store front located at 107 Franklin Street in Greenpoint that hosts a delicious combination of coffee and flower shop.

I stopped into Spina a few weeks ago to speak with the owners and take a few pictures for the Greenpoint Guide. The day that I popped in the staff was getting ready for a professional photo shoot with Gardenista (you can find more photos by following the link there). Lucky me the place was being perfected and I got to see the hustle and bustle of the exited team and owners.

Spina not only boasts beautiful succulents, ivies and cacti but also Blue Bottle Coffee and Dough Donuts, two of Brooklyn’s most renowned staples. Every time I step into the little cafe I feel like I’ve been whisked away into a hipster fairyland in a design magazine, in the best way possible of course. Spina is definitely worth a visit when you’re planning your next trip to Greenpoint.

P.S. Previous features on the official Greenpoint Guide: Ovenly, Word Bookstore, Le Gamin.

Dalaga is closing

Hi Hart Beat. I have such sad news to share with you today. My favorite Greenpoint boutique, Dalaga NYC, is closing it’s doors at the end of this month. When I first moved to Greenpoint a year and a half ago Dalaga was one of the first stores that I went into and since then it has continuously been my go to shop for clothing, accessories, shoes, and general life styling. My favorite fragrance that I wear all the time comes from the store and, as my friends can attest, most of my wardrobe I’ve accumulated in the past two years has come from there as well. I love telling people about Dalaga and it is always one of the first places I bring visiting friends and family. When I worked at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg I would often tell tourists to take a leisurely walk up Kent Avenue into Greenpoint to visit the store before leaving Brooklyn.

After frequently shopping in the store and getting to know the owners (and sisters) Mary and Michelle Mangiliman, both of their families, and the amazing store manager Lilian, I was happy to join the Dalaga team this winter. I love working among the beautiful things that fill the Greenpoint store space and I’ve truly learned so much from these amazing, entrepreneurial, and fashionable sisters.

The beautiful sisters.

This past Valentine’s Day Mary and Michelle announced to the many Dalaga fans, from far and wide, that the flagship store on Franklin Street will be closing at the end of this month. In a letter written out to their dear Dalagas, the Mangiliman sisters write to the reason for the closing.

As of march 2nd our Dalaga storefront will be closing but we aren’t going away! We will be available to you 24/7 online at Dalaganyc.com with your favorite indie designers (no G train!). Best of all, you can still shop the Designed by Dalaga jewelry collections online, which will be debuting new designs every season. 

                       Of course we will miss the hustle and bustle of our beautiful store and seeing your beautiful faces, but we are confident we can still deliver the Dalaga experience you expect. In the meantime, be sure to bookmark us, follow us on Instagram, friend us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for the Dalaga jewelry collection in a store near you!

                       So while we are both expecting two new little Dalagas in the next few months, it’s time for us to move our business out of the store and onto your desktop. 

I am so happy that there will be two new little fiercely fashionable Dalaga girls in Greenpoint and I can’t wait to see what the Dalaga website will hold in this next new phase. Even so, the closing of Dalaga has left me very sad and anxious about the future of my beloved Greenpoint neighborhood. Dalaga was the first boutique to open on Franklin Street, paving the way for many stores, bars, restaurants, and galleries that have followed in their brilliant footsteps. I hope that whoever takes over the space will honor these pioneering ladies and the good that they’ve done for our neighborhood.

Michelle and Mary with the little soon to be Dalagas.

Greenpoint Guide: Le Gamin

Hola Hart Beat! Welcome to the third installment of the Greenpoint Guide series on the blog. To read the first reviews visit favorite neighborhood haunts Ovenly and Word to get the full story. Today I want to tell you about my favorite french restaurant and cafe in the neighborhood, Le Gamin. The restaurant is located just a block away from Word at 108 Franklin Street in Greenpoint and is the kind of french restaurant and cafe that I used to dream about having near me before I moved to Brooklyn.

Le Gamin in Greenpoint is the sister restaurant of the Soho original location. The French owner, Robert Arbor, then went on to expand the restaurant by opening the Greenpoint branch and for that I am very thankful. Le Gamin is open daily from 8:30am to 10pm which means that you can both come in for a petit déjeuner of muesli, fruit, and a traditional Citron Chaud (pictured above on the left) which is the delicious drink consisting of fresh lemon juice, hot water and honey, and for lunch, dinner and everything in between.
These pictures here on the blog were taken when my mom visited the city and the two of us went into Le Gamin for breakfast. I loved being there in the late morning as the sun streamed through the window but, coming to Le Gamin for dinner is almost better. The ambiance is so romantic without being pretentious and the menu is amazing. The muscles and french fries are a particular favorite of mine and the best part is on Tuesday’s the host a bottomless muscle and fries dish for only $20. Um, yes please. 
Anyway, if I wasn’t going to be out of town for Valentine’s Day this is where I would go to celebrate for sure. For all of you still in the city I can’t imagine a more perfect spot than the quietly charming neighborhood of Greenpoint and a delicious dinner at Le Gamin.