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DUMBO & Spring Wolverine 1883 Boots

Brooklyn Bridge

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Pedro and I hung out in Brooklyn and it was lovely. We took the afternoon to explore a Brooklyn neighborhood that I, sadly, rarely visit. DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass as I learned in one of my first visits to New York, is one of the most visited parts of the borough. For good reason too. The East River runs right next to you with downtown Manhattan literally looming over you. Plus, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge sit right by, giving some of the most iconic views of the city.

Early this Spring I got a wonderful pair of boots from the Wolverine 1883 collection and I have literally been wearing them everyday. I wore them down to the waterfront and Pedro got these amazing photos of them. This isn’t my first pair of Wolverine and I promise not my last. The pair that I have, the Ella, are part of the Wolverine 1883 spring collection just releasing now. Not only are the boots well made but they have the most amazing details. These bad boys have ZIPPERS ON BOTH SIDES. Game changer. They also have that exact heel size that you want for walking long distances. I love my super tall boots but honestly, I’m too old for that now. I was happy wondering around the cobble stone streets in the Ellas. What do you think, Hart Beat? You a fan of the spring boot?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Top photograph by me and bottom two by Pedro Rodriguez.


Note: These Woverine 1883 boots were sent to me as a gift by the brand. As always, I honestly love this product and would recommend it to any friend. Thank you for supporting the brands behind Hart Beat.

The Brooklyn clogs I can’t get enough of

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.16 PM

Oh Hart Beat. Let’s admit it, Fall is coming and it’s coming fast. I hate to think about this, especially since all I want to do is move to a tropical beach after my vacation last week. The only good thing about fall is the fashion that comes with it. WHO DOESN’T LIKE LAYERING?? Right? One of the layering things I’m crazy about are really more of a footwear issue. Clogs! And more specifically, a pair of Nina Z. clogs.

I’ve wanted a pair of these boys so badly that one time I was driving with Pedro and saw a girl biking with them on. I screamed out “NINA Z” and he told me later he was worried I would run over the girl to walk away with the shoes. I’m not there yet, Pedro.

They’re designed by Nina herself who has a studio upstate and sells on the weekends at the Brooklyn Flea. All the clogs are handmade in Sweden so we can all get that northern European dream fashion look that we’ve been wishing for (I know you have too, Hart Beat.) Nina Z. is all over Brooklyn and the girls over at Local Creative highlighted them this summer with this adorable Instagram video you can watch here. Um.. as if I didn’t want a pair enough.


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.43.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.27 PM

Photos via @ninaznyc. Video by @localcreativebk.