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Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Hi my Hart Beat. One of the things I love about this time of year is all the new music that is released. This week we were hit by the new Lorde album and today I spent some time with it seeing how our girl has been doing. It was a melancholy day here on the island. I did lots of writing but, the sun has nowhere to be seen these past two days and that’s probably why the song that I loved the most off of Melodrama was the sad “Liability.” Have you heard it yet, Hart Beat? It’s what I’m listening to tonight while I write to you. I hope you like it. And, if it’s too sad you can always go back to our favorite Miley after.

For a great and full-length review of the album see what Craig Jenkins has to say over at Vulture.

Top photo by me from last year.

Young and In Love

Hi my beloved Hart Beat. How are you? It’s been a slow and relaxing week here in Brooklyn for me. I’ve been able to get my ducks in a row right in time before Spring. And that means more music for you since Spotify has been on blast while I organize my apartment. I’m sure my neighbors are LOVING my belting out loud singing voice.
Speaking of singing voices. Dios mio, Hart Beat. Say what you will about Lana Del Rey but she has some serious pipes. I recently found her new(ish) song and video for “Love” and I’m (can you guess it?) obsessed. The song is beautiful but the art direction in the music video is really what has my heart. You can’t deny that she’s got both the a) vintage style down pat and b) is executing the eye liner wing tip that a girl like me can only dream about. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet with an eyeliner stamp like this one from Lovoir here.

“Love” by Lana Del Rey

It’s a beautiful video, right Hart Beat? Those daisies in her hair! That shoulder shuffle around mark 2:58. It really is all enough to make me go crazy.

Women's March on Washington

I Can’t Keep Quiet

Women's March on Washington

Hi Hart Beat. This past weekend has been so well documented and commented on that it’s hard to think I have anything to add to the conversation. Yes, I went down to Washington on Saturday and yes, I marched alongside hundreds and thousands of men, women, and children to show that we are here and dedicated to fighting President Trump if (when) he tries to take our civil rights out from under us.

It was such an emotional day on the National Mall and I’m honored to have been part of one of the largest organized protests across the United States. Riding the bus back from D.C. all I could do was to keep scrolling through my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds seeing all the photos, memories, and comments on that peaceful day. I can’t by any means list them all here but one video that I saw and now can’t get out of my head was this:

The Los Angeles-based singer known as MILCK knew she wanted to do something memorable for the Women’s March in Washington, D.C on Saturday. So she contacted a small group of other singers from across the country to coordinate a flash mob performance of MILCK’s song “Quiet,” an emotional rallying cry for self-empowerment and unity. The group of women rehearsed together via Skype and rendezvoused in D.C., where they performed a capella versions of “Quiet” several times during the march.

NPR Music

Heart-wrenching, right Hart Beat? The singer MILCK now has my ears and I can’t quite listen to anything other than both the acapella and the original version of “Quiet.” Here’s the original with a beautiful video,

And, in case all of this isn’t enough, are the lyrics to the song so that you too can learn it. We can sing it at the next march together, Hart Beat.

Put on your face, know your place
Shut up and smile, don’t spread your legs
I could do that

But no one knows me no one ever will
If I don’t say something, if I just lie still
Would I be that monster, scare them all away
If I let the-em hear what I have to say

I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
A one woman riot, oh-oh

I can’t keep quiet
For anyone

Cuz no one knows me no one ever will
if I don’t say something, take that dry blue pill
they may see that monster, they may run away
But I have to do this, do it anyway
I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
A one woman riot, oh-oh
Oh I can’t keep quiet


Hannah Hart Beat

A song for you, Tuesday afternoon edition

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.21.39 PM

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your Tuesday going? It’s crunch time here at work (t minus too few days until Thanksgiving) and I’ve been surviving off some new songs that I found on Spotify. One in particular has my heart and I know it will have yours too as soon as you hear it. The band is San Fermin and the song is called “Sonsick” Not only is the song UNBELIEVABLE but the video is pretty cool too. I’ve added it to The Official Hart Beat Playlist, so if you want other song recommendations just pop on over there.

Photo by @heidisbridge.

Hannah Hart Beat

Next of Kin by Alvvays

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! How was your weekend? I’m enjoying my companies week off before Pedro and I head to Portland and I’m excited to relax for a bit, see my family and get ready for THE BEST TRIP EVER. While I’ve been bopping around Brooklyn getting ready for our adventure I’ve gone back to listen to some of my favorite artists from this years Austin 100. One that I posted about here is Alvvays, the Toronto based band that took my heart with it’s song “Marry Me, Archie.” Now I’m obsessing over the song and video posted here, called “Next of Kin.”

What do you think, Hart Beat? You love as much as I do?

Alvvays sings “Next of Kin”

Hannah Hart Beat

Are you with me now?

Are you with me now?

Are you with me now?

Hola Hart Beat. Thanks again to this week’s new Discover Feature in Spotify I found another song that you might like to listen to. At least I’m enjoying it over here on this slow moving Tuesday. This song by Cate Le Bon came out in 2013 with the release of her studio album Mug Museum. Clearly I was not on the ball because I’m only now hearing this song, “Are you with me now?”, for the first time. What do you think, Hart Beat? You like? Had you heard of Cate Le Bon before?

Cate Le Bon sings “Are you with me now?” from her last album. As always, the song has been added to the official Hannah Hart Beat playlist.

Roll up your sleeves


Hi Hart Beat! This past week Pedro and I discovered (heavy on the Pedro side of things) the new Spotify feature called “Discover Weekly.” It’s hidden on the side left of your browser under your “Starred” playlist. If you haven’t gotten on the Spotify train yet then this is another reason to hop on. ALL ABOARD SPOTIFY. (No I do not work for them.)

Anyway…. what “Discover Weekly” does is just what it sounds like. The program pulls together a weekly playlist customized just for you. Every Monday the playlist updates so you have an entire week to mull over what robots think you will like. Pedro says that this week his playlist is on point and I have to say that mine is 50/50. I def have an eclectic mix of music taste so I forgive you, Spotify robots.

One of the songs that I do love from this week’s picks is a song that came out this past March. It’s by the singer Meg Mac (baller name girl) and it has just the right amount of hand-clapping, girl loving to make it one that I’ll listen to over and over again. Have you heard this one, Hart Beat? I thought of you when I heard it and think you will like it too.

Meg Mac’s “Roll Up Your Sleeves”

P.S. Meg was on Daytrotter this past April and sings a great acoustic version there..

What Happened, Miss Simone?


Hi Hart Beat. Have you heard the news? Last week, on Friday to be exact, Netflix released a new documentary all about one of my favorite singers, Nina Simone. The movie was released in New York on Wednesday at the IFC in the Village and since it isn’t going to be released in theaters anywhere else the doc was then released Friday on Netflix. Lucky us!

Pedro and I watched “What Happened, Miss Simone?” this Saturday and although it’s a little long, it is most definitely worth watching. The film uses amazing real video of Nina Simone on stage singing and playing piano as well as interviews with the artist about her life and relationships. These clips are interspersed with interviews with her daughter, her husband and other people who knew Miss. Simone.

Not only was it amazing seeing her sing so many of my favorite songs, but I learned so much about the singer that I didn’t know before the documentary. I had no idea that Simone was trained as a classical pianist, or her about struggle with bipolar disorder. If you’re a documentary junkie like Pedro or if you love music and stories about people then this is a must watch.

Both photos come from the documentary.

Everything Is Free cover by Sylvan Esso and Flock of Dimes

Hi Hart Beat! Before I get to today’s official #HappyFriday post I want to share a beautiful little song that I heard about today on my usual Friday listen of Pop Culture Happy Hour. At the end of the show the music recommendation god himself, Stephen Thompson, gave an amazing shout out to a live cover that was released this week on the site A.V. Club.

In the cover Sylvan Esso and Flock of Dimes sing Gillian Welch’s “Everything is Free” for the site that asks independent musicians to sing a cover off a list that is constantly being chipped away at. The result of this collaboration and cover is so perfect and more beautiful than anything I’ve heard in a while. Since hearing the first clip this morning on the podcast I’ve been listening to it on repeat. I hope you love it too, Hart Beat.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.01.57 PM

Photo by @sylvanesso.

Liza Anne sings “Lost”


Hi. How’s your night going, Hart Beat? It’s finally warmer here in Brooklyn tonight and I’m so thankful for that. Pedro and I drove up to Greenpoint tonight to get some of my things and I forgot how much I love driving past the Manhattan skyline at night.

For once in Hart Beat’s history, the song I’m sharing with you here is NOT about what’s going on in my life. Instead, it’s just a new track that I can’t stop listening to because of the amazing singer that is behind the song. Liza Anne, a Nashville based singer and songwriter, is a new artist to me but this song “Lost” is hauntingly beautiful and just the kind of thing that I love to listen over and over again to. I first heard her voice when her song “Room” was included in my favorite Austin 100 this year. Not only is the song amazing but the official video has a beautiful choreographed dance for the song. What do you think, Hart Beat? Are you as much of a fan as I am?

“Lost” by Liza Anne.


Both photos via the Liza Anne facebook page.