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Miley Cyrus Malibu - Hannah Hart Beat

Love in Malibu, Thanks Miley

Oh Hart Beat, have I found a song for us to obsess over. I’m a little behind the times as this song came out over a month ago but I hope you can forgive me as I was, well you know, walking across a country. Remember crazy Miley Cyrus? Remember the girl who twerked and swung naked on a literal wrecking ball? I think we all do. What has surprised me, and really shouldn’t have, is that our Miley is now out with a new single in which she has completely transformed her image from wild child to country tease. I love it. I mean, don’t get me wrong I loved Miley before but, this new song is pulling at my heartstrings.

“Malibu” came out mid-May and, as Miley has said in interviews, is about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth and their current home in Malibu. I’m going to be 100% honest with you, Hart Beat. I drove to and from Boothbay to Portland Maine and back yesterday and for the two-hour drive, I listened to this song on repeat. I am not exaggerating. That is how much I am loving this song. Let me know what you think, okay?

P.S. THIS VIDEO. I hate her hair and I love it at the same time. Miley, you bring out so many complicated emotions.

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Top photo via billboard.

Alessia Cara - Hannah Hart Beat

Alessia Cara

Ugg, Hart Beat. I have something horrible to admit. I have a new musician crush (not the horrible part) and I found them via an ad on Twitter (that’s said horrible part). A sponsored Spotify ad keeps being served to me and this morning I finally broke down to watch it. Here’s the ad:

Let’s admit it, Hart Beat. That song is CATCHY AS HELL. I had to stop what I was doing (standing in my kitchen waiting for Mr. Coffee to do his thing) to immediately search out Alessia Cara. And thank you Spotify, because I love her. Alessia Cara is a (relatively) new addition to the pop music scene. She got her start on YouTube like a true millennial and has now performed around the U.S. in addition to an appearance on SNL this past February.

Not surprisingly, all of Alessia Cara’s songs are on Spotify. My favorite (in the last four hours that I’ve known of Cara’s existence) is Wild Things. Am I late or what to the party, Hart Beat?

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Our Soppy Love Story

I make what Pedro calls “Prison Pasta" [2:14] pasta, olive oil, salt and parmesan cheese (things we always have) [2:14] slash we go down to the pizzeria downstairs

Hi Hart Beat. I’m back! If you follow me on Instagram then maybe you saw I was on a romantic Costa Rican vacation with my mom last week. Well, like it or not now I’m back and have so much to share with you! Let’s start with this adorable book that has been circulating the internets recently.

Soppy by Philippa Rice is one of the most romantic things I’ve seen in a while. The artist has captured the small nuances of what it’s like to be in a long-term relationship like no one I’ve ever seen. From moments like cooking together to the trials and tribulations of claiming your side of the bed, to falling asleep together on the couch after the 100 Seinfeld episode, I kept thinking “did this woman spy on me and Pedro?” Honestly, so many of these comics could be us. And the best part? They are illustrations off of her relationship with her partner.

This means that as much difference as there is in every relationship, some things stay the same. The intimate parts stay the same. And for that, I am grateful.

P.S. For more illustrations from the book check out this post on Upworthy that has a ton.

Our Soppy Love Story

All photos by Philippa Rice.

Women's March on Washington

I Can’t Keep Quiet

Women's March on Washington

Hi Hart Beat. This past weekend has been so well documented and commented on that it’s hard to think I have anything to add to the conversation. Yes, I went down to Washington on Saturday and yes, I marched alongside hundreds and thousands of men, women, and children to show that we are here and dedicated to fighting President Trump if (when) he tries to take our civil rights out from under us.

It was such an emotional day on the National Mall and I’m honored to have been part of one of the largest organized protests across the United States. Riding the bus back from D.C. all I could do was to keep scrolling through my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds seeing all the photos, memories, and comments on that peaceful day. I can’t by any means list them all here but one video that I saw and now can’t get out of my head was this:

The Los Angeles-based singer known as MILCK knew she wanted to do something memorable for the Women’s March in Washington, D.C on Saturday. So she contacted a small group of other singers from across the country to coordinate a flash mob performance of MILCK’s song “Quiet,” an emotional rallying cry for self-empowerment and unity. The group of women rehearsed together via Skype and rendezvoused in D.C., where they performed a capella versions of “Quiet” several times during the march.

NPR Music

Heart-wrenching, right Hart Beat? The singer MILCK now has my ears and I can’t quite listen to anything other than both the acapella and the original version of “Quiet.” Here’s the original with a beautiful video,

And, in case all of this isn’t enough, are the lyrics to the song so that you too can learn it. We can sing it at the next march together, Hart Beat.

Put on your face, know your place
Shut up and smile, don’t spread your legs
I could do that

But no one knows me no one ever will
If I don’t say something, if I just lie still
Would I be that monster, scare them all away
If I let the-em hear what I have to say

I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
A one woman riot, oh-oh

I can’t keep quiet
For anyone

Cuz no one knows me no one ever will
if I don’t say something, take that dry blue pill
they may see that monster, they may run away
But I have to do this, do it anyway
I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
I can’t keep quiet, no oh-oh
A one woman riot, oh-oh
Oh I can’t keep quiet


The Future is Female

The Future is Female

Hannah Hart Beat


Oh Hart Beat, aren’t you happy to be alive right now? I was talking with a friend the other day about how we are to be woman alive right now in today’s world. With Hillary taking place as the presumptive Democrat Party Nominee (!!!) we’re living in a world where we are not only doing what we want, but showing everyone else how it’s done. I’m so proud. I’m so thankful that I can have an IUD to choose when and if I want to have children, I’m so proud to work for two amazing entrepreneurs, and I’m so proud to see all my friends work in whatever they want, without a second thought.

I’ve been feeling so proud of my womanhood lately that not only did I order a “Hillary 2016” sticker for my car (I have seen zero Hillary stickers in this entire election process 😑 ) BUT I also bought the iconic “The Future is Female” shirt which was recreated by the design company Otherwild. The shirt has an interesting history so I thought I’d share a bit of it here for you.

The original “The Future Is Female” T-shirt design was made for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City, which was opened in 1972 by Jane Lurie and Marizel Rios. The photographer Liza Cowan took a picture of musician Alix Dobkin, her girlfriend at the time, wearing it in 1975.

The photo up top is the shot by Jane Lurie taken in 1975. Baller, right? Even more amazing is that Otherwild donates 25% of the proceeds from the shirt to Planned Parenthood. So ladies (and dudes) out there, head on over, buy yourself a shirt and join me in this prideful moment happening around us now.

Hannah Hart Beat


Both photos via Otherwild.

Girl Crush, Ann Friedman

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Off the heels of International Women’s Day I want to share with you one of my favorite women in the media world, Ann Friedman. I don’t remember how Ann came into my life but if she’s not in yours then you need to GET WITH ME (well her really). It’s hard to write about Ann Friedman, primarily because she is one of the best journalists/commentators/writers out there, and because you probably have (with or without knowing) read her work all over the internet. While trying to write a bio for her I just kept getting sucked into her website and that lead me down a rabbit hole of distraction.

Hannah Hart Beat

As a quick overview, Ann Freidman is a Los Angeles based journalist who writes for many national publications like NYmag.com, The Guardian, Elle Magazine, and The New York Times Book Review. Ann writes about all kinds of things but mostly concentrates in gender, politics, culture and media. There are so many other things that I love about Ann that I think it would be easiest to list them.

1. Ann is one of the hosts of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend! Tbh I hadn’t actually listened to Call Your Girlfriend until very recently. I don’t know why (so don’t ask me) but I can now attest that it’s amazing. The most recent episode (apparently) was very classic so I guess listen to that one first? P.S. Aminatou Sow is the other host to CYG and she is equally awesome. Check her out.

2. She also (like all that isn’t enough) sends out the most amazing weekly newsletter which will knock your socks off. It’s send every Friday and is an amazing compilation of interesting articles Ann recommends (hello Friday subway readings), articles that she’s written in the past week (here are a few recent examples), and a GIF of the week. There are other things really but you should just subscribe and see for yourself this Friday.

3. PIE CHARTS. These are pretty self explanatory. Ann hand draws amazing pie charts on things like “What have we made our peace with?” and “Why didn’t we exercise this week?” They’re hilarious and I love her.

Hannah Hart Beat + Ann Friedman


Hannah Hart Beat + Ann Friedman

And those are the three reasons I’m loving Ann Friedman right now. Are there any girl crushes you’re nursing right now, Hart Beat?

Top two images via The Dreslyn. Pie charts by our girl Ann Friedman.

Celestial Love with Eugenia Loli

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Sunday to all you readers out there. What are you up to this weekend? Today I’m running errands in Brooklyn, going to a Bar class (!) and F I N A L L Y getting new bras. Wish me luck. Other than talking about boobs this am, I wanted to share the work of an amazing artist that I just became aware of. Are you familiar with Eugenia Loli?

Hannah Hart Beat

I came across her Instagram and have since been hooked. Eugenia’s work is collage based and she uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications with overlaid surrealist details. It’s so weird and romantic and celestial. I can’t look away. I want them all framed in my apartment. You can see all of Eugenia’s work on her website (and even buy prints!) but here are some of my favorite pieces of hers for you to check out.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

All collages by Eugenia Loli.

Best friends, Beau sings a song for you

Best friends, Beau sings a song for you

Best friends, Beau sings a song for you

Hi Hart Beat. I just shared this on our sister blog (brother blog?) The Victors & Vanquished but it is so good that I couldn’t help sharing it here with you too. On Monday Pedro and I went to an event sponsored by French band and recording label Kitsuné at Williamsburg’s Baby’s All Right. There were three bands preforming and I’m not going to go into the whole thing here but, there was one band that was A-MAZING.

They’re called Beau and there was a song that they sang at the event that I can’t get over. It’s called “One Wing” and you lucky duck you Hart Beat, you can listen to it here. Before the lead singer Heather Golden started the song she confessed to the audience that the song is about how she feels about her best friend. I love this so much. Happy Friday tomorrow, Hart Beat.

P.S. If you’re as obsessed with this song as I am then you’ll be happy to know that their first EP comes out on May 4th.

Two New York

Let’s talk about summer style, shall we Hart Beat? I’ve been preparing for a mid-winter vacation and have recently found the most beautiful collection of beach wear yet. Get ready for our third installment of the baller Brooklyn lady series.

Two is a Brooklyn based collection of beautiful tunics, caftans and dresses, all made locally in New York. The effortless pieces are all made using handwoven textiles and saris from India. 

The collection embodies European and Indian influences evolving from the traditional sari. Two is great for the beach or even for surviving an urban heatwave — while still keeping it chic and comfy. 

The designer Monica Patel-Cohn is the daughter of an Indian father and an Italian mother and creates the saris based on modern accessibility. Two was founded in 2010 and hosts its studio in the vibrant Brooklyn neighborhood DUMBO. I am absolutely in love with all the pieces and want to wear them not just on vacation or in the summer, but just around my apartment.

Monica’s story is as beautiful as her designs. She is a natural model and poses for all shots of the saris (how gorgeous is she?), often with her small son. There is a great interview with Monica by the blog Little Augury that you can read here. In the interview, Monica discusses how she balances motherhood and work in the design industry as well as her love for biking in Brooklyn. Get it girl.

Photographs here are found via Remodelista and Jessica Comingore’s blog.

The talented Amy Merrick

Happy Sunday Hart Beat! How was your weekend? Last night my friend Hans and I did some bar research for my upcoming birthday festivities. Can you believe that it’s almost February already, Hart Beat? In other news though, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES. Can you believe how beautiful and refreshing they are? 
All of these images come from the enormously talented Amy Merrick, a floral designer, writer, and stylist based here in Brooklyn. I stumbled across Amy’s beautiful Instagram account a couple days ago and I’ve been awestruck by her work ever since. Most of the work that Amy does is in floral styling for events such as weddings or parties but she is also brought in as a floral art director for different publications. God, another baller Brooklyn lady right here. I think this should be a new series. And it is! See how easy it is Hart Beat? For earlier installments check out Aly Tadros and Anna Li.
Amy also writes an amazing blog that sheds a little light into the way her mind works. It is now one of my top favorite blogs to check and I hope she keeps writing through this new year. Enjoy looking through the beautiful photographs, Hart Beat. Lots of love from Brooklyn. 

All photographs courtesy of Amy Merrick’s official website.