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David Sedaris - Hannah Hart Beat

Theft by Finding, what I’m reading right now

David Sedaris - Hannah Hart Beat

Hi, Hart Beat. How are you this Monday? I’ve been seeing on Instagram today that it is hot hot hot in the rest of the country but, here on this idyllic island in Maine, it’s chilly and the fog has decided to hang over the island all day. It’s okay though, I’ve gotten lots of writing done this morning and this afternoon I’m going to hold up and read the pile of books that I have next to me.

Speaking of reading, I wanted to write to you about a book that has just come out that I am loving. Do you know David Sedaris? I wrote about him briefly once back in 2013 and I’m surprised he hasn’t come up since then. Sedaris is hands down one of my lifelong favorite authors. My parents introduced my brother and me to the author when we were young. My mom has always loved him and bought all of his books on audio to listen to them in the car. To this day, I still listen to Sedaris reading his own books almost every day. As you might know, Hart Beat, I have a hard time falling asleep so often I will listen to books on tape to help fall asleep. For the past three years or so I’ve been rotating through all of Sedaris’s books. Right now I’m on Naked and laugh still to this day on most of his writing, even though I’ve heard it a million times.

There’s something comforting about Sedaris and the stories he tells about his family, his boyfriend, and his life now. Last month, Sedaris’s newest book was published and I’m currently halfway through listening to the stories. The book is a little different from his usual memoir style short stories. Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977 – 2002) is what it’s title suggests, David Sedaris’s daily diary entries from the years 1977 to 2002. Sedaris is famous not only for his hilarious and gut-wrenching prose but also for his commitment to daily diary writing. We are lucky as humans that the author has decided to let us into his private writings and inner world. Often times interestingly mundane, the collection of diary entries allows us as readers to sit beside Sedaris during his early days as a struggling author and his early days of success.

If you’re a Sedaris fan there are two other pieces I’d recommend to you. The first is his newest short story, “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” published in The New Yorker this past June. The second is his most recent interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air from this past May. I loved listening to it.

Anyway, that’s all the news from the Island today. Hope you’re doing well, Hart Beat.

Photo of Sedaris via the author.


Hart Beat! Hi! Long time no see. As my loyal readers (or new ones hi how are you) may know, I’ve been doing some traveling the last two months. (See the two posts below this one for more deets.) What I didn’t write about, and what may be the most important thing I did this year, was walk the Camino de Santiago through France and Spain. There’s so much about the Camino that I want to write about but, tbh Hart Beat, I’m not sure that this here website is the place for it to live.

Why Hannah?!? You may be asking yourself. It looked so cool on your Instagram! I saw the movie The Way and am obsessed! I read The Alchemist and need to hear more! Well, what I can say to that is one, I’m sorry and two, please stay tuned. I am writing about the Camino right now but I’m not sure where the writing will live and Hart Beat, it may not live here. I promise to keep you updated AND BETTER THAN THAT, I promise that I’m going to start writing here again. I miss you, Hart Beat. There are so many cool things that I’ve found and heard about these last two weeks to tell you about and I’m finally excited to share them with you in a way that I haven’t felt in years.

I know what you’re thinking to yourself right now. I just read this rambling post and there’s nothing for me to take home. Wrong, dear reader. In lieu of a trendy post here are three things that I’ve been loving lately. Hopefully, they will suffice until tomorrow when I come at ya with a very traditional Hart Beat post. Always, Hannah

1. (Late to the game) song by Rihanna from her (new) album Anti. This song has been on repeat while I wrote today.

2. This quote that I screen grabbed from Instagram at the end of last month. Praise be to The Paris Review for adding some intellect to my usual puppy and nail-art creeping Instagram habits.

3. All of the mysteries by Tana French that I’ve been beach reading for the last week (on my Kindle). The first one In the Woods and the second The Likeness are particularly good.

Hannah Hart Beat - Podcasts

4 Great New Podcasts

Hi Hart Beat! Hope you’re day is going well. I have some exciting news from the podcast world! The producers behind the hit shows This American Life and Serial have a new show coming out today! I want to shout it from the rooftops but, I’ll just tell you here instead.

S-Town reads like any other public radio show until boom, a minute into the preview you learn that the show is a multi-episode saga behind a small town murder. The best part? Today not only is the premier of S-Town BUT all the episodes in the series are dropping today for your binge-listening pleasure.

In the honor of this new, sure to be a good show, here are four other new-ish podcasts that I’ve been loving and think you might too.

Missing Richard Simmons. This show is only a six-part arch that is 100% worth listening to in one go. My brother first told me about it and I think I inhaled the entire thing in days. The show is produced by a friend of the famous Richard Simmons and it follows his attempt to get in touch with his friend. Why? Because, apparently, Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen or heard from in years. Right?! Crazy and unbelievable. Listen and you’ll see.

Pod Save America. Yes, I’ve almost given up on politics podcasts. The news is depressing and I’m just not in the mood to pull my ears out of my head all day long. But, this new podcast, hosted by the speechwriters for President Obama during his time in the White House, is almost okay to listen to. The show is adamantly pretty bro-y but the guys on the show own up to their background and the fact that they hate Trump. It’s nice to listen to smart, in the know people talk about what a shit-show our current politics are.

The Hilarious World of Depression. This is one of my favorite new discoveries even though it is about something as horrible as depression. The show hosts interviews with famous comedians and celebrities who have depression. It’s amazing, human, and so enlighting to a disease that so many people suffer from. In fact, I can guarantee you that even if you don’t know for sure someone you know has or is suffering from depressing. Listening to smart people talk about life with depression is invaluable and, as it turns out, entertaining.

What about you, Hart Beat? Have you heard any good podcasts lately?

P.S. Charts about Serial.

P.P.S. Another new show that you might love, Making Oprah.


Let’s face it, Hart Beat. There’s a lot out there in the TV universe right now. Too much, honestly if you want my opinion. Every channel has something to offer and now that Hulu and Netflix are making original content, there is even more. So, the question begs itself, what’s my favorite new show on the air right now.

Yes, I’ve seen This is Us, and that’s not it. Yes, I’ve watched The Path, The Mindy Project, and Rick and Morty. All are great TV and I enjoy them all but, my favorite show right now is one that isn’t garnering as much press and so I thought I’d tell you about it. Have you seen Superstore yet, Hart Beat?

The show, starring America Ferrera, is a network show airing on NBC. It’s a half-hour sitcom with a motley cast of characters. The show isn’t big (like The Crown), it’s not slapstick funny (like Silicon Valley), and it’s not star-studded (like Big Little Lies) but, it has so much heart. And that’s why I love it.

Superstore has a similar story line as other office comedies. It’s similar to The Office and Parks and Recs in that way. The show takes place in big, box store and follows the people who work there. There is a store manager and an assistant manager that have a troubling relationship. There are lovable side stories with the supporting cast. And, most importantly, there is a budding romance at the center of the show. America Ferrera plays the lead and has an ongoing flirtation with her co-worker Jonah played by Ben Feldman.

In the show, not crazily dissimilar to The Office, America Ferrera’s character is in a relationship (this time married with a teenage daughter) and Jonah is a single, fun loving guy who is unknowingly in love with Ferrera’s character. I love the relationship between Amy and Jonah. It’s so sweet and innocent that I could watch them talk forever and ever. The show is 100% comfort food and I love it.

Not to gush (okay we’re passed that point) but, the other reason I love the show is that it has reintroduced me to America Ferrera. It’s been years since she was really on my celebrity radar but now she’s all over it. Her Instagram is now my favorite and, I felt like a proud little sister when she announced last night’s episode of Superstore was her directorial debut. This woman is amazing and I love her.

Have you heard of or seen Superstore, Hart Beat? If you haven’t don’t waste any time! It’s on Hulu and boom, your night’s plans have been made.

Photos one and two are of the show and the last (glamour) shot of Ferrera is via her Instagram.

New Jane Austen Movie


Good news, Hart Beat! As you all read this blog and like the stuff I talk about here I’m assuming that you’re also a Jane Austen fan. If not then excuse this post and come back later… or never… JK! I love all of you (even if you don’t like Miss. Jane). It looks like the life of Jane Austen is being turned into a feature film romantic comedy. I don’t know what to say except !!!! The movie is based on a novel called Jane by the Sea.

In honor of this new announcements, let’s take a moment to go back and look at our favorite cinematic recreations of our favorite author and her novels.

1. The iconic BBC mini-series from 1995 with COLIN FIRTH. I mean, come on. This man is a god and this movie is heaven if you ask me.


2. Pride & Prejudice part two: the Keira Knightley chronicles. I remember when this movie came out and I went with my mom to see it in theaters. It was one of the best movements of my life. I then got to relive it over and over again when Carolyn and I watched this movie on repeat Sophomore year of college. How come everyone doesn’t get their love confession said to them in the rain… in an old garden marble trellis?


3. Pride & Prejudice part three: in which we all fall in love with Colin Firth again in Bridget Jones’ Diary. Oh god, I could go on and on about this movie (and it’s sequel which I DIDN’T HATE, OKAY?!). The combination of Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant is enough to make me cry out of happiness. And the music, god the music is so good in this movie. Let’s just sit back and look at this picture for a moment:


And this (which is my all time favorite scene in both movies):


4. The Jane Austen Book Club in which, we all fell in love with Grigg and decided to read Ursula Le Guin not because he recommended it but because… he totally recommended it. Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigg!


I could go on and on about different Jane Austen adaptations and I definitely left out a TON. I think we can agree though that a little Jane Austen is better than none at all. (Guess where that quote comes from and I’ll give you an internet high five.)


My favorite drink right now

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.09.51 PM

I’m going to stop you right there, Hart Beat and say, no this post is not about my love for Rosé. You have heard plenty about that and will hear plenty more. Don’t you worry. Today’s post is about the other drink that I always order from pretty much any bar I go to, an Old Fashioned.

Before I go on to explain the brilliance behind this drink, here’s a little history into my drinks of choice throughout my life

  • Freshman year of college: Sketchy Smirnoff from a plastic handle bought off the boys on my hall and chased by leftover birthday cake. Classy.
  • Sophomore year of college: Vodka cranberry. Because I am a girl.
  • Semester in Spain: Tinto de verano and entire bottles of rum. Good times, Hart Beat. Good. Times.
  • Senior year of college: Gin buckets. And the headaches that resulted after the gin buckets.
  • First year in New York: Microbrews. Oh Williamsburg, you and your microbrews.
  • Second year in New York: Stelllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Because budgeting is a thing.
  • Third year in New York: Old Fashioned’s with some rosé on the side.

I know my drink of choice history is a little harrowing (gin buckets are not for the faint of heart) but I promise you that the classic Old Fashioned is a wonderful place to land and will serve you well over the years.

An Old Fashioned is basically rye or bourbon whiskey with some bitters, simple syrups and an orange rind thrown in there. Funny story, on one of Pedro and my first dates I ordered an Old Fashioned and when he asked me what was in it, I had no answer. Now I know, Pedro! It’s whiskey and bitters!

The reason that I love an Old Fashioned is because it’s not particularly sweet drink but it still has enough taste to not be 100% whiskey. The drink is  usually served in a short and stout glass with one huge ice cube to keep the drink cold. I’m not gonna lie Hart Beat, this is a classy cocktail.

The other thing I love about an Old Fashioned is that it’s different. I don’t know many people who order it and I like that it’s something different BUT common enough that any bartender worth their salt can make one. What do you think, Hart Beat? You ever order an Old Fashioned?



Top photo via @deathandconyc. Second photo via The Drink Blog.

Fragrances for summer

Hi Hart Beat! Let’s talk smells… or a more eloquent way of saying it, let’s talk summer fragrances!


The other day my friend Marina emailed me saying that she had found her summer spirit animal in smell form. It made me think about how hard it is to sometimes find real recommendations for scents. The first time I tried to find one on my own I remember I went into a french perfume store and was overwhelmed by the options and smells. And this was in France, where you think it would be easy to find a nice scent.

The best way I know is through recommendations and so, I went straight to the source. I texted my beautiful best friends from high school to see what they like and pulled together of everyone’s favorites.

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Celebrate! Jenny Lewis shares a new music video

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.40.49 PM

Breaking news Hart Beat! My favorite song of 2014 from one of my favorite singers for life, Jenny Lewis, has just released the official music video for her hit song “She’s Not Me.” Like her last music video release this one has an onslaught of guest starts including Fred Armisen, Zosia Mamet and Vanessa Bayer. The video recreates some of Jenny’s childhood roles in The Golden Girls, Troop Beverly Hills, The Wizard, Pleasantville. First of all, WHO KNEW JENNY WAS A CHILDHOOD ACTRESS?? I sure didn’t. And secondly, could she get any more beautiful?

Top photo I took at the epic Jenny Lewis concert here in New York this last fall.

Of a Kind

Of a Kind launches “A Few Good Things with Claire and Erica”

Hi Hart Beat. Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start. For a while I’ve been meaning to share with you one of my favorite brand newsletters that arrives in my inbox everyday and thanks to a new development in one, the post is finally here. As someone who works in email marketing, there are honestly very few newsletters that I actually take the time to read and click through. The Of a Kind weekly ten things email is one of them.

Of a Kind

For those of you unfamiliar with the company, Of a Kind is an ecommerce site based here in Brooklyn that showcases small designers and collaborations with limited edition pieces. I’ve gotten a few amazing things from the site (my fav commuting bag) and have discovered so many amazing brands to boot. The duo behind the site, Claire and Erica, do an amazing job of highlighting these small brands with a bio and mini interview.

In their weekly newsletter that sends out every Monday, the founding ladies will each ten things that they’ve loved from the internet this week. One of the things that I love are a) the header title that often brings in some pop culture phenomenon and b) the fact that they very rarely link to their own site.

Lucky for you who are also fans of the newsletter (or who are now recently aware if it’s awesomeness) Claire and Erica this month launched their new podcast called A Few Things with Claire and EricaIn the podcast the two  pick a topic each episode and just chat about interesting brands, trends, foods, music,  that they want to share with us.

The podcast is two episodes in and has thus far discussed everything under the sun from the morality behind avocado toast, athleisure, #promposal, Ojai Pixie treats and their love for Robertas pizza. If you’re looking for a new something to listen on your commute I most definitely recommend checking this one out. Consider this a bonus recommendation in my current podcast guide.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for Of a Kind’s newsletter (and mine too for that matter) to get their updates.

Of a Kind

Photos via the Of a Kind website and blog.

Well done, Mr. Linklater

Hey Hart Beat. As you loyal readers probably know, my favorite movie of all time is the mesmerizing Before Sunset. I love that movie (and it’s predecessor and follower) so much that when I went to Paris I followed their exact steps and I watch the movie at least once a year. Dios, even the scenes of the trailer get me so good.

Anyway, the brilliant director behind those three movies, Richard Linklater, is now releasing his most recent movie. Boyhood is about a young boy growing up in America. The story is pretty typical but the way that Linklater created it is definitely not. The movie was filmed over 12 years with the same actors, and more importantly, the same actor playing the lead. Ellar Coltrane was 6 years old and ends this year, when the actor is 18. You can listen to this amazing interview with Ellar on NPR here. What do you think, Hart Beat? Want to see it with me?

Hats off to you, Richard.