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Lara Odell = My life


Working at Food52 gives me so much access and introduction to amazing cooks and writers but lately we’ve been pulling together some great illustrations on the site. When I clicked through to see who the artist was I was blown away and laughed away by Laura Odell’s work.

Laura has a wide range of work but my favorites are all of the small illustrations that she pulled together on this site.  The top one here amiright? Shoutout to Bates Commons there (I see you Star Trek). I feel like this is my life on the subway and in the office elevator. WHY EYES WHY. Some of my other favorites by Laura are here too.




Charrow handmade gift cards


Hola Hart Beat and welcome to Monday. As I’m sure most all of you know, in a few weekends (two to be exact) a certain holiday is approaching. Father’s Day! I’m lucky enough that I’ll be heading with Pedro back home to the Berkshires to see my dad for the weekend. Good think I know just what I’m bringing him.

On of my favorite parts of my new Brooklyn neighborhood is a bakery called The Little Cupcake Bakeshop. It’s right down the street from where Pedro and I live and Hart Beat, ITS AMAZING. The bakery, as it’s name implies bakes the most amazing cupcakes and cakes. The other plus is that they serve Illy Italian coffee. What’s most pertinent to this conversation is that the bakery sells the most adorable handmade cards.

The card company name is Charrow and other than the fact that the artist hand makes all the cards and has an affinity for squirrels, I can find surprisingly little about the company. Either way I highly recommend checking out the Charrow site and ordering some of these handmade gift cards for Father’s Day! Or whenever, I’ve used them for everything this year..

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All photos via Charrow.