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El Rey on the Lower East Side

Wandering around the Lower East Side today I found the cutest coffee shop. There hasn’t been a spot in Manhattan or Brooklyn to remind me of Madrid before finding El Rey. All I could think about was how I wish I had brought my camera with me to the city today. The atmosphere is so comforting and cozy at the same time as being trendy and crisp. I also am in love with the graphic design and color of the logo. El Rey is a coffee, beer, and soda bar perched on Stanton Street in the Lower East Side, one of Manhattans trendiest neighborhoods and if you ever find yourself wandering around the area looking for someplace to get a coffee and just sit and relax, El Rey is for you.

Visiting El Rey really reminds me how much I want to open my own boutique/gallery/bar. I would love to be able to organize and design a space all of my own to share with my friends and family. You want to join, Hart Beat?
These four photos above and the first photo of the post are all via the El Rey Instagram feed. All of the pictures there are so beautiful, I can’t recommend following them enough.

The other two photos come via El Rey’s website and the Smith and Ratliff website.

Chocolate con churros

Hi Hart Beat! I’m back! Sorry to those of you who tried to find the blog on my old url (www.hart-beat.com). If you want info on irregular heart beats and heart deformations then the old site is the place of dreams for you. If not and you just want some good old romantic fun from New York City then stick  around.
I came back to Brooklyn on Saturday and today C. and I had a good catch up in Soho. We were wandering around after lunch here and randomly walked by this amazing churro bar. Seriously, the place was straight out of Spain. San Gines a la nueva york.  La Churrería, located at 284 Mulberry Street, is an epic find and I recommend it to anyone experiencing Spain nostalgia. I heard vale three times while inhaling the churros. Bonus, they have café con leche. New York, I love you.

Sorry for the quality of these photos, 
I only had my iphone on me at the time.