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For like ever

Hi, Hart Beat. There’s been a lot of love floating around lately. I think it must be summer time. All this love and amorous feelings have me thinking about a great print that some friends of mine used to have in their Greenpoint apartment. At the time I was a single lady living in New York and so had no reason to hang “For Like Ever” in my apartment. But, now that Pedro and I are making moves, I kind of want to get it to put somewhere in the kitchen that I get to revamp this fall. The print isn’t new (it’s been around since 2004) but it gets me every time.




The print is available from Super Rural. Surprisingly, I like the pink the best.


I want to do it all. I also want to do absolutely nothing.

Hi Hart Beat. My friend Heather send me this print the other day at work and it pretty sums up how I feel about life right now. I feel like I’m always thinking of so many ideas for projects, jobs, companies, blogs, that I can’t keep everything straight. I also just want to go home after work and watch Community with Pedro. The struggle is real (see Melo sleeping under my pillow below.)



Print by Sarah Tolzmann of Note to Self.

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Charrow handmade gift cards


Hola Hart Beat and welcome to Monday. As I’m sure most all of you know, in a few weekends (two to be exact) a certain holiday is approaching. Father’s Day! I’m lucky enough that I’ll be heading with Pedro back home to the Berkshires to see my dad for the weekend. Good think I know just what I’m bringing him.

On of my favorite parts of my new Brooklyn neighborhood is a bakery called The Little Cupcake Bakeshop. It’s right down the street from where Pedro and I live and Hart Beat, ITS AMAZING. The bakery, as it’s name implies bakes the most amazing cupcakes and cakes. The other plus is that they serve Illy Italian coffee. What’s most pertinent to this conversation is that the bakery sells the most adorable handmade cards.

The card company name is Charrow and other than the fact that the artist hand makes all the cards and has an affinity for squirrels, I can find surprisingly little about the company. Either way I highly recommend checking out the Charrow site and ordering some of these handmade gift cards for Father’s Day! Or whenever, I’ve used them for everything this year..

11200932_10100179733993490_1905780546477180356_o tumblr_no94e0DoUQ1s78u0io1_1280 tumblr_no94e0DoUQ1s78u0io4_1280 tumblr_no94e0DoUQ1s78u0io7_1280

All photos via Charrow.

A dream apartment in Malasaña

Hola Hart Beat. My five favorite readings from this week are coming up but before that I had to share this apartment with you that my friend Marina sent over to me yesterday. I met Marina four years ago (I can’t believe it was that long ago) when she and I both studied abroad in Madrid. I’ll never forget how we met. Marina just came up and started talking to me on the street and it turned out we both went to small liberal arts schools and were on their respective sailing teams. After I asked her why she came to talk to me. She said it was because I was wearing clogs.


Anyway, when Marina send me this article I almost fell right out of my chair. Not only is the apartment designed in the most amazing way but it’s located in the our favorite neighborhood in our favorite city. On top of that the decoration of the apartment is based on a mediteranian vibe. Pretty much, to sum it up this is the apartment that both Marina and I dream about having. From the location to the decoration, I can’t think of anything more perfect.

“Esta encantadora buhardilla no esté en la costa, sino en el corazón del madrileño barrio de Malasaña. Pero su blanco interior, su decoración en clave natural y su sencillez nos hacen soñar con el sol.”

“This small, lovely apartment isn’t on the cost but in the hear of the Madrid neighborhood Malasaña. It’s white interior, natural theme and simplicity makes use dream of the sun.”

What do you think, Hart Beat? Want to take a spontaneous trip with me to Madrid this weekend? And Pedro, do you want the apartment to look like this? To see all the photos follow this link here (lo siento, the article is in Spanish but good news, the images are not!).



New York vs. San Francisco

Hola Hart Beat. As some of you might know, about three years ago (how was that so long ago) I tried to leave my east coast roots and move over to San Francisco. How was that you ask? What an epic fail. For so many reasons I did not like it over there and moved immediately back east to settle in Brooklyn. Now after living here for three years I am so, so, SO happy that I did. I love this city and (bonus here) my hatred of San Fran was one of the first things that Pedro and I bonded over when we met.

New York vs. San Francisco

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Flower construction #58 (w:80 h:120 d:6.5 cm)

Anne Ten Donkelaar, flower constructions for May

Anne Ten Donkelaar, flower constructions

Oh Hart Beat, the happiest of Friday’s to you. This week was both super long and super short (if you know what I mean) and I’m glad that the weekend is here for time to relax and catch up with my friends. Tonight Pedro and I are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn (HOMETOWN BBQ, do you know it?) and I can’t wait to eat all the pulled pork that I can handle.

Anyway, one of my friends at work shared with me these 3d flower constructions from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures by the extremely talented artist Anne Ten Donkelaar and I can’t stop thinking about them. Norwegian artist Donkelaar has published these pieces on her website and describes them as,

Each element is meticulously placed on pins which creates the depth. Some of them are like a fantasy Herbaria, filled with dried flowers or branches, with irregular shapes and sophisticated twists and some refer to planets.

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Brooklyn Apartment Jealousy

Apartments, apartments, apartments. In New York just the word has a chilling effect. One of my favorite things about walking around the city is creepily looking into windows walking by and seeing the both beautiful, huge apartments next to the small, dark places. It may sounds creepy to you non-city dwellers but I know you New Yorkers know what I’m talking about.

The other day I found this great Brooklyn apartment detailed by Refinery29 and I just had to share. THIS PLACE. Ugg, it gives me such apartment envy. The woman who lives there, Lauren Snyder, also owns The Primary Essentials one of the best curated boutique in Brooklyn. She’s been living in this Fort Greene apartment for 10 years and all I want to do right now is drag all of these amazing things from the photos into the room I’m sitting in now. Having an apartment in Brooklyn must be lovely. Think of everything you can do virtually on your own doorstep! This is why many people are willing to sacrifice purchasing a home outright by renting instead. After all, renting can actually be a mutually beneficial arrangement particularly when you have a fair lease agreement in place.

All photos via the Refinery29 website.

My favorite coffee: No. Six Depot

Oh hello there, Hart Beat. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, I’ve been in and out of New York the past couple of days and I am so glad to be back in Brooklyn tonight. Now that it’s summer though, I will be making trips back home to visit my parents in the Berkshires for the fresh air and swims in the lake. One of the best parts of going home is visiting one of my favorite coffee shops, Six Depot.

Six Depot is owned and run by two of my parents friends who live in our neighboring town, West Stockbridge. Lisa and Flavio are two of the nicest people and opened this coffee shop/gallery/restaurant space in an old train station in 2013. The space is so beautiful and the coffee is so so so good. Flavio makes the best cafe con leche that I’ve had since being in Spain (he’s from Argentina so I guess he has a leg up on good coffee.) All of the coffee used by Six Depot is brewed on premises by the owners. One of the best parts is the names that Lisa and Flavio give the blends. My favorites are “Infinite Jest Blend” and “Bali Blue Moon Organic.

Not only does No. Six Depot have amazing coffee but they have an amazing gallery space in the old train station. The gallery’s first show showcased a show by my mom! If you ever visit the Berkshires then you have to visit Six Dept. I know you’ll love it, Hart Beat.

Hi Sascha!

All photos from the No. Six Depot website.

Image Pairings on Tuesday Night

Hi Hart Beat. How is your Tuesday night going? I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this weekend and early week. I was in Washington D.C. over the weekend at my brother’s graduation and am only just getting back into the swing of things in Brooklyn. For a quick little post tonight I thought I would share some image pairings that I’ve been working on. I want some of these printed out for the hallway in my apartment. What do you think?

Ascona, Switzerland and Matisse.
Marilyn and a great poster