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All that glitters is demin

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. September is hereeee!! As as much as I want to deny it it means that fall is upon us and we can no long er use the oppressive heat for not dressing up to New York City level. I mean I’ve been getting emails about capital F Fall Fashion for a few months now but it’s only just occurring to me to start looking at what the cool kids are actually wearing. My first report: denim. is. everywhere.

Between creeping/not creeping (depending on your definition) on other women on the subway train, scrolling through Instagram or pinning to my hearts content on Pinterest all I see is a sea (ha) of denim. Even Madewell did 24 days of denim this August to prepare us all for the fall weather. These are the things I’m seeing around and where you can find them too,

  • Embroidery. I don’t know where this started but I like it. Words, flowers, and designs are everywhere on denim pants and jackets right now. Our DIY friends at a pair and a spade show you how to do it here and if you’re interested in buying Asos has some cool things.
  • Cropped and frayed hems. Denim pants are now being cut all kinds of ways to show the frayed hems of the pant. The one detail I’m loving is people are cutting the front part of the hem shorter than the end so that it kind of reveals a box look. It’s kind of sexy, Hart Beat. I did it to one of my older pair of pants and I have to say it’s pretty flattering. If you don’t want to wreck any of your favorite jeans Need Supply Co. is selling jeans with the pre cut look.
  • Denim tops (paired with jeans). Ahh, the old Texas tuxedo has made it’s way to New York and people are liking it. My southern friends should be proud. The tops I’m liking come from Madewell and Asos.


Top photo via tumblr and I wish I knew where that jacket was from, sorry :( and bottom photo via Madewell.