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Dreaming of Warmer Weather (Three Things)

Hannah Hart Beat

It’s too snowy to drive to any coffee shop to work today (snow storm # one million) so I’m bundled up in my down jacket while the fire in my studio breaks the temperature from freezing to something bearable. Once it’s warm I’m back to the G.D. book but for now let’s distract ourselves with a few things that I’ve been on my mind. Thank Sweet Baby Yeezus in two weeks from today I’ll be surfing and sunning in Costa Rica for a week officially taking a break from the winter and writing. What’s keeping you going in the cold this week, Hart Beat?

This poem from February’s Poetry Magazine by James Brown.


You yearn so much
you could be a yacht.
Your mind has already
set sail. It takes a few days
to arrive

at island pace,
but soon you are barefoot
on the sand,
the slim waves testing
your feet

like health professionals.
You toe shells, sea glass, and odd things
that have drifted for years
and finally
washed up here.

You drop your towel
and step out of
your togs, ungainly,
your right foot, then

the other
stepping down
the sand
to stand
in the water.

There is no discernible
in temperature.
You breaststroke in
the lazy blue.

A guy passing in a rowboat
says, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”
And it is. Your body
afloat in salt
as if cured.

This song by Drake that I keep playing while driving around the county, imagining myself instead, running on a beach into salty, warm ocean water.

Drinking as much Six Depot Costa Rica coffee that I can get my hands on. It’s the best coffee in The Berkshires (IMO) and I can’t get enough of it this week. It is currently defrosting my fingers as we speak.

Hannah Hart Beat

The top photo was taken by me three years ago in Costa Rica.

Bedroom Day Dreaming

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. How are you doing? I’ve been day dreaming about redecorating my apartment lately and have been hooked on my bedroom. Last Spring Pedro and I painted our kitchen to give it a mini makeover. It made all the difference in the world! This year we’re talking about doing another one of the rooms of our apartment and I have my eyes on a few things for our bedroom.

1. A new bed frame. This one from West Elm caught my eye on Pinterest and now I can’t stop thinking about it. West Elm has great shots of the bed in actual people’s apartments and I can’t get over it! The photo up top here was taken by @dabito who’s Instagram is so great I’ve gone down such a rabbit hole of beautiful apartment design photos.

Hannah Hart Beat

2. New linen sheets from Parachute. I’ve heard different things about the new(ish) addition to the ecommerce order-online-no-store-just-online movement company but what really got me was the post by Stella Blackmon on her Instagram. As soon as I saw those dreamy white sheets I was all oh mamacita set me free. I have this weird thing with sheets where I really prefer white sheets above all else. I think it’s because the seem extra clean? The Parachute linen sheets look amazing and, even better, you can order just a top sheet or just a fitted sheet (more on this to come..) I think about adding a rug to it I found the perfect one, (see one that is similar to it by clicking here) but I haven’t gotten around to getting it yet.

Hannah Hart Beat

3. New throw pillows. I have these Ikea pillows that I picked up from the old Food52 office and I think it’s time for them to be updated slash they’ve been needed to be updated for years. I have my eye on this stripped one from a favorite store of mine in Greenpoint called Home of the Brave. I think tow of these + white linen sheets + that beautiful bedframe = my dream bedroom.

I’m also considering an iBeani iPad holder for my bed as my friend has recommended them to me. She describes them as another piece of furniture with a technology purpose that is otherwise hidden if you didn’t know what they were, which I think is great. Another thing I’ve been considering is an upgrade to my old vacuum cleaner. A friend gave a good review of her Bissell vacuum cleaner. However, that’s for another day once I’ve got everything else sorted!