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Love for Coffee Shops

Hannah Hart Beat - Coffee Shops

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your morning (early afternoon) going? It’s a beautiful day here in Maine and I’ve been getting some good writing done here this morning. Since leaving New York there are a few things I miss and one of them, unfortunately, is something that I can’t find here on this small coastal Maine island. I’ve written before here on Hart Beat about my love of coffee shops (No. Six Depot, Propeller, Homecoming, El Rey, Ovenly, Toby’s Estate… okay probably too many) and that is one of the things I miss about Brooklyn.

I’m not sure what it is exactly I love about coffee shops. I think it’s a combination of the atmosphere, seeing the people, hearing the noises, and writing alone but not being alone. Oh, plus there’s nothing I love more than an extra hot cup of coffee. As you might have noticed, this blog has taken on a new headline and is now “Your Post-Brooklyn Lifestyle Blog”. Wherever I end up this fall all I know is that it has to have a good variety of coffee shops for me to hang out at. I’ve been to many coffee shops over the months/years, but I am yet to see some of my favourite cold brew coffee. As I have become familiar with some of the coffee shop owners, I might just subtly hand them something like a JoeFroyo sell sheet to see if they can order some for their shop. And it’s not everyday that us coffee drinkers want to have a hot drink. Something cold would be nice in the summer months. Personally, I think this would be a great move for coffee shops to make and I get to enjoy more coffee. Everyone’s a winner.

As a little bonus, when I was in Madrid last month I spent quite a few hours at Café Pepe Botella in my favorite neighborhood Malasaña. If you’re headed to Madrid and need a recommendation that is my number one coffee shop. While I was there not only did I eat enough pan con tomate to feed an entire city but, I recorded about twenty minutes of background noise from the cafe. It was a magical morning and I couldn’t get over the combination of coffee making sounds, the piano music they had on, and the Spanish ladies who were chatting next to me. In lieu of a coffee shop on the island, I’ve been listening to it on repeat while writing here in Maine. Hope you enjoy it too, Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat - Coffee Shops

P.S. There’s another coffee shop noise trick that I wrote about before on Hart Beat. You might like it too.

Photos by me of Café Pepe Botella in Madrid.

Daily Routine: Café au Lait Trick

Hannah Hart Beat

Hola Hart Beat. It’s definitely Thursday and it’s definitely rainy so that means we have to talk about coffee. Last year around this time I tried to give up coffee cold turkey. It didn’t work and since then I have been happily back on the caffeine train. My typical order oscillate between a regular latte and a café au lait (two thirds coffee with steamed milk poured over the top). To be honest, I can’t really tell a huge difference and (at least in New York) the price difference is huge. A café au lait usually costs $2.50/$3 and a latte can range from $4.50 to a crazy $9. The other reason I love a good café au lait is it’s the closest thing I’ve found to the Spanish Café con Leche. ☕☕☕

Suffice it to say I drink mainly café au laits but one thing I have been doing to add a little extra umff has been sprinkling a little cinnamon on top of the coffee. GAME CHANGER.

This started when my mom and I were in Costa Rica and I haven’t been able to stop. The cinnamon adds just a whiff of flavor that sometimes you just need in your coffee. Plus, it looks super pretty. The picture above was from this mornings coffee stop at The Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Bay Ridge.

What about you, Hart Beat? Have any tricks for your daily coffee grind?

In case you missed it, this is part of a series called Daily Routine on Hart Beat. For the first installment check out my daily packing routine post. More to come soon!

Sorry tea, coffee is better


Oh good morning, Hart Beat. How’s you day going so far? Me? Oh, how funny you ask. I feel great. And why perhaps you’re wondering? Maybe it’s because I have a delicious cup of coffee sitting right in front of me. About a month ago I made the jump from my daily coffee intake to tea all day long. Last week I woke up one morning and just thought to myself how badly I wanted a strong café au lait in my hands.

I hate to admit it (sorry Pedro) but I’ve gone back to to dark side with a little milk and sugar to boot. What can I say? Let’s be honest, am I really going to go the rest of my life without a cup of coffee?? No. The answer is no. What happens when I travel back to Spain? Or stay up all night binge watching Community? Or just need something warm that tastes good (as opposed to the sometimes bland teas out there? That’s right I said it.)

And with that, I raise my mug to all you other coffee drinkers out there. #Caffineunite


Photos courtesy of the wonderful Need Supply Co. blog.

Day 10, zero coffee

Day 10, zero coffee

Day 10, zero coffee

Hi Hart Beat. Can I see a raise of hands for all of you out there who count on there morning coffee everyday? What’s that? All of you? I thought so. I started drinking coffee when I studied abroad in Spain (the first time I actually needed coffee, shout out to those moondancers out there). I have continued my daily coffee intake since I moved to New York and have had zero regrets until recently.

About three months ago Pedro cut out coffee and has been since telling me how *amaaaaazing* it is. For a while I was like oh yea whatever Pedro, you don’t know the feelings I have for a cafe con leche, they came first yaheard?

As always, Pedro was right and the time has come where I need to put down the paper cup (so they say) and try sometime without my normal morning caffeine jolt. 25 year old Hannah’s body is having a harder time with daily coffee than 20 year old Hannah did.

And thus, today begins day ten of the zero coffee expirement. I’m not going to lie, Hart Beat, there were a few days when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it this far. And now that I’m at day ten what I keep thinking about is that saying that if you can go 21 days doing or not doing something then it creates a habit.

So Hart Beat, I reach out to you. Have any of you given up coffee like this cold turkey? And if so, HOW?? Any advice would be well received.

Photo courtesy of @coffeenclothes

My favorite coffee: No. Six Depot

Oh hello there, Hart Beat. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, I’ve been in and out of New York the past couple of days and I am so glad to be back in Brooklyn tonight. Now that it’s summer though, I will be making trips back home to visit my parents in the Berkshires for the fresh air and swims in the lake. One of the best parts of going home is visiting one of my favorite coffee shops, Six Depot.

Six Depot is owned and run by two of my parents friends who live in our neighboring town, West Stockbridge. Lisa and Flavio are two of the nicest people and opened this coffee shop/gallery/restaurant space in an old train station in 2013. The space is so beautiful and the coffee is so so so good. Flavio makes the best cafe con leche that I’ve had since being in Spain (he’s from Argentina so I guess he has a leg up on good coffee.) All of the coffee used by Six Depot is brewed on premises by the owners. One of the best parts is the names that Lisa and Flavio give the blends. My favorites are “Infinite Jest Blend” and “Bali Blue Moon Organic.

Not only does No. Six Depot have amazing coffee but they have an amazing gallery space in the old train station. The gallery’s first show showcased a show by my mom! If you ever visit the Berkshires then you have to visit Six Dept. I know you’ll love it, Hart Beat.

Hi Sascha!

All photos from the No. Six Depot website.

Congrats, Propeller!

Just a quick note this morning. My newest favorite Greenpoint coffee spot, Propeller, has been recognized by Eater as one of the best places to drink coffee in New York. Propeller is listed among good company next to other favorites of mine El Rey, Toby’s Estate and Konditori. It’s a great little coffee shop with the nicest staff and vibe that reminds me of the small town I grew up in. Next time you’re in Greenpoint I definitely recommend stopping by. Congratulations, Propeller!

Greenpoint Guide: Caffé Spina

In the land of all that is beautiful there has been a (relatively) new addition to the crop-up of storefronts on my beloved Franklin Street. Caffé Spina is a beautiful store front located at 107 Franklin Street in Greenpoint that hosts a delicious combination of coffee and flower shop.

I stopped into Spina a few weeks ago to speak with the owners and take a few pictures for the Greenpoint Guide. The day that I popped in the staff was getting ready for a professional photo shoot with Gardenista (you can find more photos by following the link there). Lucky me the place was being perfected and I got to see the hustle and bustle of the exited team and owners.

Spina not only boasts beautiful succulents, ivies and cacti but also Blue Bottle Coffee and Dough Donuts, two of Brooklyn’s most renowned staples. Every time I step into the little cafe I feel like I’ve been whisked away into a hipster fairyland in a design magazine, in the best way possible of course. Spina is definitely worth a visit when you’re planning your next trip to Greenpoint.

P.S. Previous features on the official Greenpoint Guide: Ovenly, Word Bookstore, Le Gamin.

El Rey on the Lower East Side

Wandering around the Lower East Side today I found the cutest coffee shop. There hasn’t been a spot in Manhattan or Brooklyn to remind me of Madrid before finding El Rey. All I could think about was how I wish I had brought my camera with me to the city today. The atmosphere is so comforting and cozy at the same time as being trendy and crisp. I also am in love with the graphic design and color of the logo. El Rey is a coffee, beer, and soda bar perched on Stanton Street in the Lower East Side, one of Manhattans trendiest neighborhoods and if you ever find yourself wandering around the area looking for someplace to get a coffee and just sit and relax, El Rey is for you.

Visiting El Rey really reminds me how much I want to open my own boutique/gallery/bar. I would love to be able to organize and design a space all of my own to share with my friends and family. You want to join, Hart Beat?
These four photos above and the first photo of the post are all via the El Rey Instagram feed. All of the pictures there are so beautiful, I can’t recommend following them enough.

The other two photos come via El Rey’s website and the Smith and Ratliff website.

Greenpoint Guide: Ovenly

Welcome to the first installment of Hart Beat’s very own Greenpoint Guide, giving you a inside scoop and a local’s guide to the best neighborhood (yea I said it) in Brooklyn. First up, Ovenly! 
If you ever find yourself wandering around Franklin Street in Brooklyn (highly recommended by the way) and find yourself thinking, “Hmm, I could really use some delicious coffee, beautiful ambiance, and MOUTHWATERING COOKIES,” then Hart Beat, I have the place for you. Ovenly, tucked down Greenpoint Ave on quiet West Street sits the most perfect little bakery you will ever find. Greenpoint is quiet but walking to the water on the way to Ovenly makes me feel like I’m in a whole other world.
Before walking into the bakery/coffee shop, just look at the outside. The Pinterest pinner in me wants to cry. Ovenly sits on the edge of Greenpoint’s most prized riverside park and outside the space is plenty of bench and strolling room to enjoy the Manhattan skyline sweeping next to you.
But Hart Beat, the inside of Ovenly is even better. I stop by all the time on rainy days to grab a cookie and read because it is just so lovely inside. Always quiet with the best music playing, Ovenly is never pretentious and honestly, I always enjoy myself here. The best part? Instead of a coffee card to punch the bakery gives out cookie cards. Buy ten cookies and the eleventh one is free. 
Ovenly is not the place to shlep your computer bag and apartment contents to in order to work. It’s the kind of place that I love where you can stop in with friends and have a delicious catch up. Or the coffee shop you dream about on a rainy day where you can finish your book in peace.

Stay tuned next week for the next installment, Hart Beat!
For more information on the series, send me an email to hannahhartbeat at gmail dot com.
All original photography for Hannah Hart Beat.

Heaven in Manhattan: Toby’s Estate

Hi Hart Beat. I found it, I found heaven on 21st and 5th Avenue. Well, not exactly but pretty close.

My new office is right on the boarder of Chelsea and the Flat Iron district. It’s a great area to work in (there’s a Trader Joe’s right around the block) but the only problem is the lack of coffee shops. After living in Brooklyn for a year I’m a little spoiled and am used to grabbing my coffee in indie, beautiful spaces with delicious options. Unfortunately, the part of Manhattan that I work in is Starbucks central and I until recently (with the exception of the Mud Truck, hey boys) I haven’t had anywhere that I enjoy going. 
Luckily, since Toby’s Estate opened their flagship Manhattan store around my work neighborhood I now have a place to go. Not only does Toby’s have amazing coffee and tea (and cookies too!) but their coffee shop is hosted in the most beautiful Club Monaco with a small library style book store run by The Strand. In addition there is a table filled with floral arrangements by Polux Fleuriste. I’m sorry, did you hear that Hart Beat? It’s a delicious coffee shop, with an independent book store hosted inside a beautiful clothing store. Um, I take it back. I found heaven on 21st and 5th.

All photographs curtesy of Coffee & Culture by Aaron Frey.