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My Week in California

Hannah Hart Beat copy

Hola Hart Beat. God am I tired. And no, not the kind of tired from being “busy” as the NY Times is always rallying against but the true to the bone, my body is exhausted and achy tired. Why? The answer is simple. For the past week I’ve been bicycling across Northern California to raise money for an organization called Climate Ride. Like organizations like Bike MS or Walk for Breast Cancer, Climate Ride organizes day and week long hikes and bike rides to raise money for different environmental organizations. It was an amazing experience and I wish it could have gone on for three more weeks.

I took a bunch of photos on the trip and posted some on Instagram but here are some other shots in case your interested. The one thing that I just couldn’t capture on my phone was how BIG everything is out west. New England is beautiful but it’s so quaint. Everything about the California landscape is sprawling. I would stand on the cliffs with not a sole in site and just gasp at how beautiful everything is. In case your curious, here’s a rough map of the route we biked. (Except instead of taking seven hours it actually took us five days.)

Hannah Hart Beat

My favorite part was the third day of the trip when we biked 100 miles along Route 1 all along the coast line. I wish I could have taken more pictures but then I never would have made it to the next camp ground. Have you ever done a trip like this before, Hart Beat? Want to come with me next year?

Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

All photos taken by me on my iPhone. I apologize for the grainy quality 🙈.


To California

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat!!! Happiest of Fridays! This is an exciting Friday for me since I’m actually writing this post to you from the sky. I’m flying to San Francisco!

Starting TOMORROW I’m going to be joining my Dad and about one hundred other riders in Fortuna, CA to start a 340 mile bike ride along the cost of California. When I was younger, I used to go bike riding with my dad and it was way different than it is now. He said he used to sing songs to me to encourage me to ride. And now look at us today, raising money for charity together! Crazy, right? We’re all raising money for Climate Ride and for info on the ride, the organizations I am fundraising for and just more general info check out my rider profile on the Climate Ride site. It’s an intense five day ride along the coast and I am so excited/nervous/not wanting to think about it right now. Especially the fact that we’re riding 60+ miles a day and camping out every night. I love the idea of camping but the though of pitching a tent and starting a fire after riding my bike for 8+ hours tires me now on this plane…. The ride will follow the Pacific and the last day the hundred riders will coast over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

What I’m hoping from YOU is recommendations of things to do, places to eat, coffee to drink, Instagram shots to take the weekend after the ride when I’ll be spending time in San Francisco. If you’re a loyal reader of this blog you’ll know almost four years ago I “moved” to San Francisco. I say moved like that because what I really did was buy an impulsive one way ticket to SF with no job or life plans. I was out there about a week when I realized what a horrible idea it was and promptly moved to New York. In retrospect I’m glad I did what I did but I’m also excited to go back west on just a vacation without the stress of making a life altering decision.

So comment away here for recommendations and keep up with my Instagram for shots of the ride. See you in CA, Hart Beat!

P.S. This New York vs. San Francisco is on my mind today.

Photo by @johnthatcher.

Ride Brilliant

Instacrush: Brilliant Bicycle

Ride Brilliant

Hi Hart Beat! This afternoon I want to share one of my newest Instacrushes that I’ve been obsessing over as of late. The account comes from a LA based bicycle company called Brilliant Bicycle Co. that makes the coolest and simplest bikes out there.

As you loyal readers know, I am an avid New York City biker and take pride in my beloved Bianchi. As much as I love my bike, ever since I came across the Brilliant Bicycle Co. instagram and website, I’ve been seriously considering getting one of the Brilliant bikes.

The company makes the options very easy by only offering two different types of frames, the Astor and the Mayfair, with each having either 1, 3, or 7 gears in so many fun, bright colors. I haven’t ridden on the bike but from what I’ve read this is the perfect, inexpensive, adorable bike for anyone in a city looking for a commuter bike. If you’re not ready to ride or ready to spring for a new bike then just follow @ridebrilliant and you can pretend, like me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.14.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.15.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.16.14 PM

Ride Brilliant

Ride Brilliant

Brilliant Bicycle


All photos via @ridebrilliant.

New York vs. San Francisco

Hola Hart Beat. As some of you might know, about three years ago (how was that so long ago) I tried to leave my east coast roots and move over to San Francisco. How was that you ask? What an epic fail. For so many reasons I did not like it over there and moved immediately back east to settle in Brooklyn. Now after living here for three years I am so, so, SO happy that I did. I love this city and (bonus here) my hatred of San Fran was one of the first things that Pedro and I bonded over when we met.

New York vs. San Francisco

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Authentic California from Seavees

Speaking of California, have you heard of the sneaker brand Seavees? I don’t know what it is about this almost spring weather but it has me craving for all things Californian. I was doing some research on the brand for my new job and I just had to share them with you. The story behind the company is so cool and the photos on their website make me drool. You people are so cool! Want to hire an east coast transplant? I’ll learn to surf for you!

I’m not a huge sneaker person (most of my shoes have heels) but, I would totally change my mind for a pair of their 09/65 Bayside Sandals or the 02/64 Baja Slip Ons. Never had I seen sneakers that would work so perfectly with my clothes. They would be perfect for biking around Brooklyn on the weekends.

And the story behind the brand, Hart Beat, it is so good. Seavees was originally founded in the 1960’s as a simple shoe company that predates Vans. The company closed down nine years after their opening and then 40 years after that, in the early 2000’s, a vintage pair of shoes was found by a collector in Japan. The brand was then relaunched, brining back the laid-back surfer vibe of the 60s to todays market. My favorite part f this story is how each shoes is named for a specific date in history with links that range from important days in the beatnik generation to the first Baja Surf Club Invitation in Mexico.

I have so much more that I want to say about Seavees but the last bit of information I’ll give you is the most recent promotion that the brand is publishing. If you sign up for their newsletter now (until when I don’t know) you are automatically entered to win a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. This beautiful baby below could be yours. But it won’t be, because I’m going to be cruising around Brooklyn in it all summer long. As if I didn’t love you enough, Seavees.

All photos from the Seavees website.

New Lana del Rey from Coachella, that’s right

Have you heart the news, Hart Beat? Our girl Lana del Rey released a new single at Coachella last weekend. It’s been a while since Lana gave us anything new and this song is well worth the wait. I can’t stop listening to it. The song is so powerful that even though I am desperately in love with Brooklyn, this sad tune makes me want to pack up and move out to California. How do you do it, Lana? Enjoy the track tonight, Hart Beat.

“West Coast” by Lana del Rey

Nice one, Lana.

West coast

Hi Hart Beat. Today’s dreary weather has me daydreaming of my almost life on the west coast. I am so thankful to be living in New York and the life I have built here but, man, sometimes I miss those solar rays. In honor of the left coast here’s a little Monday afternoon song for you lovely readers. Also, heard on WNYC this morning there is a major drought out there right now, sending rain your way CA.

“West Coast” by Coconut Records

Hannah Hunt, the best breakup song

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your weekend going? I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday and I’m even more excited that I get to spend some time with my oldest friend Sammy. Shout-out to S. tonight for sharing this beautiful song with me. (Second shout-out to Spotify for making the world of music sharing such a wonderful place.)

I hadn’t listened to Vampire Weekend’s most recent album until Sam recommended this song to me and now I can’t believe where I was for so long. “Hannah Hunt,” the song posted bellow, is what has taken me so strongly, and no, not because it’s about another Hannah, because it is one of the most simple and achingly beautiful song about a breakup I’ve heard in a while.

In Santa Barbara, Hannah cried
And missed those freezing beaches
And I walked into town
To buy some kindling for the fire,
Hannah tore the New York Times up into pieces

If I can’t trust you then damn it, Hannah
There’s no future, there’s no answer
Though we live on the US dollar
You and me, we got our own sense of time

“Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend

L.A. Jeweler, Devon Pavlovits

One of my favorite things to do in this city is stopping in so many of the beautiful small boutiques and seeing the designers that they carry. I love talking to the owners and sales associates about what they are carrying and what it’s like to run a store. Seeing as now I work literally down the block from my apartment I stopped into a boutique called Raised By Wolves near my apartment the other night and found pieces by the amazing artist Devon Pavlovits.

Devon Pavlovits reminds me so much of the Sowthwest States for some reason, even though I’ve never been there. Devon is based in Los Angeles and makes all of her work in her studio there (pictured bellow). Even though I can go down the street to choose one of the delecate beaded bracelets, I would love to take a trip out to California to visit her studio and she how she works. Want to take a trip with me, Hart Beat?

Los Angeles, let me back in

I can’t believe it but I’ve only just discovered Rkives. If I didn’t love this song so much then I probably wouldn’t be telling you that Hart Beat. Sometimes it’s hard to write about something you love so much, like this song. I feel so nostalgic, sad, happy, and excited at the same time when I hear Jenny Lewis sing this song. Even more, I love this video of collected fan video from Rilo Kiley’s days touring back in the day.
From the Eastern seaboard, the landlocked Midwest
The Keys, the Alps, the Black Hills and Budapest
With my heart in a sling, tail between my legs a-swinging
I’m sorry for leaving
But when the palm trees bow their heads
No matter how wrong I’ve been
L.A., you always let me back in

“Let Me Back In” by Rilo Kiley