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The Brooklyn clogs I can’t get enough of

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.16 PM

Oh Hart Beat. Let’s admit it, Fall is coming and it’s coming fast. I hate to think about this, especially since all I want to do is move to a tropical beach after my vacation last week. The only good thing about fall is the fashion that comes with it. WHO DOESN’T LIKE LAYERING?? Right? One of the layering things I’m crazy about are really more of a footwear issue. Clogs! And more specifically, a pair of Nina Z. clogs.

I’ve wanted a pair of these boys so badly that one time I was driving with Pedro and saw a girl biking with them on. I screamed out “NINA Z” and he told me later he was worried I would run over the girl to walk away with the shoes. I’m not there yet, Pedro.

They’re designed by Nina herself who has a studio upstate and sells on the weekends at the Brooklyn Flea. All the clogs are handmade in Sweden so we can all get that northern European dream fashion look that we’ve been wishing for (I know you have too, Hart Beat.) Nina Z. is all over Brooklyn and the girls over at Local Creative highlighted them this summer with this adorable Instagram video you can watch here. Um.. as if I didn’t want a pair enough.


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.43.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.42.27 PM

Photos via @ninaznyc. Video by @localcreativebk.

Love is Won by Lia Ices

Hola Hart Beat. I have a beautiful song to share with you tonight that I think you might like. Lia Ices was introduced to me by none other than G, my famous roommate from last year in Greenpoint. As G. rightly says, “I feel like Hart Beat needs to feature this babe. She’s got an angel voice and wicked style!” Oh man my lady, you are so right.

According to her Wikipedia (pronounced like Ted Mosby) page, Lia Ices has recorded two albums. The first Necima was released back in ’08 and the more recent Grown Unknown in 2011. And then, in all that is holy and good, Lia released a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” in 2012. Not only is that my favorite song of all time but also my favorite song to play on guitar. I wonder if she and I could play that together. Anyway, I hope you love this song below as much as I do and find Lia’s style to be just as wicked G. said it was.

P.S. This music video is amazing and I’m pretty sure was shot in the Louvre. Be still my beating heart.

“Love Is One” by Lia Ices
It’s fine, she’s just beautiful.
Top photo via Pitchfork and the second via Foam Magazine.

Feltraiger and the heartbreaker hat

Last year while I was working at Artists & Fleas one of my favorite parts of the job was meeting young, up and coming designers at the market. One of my favorite new brands that sold last spring is the Brooklyn based, American made brand Feltraiger. When they were stationed at Artists & Fleas I was lucky enough to pick up one of the last mens bright blue bee print shirt (pictured in the NYTimes style section this weekend). Founded by brothers Daniel and Jon Feldman, Feltraiger designs with fashion and durability in mind with menswear that can easily be worn by women. I get questions about the bee shirt all the time and I’ve recently updated my collection with this heartbreaker very Hart Beat appropriate hat.

Shop online for the Feltraiger brand or stop by their flagship store on Grand Street in Williamsburg. Happy shopping, Hart Beat.

P.S. G-Eazy get your act together and work with these guys.

The bee shirt.
All photos from the Feltraiger website. Bottom photos from the SS13 collection.

MCMC Amara

Hola Hart Beat. Happy first day of spring! Let’s talk about fragrances. Before this fall I had never been a fragrance person, probably because I could never find one that was natural and subtle enough to wear with confidence. This all changed when I was introduced to fellow Greenpoint, Brooklyn resident Anne McClain, the brilliant woman behind MCMC Fragrances.
I’ve been wearing Phoenix religiously (I love the vanilla and cherry blossom combination) and couldn’t be happier. A few days ago I got an email from MCMC revealing that their fan favorite scent AMARA is back for a limited time on their online store. According to Miss. McClaine AMARA is “an ancient Hindi word for roots, Amara draws from the mysterious spiritual nature of Angkor Wat and the amazing sight of trees overtaking ancient temples.” Nice.
The best part about the AMARA fragrance is the story that comes with the fragrance. Read bellow to hear about Anne McClaine’s partnership with the The Humanity Project in the creation if the scent. 
Two years ago I created the Humanity Fragrance with public arts organization Trust Art, a fragrance inspired by a volunteer trip to the Casa de los Angeles in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The idea was to create a fragrance inspired by the feeling of compassion, and see if that sentiment could be carried to the wearer. When Anthropologie approached me about a collaboration, I jumped at the chance to renew the Humanity Fragrance Project with a second edition. Anthropologie was so kindly open to that, and supported me when I embarked on a trip to rural Cambodia, where I volunteered with six friends at the Working for Children Rainbow Orphanage, then visited the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temples. 

Each fragrance contains a stamped postcard addressed back to the MCMC Fragrances studio, encouraging wearers to tell us about any moments of compassion one may feel while wearing the fragrance. We’ll post the messages here on the blog as they roll in. A portion of the proceeds from the fragrance will go back to the Rainbow Orphanage, to build a new boys dormitory. 
How great is that? So Hart Beat, so fresh. Bellow are some of the best postcards that I found on the blog. I want to buy AMARA just so that I can do this. Anyway, happy spring again, Hart Beat!

Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet

Oh hey there Hart Beat, do I have the most beautiful collection to share with you today. It’s been a while since any shoes have taken center stage on the blog and I am so proud to share with you the Wolverine 1000 Mile line by Samantha Pleet.

The Bonny boot in tan/black and black.
(My babies on the left there.)
It’s always a dangerous move when I walk into my favorite shoe store in my neighborhood and last week was no different. As soon as I walked in I feel head over heels (HA) for a pair of Wolverine boots. I had never given the brand a shot before, as I am a tried and true Frye girl, but seeing those tan and black boots with the perfect heel stopped me in my tracks. And, oh sweet baby Hart Beat, I am never going back.
This particular collection of Wolverine’s was designed by New York City designer Samantha Pleet. At the ripe old age of 33 Pleet has created a body of work to rival any of her contemporaries and superiors. Her stockiest include stores from Brooklyn to as far flung as Texas, Australia, Turkey and Japan. Pleet’s studio is located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn and grew up in the countryside of Pennsylvania and this collection of boots truly feels like a beautiful combination of city and country. Being a mix of the two myself I find every pair of boots the kind of design that I’ve been wanting my whole life. 
The Arc boot in blue. 
The Besbit Kiltie boot in tan.

The Arc Boot in taupe.
Photos via Four One Five Shoes and Myrtle.
The girls in the boots, all from the SS13 collection.

Two New York

Let’s talk about summer style, shall we Hart Beat? I’ve been preparing for a mid-winter vacation and have recently found the most beautiful collection of beach wear yet. Get ready for our third installment of the baller Brooklyn lady series.

Two is a Brooklyn based collection of beautiful tunics, caftans and dresses, all made locally in New York. The effortless pieces are all made using handwoven textiles and saris from India. 

The collection embodies European and Indian influences evolving from the traditional sari. Two is great for the beach or even for surviving an urban heatwave — while still keeping it chic and comfy. 

The designer Monica Patel-Cohn is the daughter of an Indian father and an Italian mother and creates the saris based on modern accessibility. Two was founded in 2010 and hosts its studio in the vibrant Brooklyn neighborhood DUMBO. I am absolutely in love with all the pieces and want to wear them not just on vacation or in the summer, but just around my apartment.

Monica’s story is as beautiful as her designs. She is a natural model and poses for all shots of the saris (how gorgeous is she?), often with her small son. There is a great interview with Monica by the blog Little Augury that you can read here. In the interview, Monica discusses how she balances motherhood and work in the design industry as well as her love for biking in Brooklyn. Get it girl.

Photographs here are found via Remodelista and Jessica Comingore’s blog.

The talented Amy Merrick

Happy Sunday Hart Beat! How was your weekend? Last night my friend Hans and I did some bar research for my upcoming birthday festivities. Can you believe that it’s almost February already, Hart Beat? In other news though, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES. Can you believe how beautiful and refreshing they are? 
All of these images come from the enormously talented Amy Merrick, a floral designer, writer, and stylist based here in Brooklyn. I stumbled across Amy’s beautiful Instagram account a couple days ago and I’ve been awestruck by her work ever since. Most of the work that Amy does is in floral styling for events such as weddings or parties but she is also brought in as a floral art director for different publications. God, another baller Brooklyn lady right here. I think this should be a new series. And it is! See how easy it is Hart Beat? For earlier installments check out Aly Tadros and Anna Li.
Amy also writes an amazing blog that sheds a little light into the way her mind works. It is now one of my top favorite blogs to check and I hope she keeps writing through this new year. Enjoy looking through the beautiful photographs, Hart Beat. Lots of love from Brooklyn. 

All photographs courtesy of Amy Merrick’s official website.

Brooklyn’s Aly Tadros

Hi Hart Beat. I am so happy to share this song with you tonight. This is one of my favorites lately, and the best part? Aly Tadros is a fellow Brooklyn resident! We actually met last spring in the my Brooklyn running group and ever since looking her music up after meeting, I can’t stop listening. Not only is Aly an amazing artist but also the nicest person ever. This year Aly and fellow musician Ben Balmer released the song “Whim” that they co-wrote together. I am floored Hart Beat, I love this song so much. Aly’s playing in Manhattan on Saturday night, who wants to come with?

“Whim (featuring Ben Balmer)” by Aly Tadros