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New Vintage Finds by Quinn Casa


Sad times, Hart Beat. I didn’t win the powerball. Even though a tiny part of me prayed desperately to not win when I first bought my ticket (I like my life OKAY?) most of me was wishing that I would cash in big. Why? Because then I could buy all the vintage pieces sold by Quinn Casa. I’ve written about them before on the blog but thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces on the etsy site now… Which ones are you eyeing, Hart Beat? I call the mirror up top!


All pieces can be found at the Quinn Casa etsy shop.

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Florists, taking over the world

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Hi Hart Beat! Sorry for the radio silence this week. Pedro and I came down with a horrible cold over the weekend at my parents so I’ve been lying low. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a lifestyle craze that I’ve been seeing all over the place.

Have you noticed how big florists have become. They’re everywhere! And it’s not just for weddings anymore, lifestyle flower arraigners are gaining hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, they’re collaborating with big brands and blogs like Madewell and Garance Doré, using services like upleap.com, and they’re quickly becoming the new fashion blogger or baker of the moment.

It’s all for very good reason though. Flower arranging in a beautiful way is a skill, it’s not something that just anyone can do successful (ahem yours truly cannot successfully make anything beautiful out of green things). So, in the spirit of this new craze, here are a few florists that I’ve been following lately.

Lisa Przystup aka James’s Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Hannah Hart Beat

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

All photos from the lovely ladies respective Instagram accounts. (Top photo via Amy Merrick.)





In Red Hook…


Hola Hart Beat! Annnnnd, happy Monday. Or at least, hey, it’s Monday, what can we do about it. Over the weekend Pedro and I ate like the kings of Westeros and decided to do somethings that have been on our bucket lists this summer.

For me, one of those things has been to spend a day in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I don’t know Red Hook at all but it’s one of those Brooklyn neighborhoods that I’ve been wanting to check out. For those of you not familiar with the neighborhood, it’s a East River adjacent little nook of a neighborhood pretty isolated from the rest of the borough. The subway doesn’t run there so you’re dependent on bike or bus to get in and out of the area. Since I have my trusty SAAB in the city we drove over in the morning and well, it was a success Hart Beat.

First thing we did because we are human and need energy, was stop by Baked to grab some coffee and a treat. The shop is super cute and sells the BEST cookies. I can attest since I got the “breakfast” cookie in an attempt to both please my stomach and my health concerns. After hanging out in, what Pedro called, the yuppies coffee shop I could have found, we ventured forth to the rest of the neighborhood.

There isn’t a ton to do in Red Hook in terms of attractions but there are a dozen or so adorable little stores, a handful of great bars and some breathtaking piers to walk out onto. From the pier you can see all of lower Manhattan and look out over lady liberty. You can check out in my pictures below some of the places we checked out.

After walking around in the heat for what felt like EONS we checked out the Brooklyn Crab to grab some Coronas and seafood before we trekked back to Bay Ridge and the sanctuary that is AC. It was a successful day and if you’re coming into Brooklyn this summer and looking for something to do, I couldn’t recommend it more.

P.S. If you want to check out the Superga shoes I’m wearing in the top shot, you can see them here!

JPEG image-D5E08FB2938C-1 JPEG image-6B89D3936608-1 Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.26 PM JPEG image-9CACAE64DE0B-1

My favorite beach getaway from Brooklyn

Hello Hart Beat and hello Monday. Let’s forget Monday and pretend it’s Saturday instead. Okay?

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 6.28.52 PM

My first year in New York I was under the (common) misconception that New York City had the misfortune of being in the northeast and therefor residing far, far away from any actual beach. Thankfully in my second year living in Brooklyn I discovered that there is SUCH an easy way to get to beautiful beaches from the city. So easy in fact, that Carolyn and I successfully visited the beach almost every weekend last year and this year without having a car in the city.

How do you ask?? The answer is simple: the LIRR. About eight times a day the LIRR travels out to Long Beach on Long Island. The Long Beach stop is about four blocks from the board walk and white sand beach. It may not be as flashy as Jones Beach or have the tacos like Rockaway BUT the roundtrip ticket plus beach pass is only $22. You can buy the “getaway” package at Penn or Atlantic station at the kiosks and it makes your day super easy. Carolyn and I will text each other at nine in the morning on a beautiful Saturday and then in less than an hour and a half we’re sitting pretty on one of the most beautiful beaches.

So there you go, Hart Beat. An easy and inexpensive way to get that tan you dream of, all while living in the best city in the world.

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Showing off Brooklyn


Hi Hart Beat! A few weeks ago I got the best news.. My best friends from high school and I decided to throw away all of our usual obligations (ya know, life) and get together for a summer weekend. We tossed around different ideas (Rhode Island, Maine, the Berks) but ultimately decided on doing a weekend in Brooklyn! Since two of us live in the borough, one of use used to live in the borough (all hail G), and one hasn’t been to New York (let alone Brooklyn) since she was like 14, it seemed like a natural fit. I AM SO EXCITED, HART BEAT.

These ladies are so important to me and I cannot wait to show them around the place that I’ve happily called home for the past three years. I’ve made so many good memories here, the only bad things I can think of is the time I had to contact a brooklyn slip and fall lawyer after an accident in a store. This is just a past memory and I am extremely excited to show my friends my life. Once we had settled into deciding where to meet, the next thing (obviously) was for me and Deirdre, the other resident Brooklynite) to come up with our weekend plans.

It’s been so much fun brainstorming that I thought it would be great to share with you all what I’ve got in store for these ladies. That way if you are ever planning a weekend in the city and want some inspiration you can just come right back to this little post of mine.


Since Sara hasn’t been to New York in like, forever, a night in the city seems like the perfect way to start everyone off. Plus I work in midtown (what can I say, convenience is key in a city of slow and complicated subways).

There are countless bars and restaurants in both the East Village and LES that to be honest, I’m not 100% sure where I’m brining them. Regardless, if you’re going to come to manhattan south of 14th street and east of the Bowery is really the only place to go.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.52.03 PM


If you didn’t get from my three song references above, I like to go to the beach. Luck for me, my friends also like to go to the beach. Voila! So since summer lasts about five minutes on the east coast, we’re taking the entire day Saturday to drive out to the Rockaways. Usually Carolyn and I go to Long Beach for summer weekends but since my friends don’t live in New York, I want to bring them to more of a happening place. From what I’ve heard, Rockaway is the place to be with all the bars, shops and TACOS. Plus it has the clean ocean water that you can swim in (Coney Island stay away please).

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.01.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.00.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.01.07 PM

Saturday night: Williamsburg & Bushwick

Ah Hart Beat, what would a weekend in Brooklyn be without bringing my friends to ye old Williamsburg. Since I lived in Greenpoint for three years I am not unfamiliar with the scene and think it will be fun to bring my friends there. I have a few favorite restaurants and bars in the area so here are a few options that I’ll run by the housewives.

Café Mogador (pros: DELICIOUS, cons: no reservations)
Rosarito Fish Shack (pros: tacos, cons: hipster center
Bars with backyards:
Lucky Dog
Crown Victoria that has a HUGE backyard (it used to be a police preseinct)
Night of Joy

The Woods

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.36.28 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.20.11 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.40.42 AM

Sunday: Prospect Park & Park Slope

There were ideas thrown around about making the trek up to the Bronx to go to the new Frida Khalo exhibit but since the drive to Boston and DC respectively are not quick trips, I’m hoping we can just stay in the neighborhood and visit some great brunch places plus check out Prospect Park.

Fun fact, Hart Beat, did you know that Prospect Park was so revered when it was first built that the famous Central Park was designed after Prospect Park. Needless to say, it’s definitely worth a visit when you’re in the area

So there you go, Hart Beat, a rough plan to the upcoming weekend in Brooklyn. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me (stay away rain!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.23.17 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.46.12 AM

Photo credit:


Madewell x Spotify Party

Hiya Hart Beat. How’s your night going? It’s been a crazy day and I’m only just now sitting down and catching up with my personal email and such. Lucky for you (and me) one of the emails I received an email about an event happening tomorrow night at the Madewell Williamsburg store. The brand is collaborating with Spotify (my fav) to host a listening party for three female singers that are working with Madewell right now. The artists, Sharon Van Etten, Lucius and Kelela each created a playlist under the Madewell Spotify account so you can hear what they’re listening to this spring.


And there’s even better news, Hart Beat. They’re not just hosting the event in Brooklyn! There will be listening parties all over the country tomorrow night and you can find the nearest one to you by just searching here.

From what I understand the event is just a shopping event where you can get tons of perks like 60 days of free Spotify premium and a Bien Fait tote bag. What I think is pretty cool is that each event is collaborating with a smaller event company, blog or whatever. The one in Williamsburg will be working with the Greenpoint based Local Creative and that is pretty cool.

There are days where I love Madewell and there are days that I don’t. For starters, it’s a huge conglomerate of a company that tries to sell itself as being indie and a small business while actually driving independent, small businesses out of neighborhoods. On the other hand, I love their clothes.. Not sure how I feel about this dilemma, Hart Beat. Either way I’m going to try to make it out for the event tomorrow night (if only for the free tote bag.)


People of 2morrow (aka how to shop on Instagram)


Hi Hart Beat. Let’s talk. Where do you find your favorite clothes? A friend of mine texted me yesterday asking where one could find non ridiculous onesies for the summer and to be honest, I was at a loss. And no, Hart Beat, it’s not because I’ve stopped shopping (what kind of world would that be) it’s because I’ve started shopping… on Instagram.

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Frida Kahlo and Casa Azul in New York

Hi Hart Beat. I don’t know where you are but it’s a dreary night here in Brooklyn. I’ve been having all of these vivid dreams about traveling and so tonight I was so happy to stumble upon a photo (via the Joie Instagram of all places) of the new Frida Kahlo exhibit that just opened up at the New York Botanical Gardens.


The exhibit, Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life, is showing from May 16th to November 1st of this year and focuses on the artists’ inspiration with nature and her native country of Mexico. Apparently this is the first solo show of Kahlo’s work to take place in New York in more than 25 years. All I have to say is ABOUT TIME NEW YORK.

The exhibit reimagines Kahlo’s famous garden at Casa Azul with scale version of the pyramid from Casa Azul, native Mexican plants and studio spaces similar to what the artist used in her home. Of course, the show also gives a call out to Kahlo’s equally brilliant husband Diego Rivera with some terra-cotta pots made by the artist with plants found in her garden. I love the both of them so much.

What seems so striking about the exhibit, and one of the main reasons that I want to go see it in person so much, are the vibrant colors that are now flooding the normally green and conservative Botanical Gardens. As much as I love Brooklyn one of the things that I always miss is the open ocean and that blue in these photos looks like it might be a good substitute for the time being.

So what do you think, Hart Beat? You want to have a garden date and pretend you’re in Mexico City with me?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.23.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.24.31 PM

Top photo via Joie Clothing and the bottom two via the Wall Street Journal.

All changes

On change

All changes

Hi Hart Beat. This spring it seems that there are so may changes happening. Between people coming and leaving the city, moving neighborhoods and starting and ending jobs, it’s hard to keep track of the New York that I moved too three years ago.

A friend of mine and I at work this week were talking about this with the recent news of the iconic 190 Bowery building finally being sold. The building was one of the first things I really remember about moving to New York when I used to walk from Carolyn’s first apartment on Rivington to my first job at Chelsea Market. I love Brooklyn and have been living in the neighborhood Greenpoint ever since I got here. But here’s a little news, Hart Beat. This is the last summer that I’ll be in North Brooklyn.

Since change is not something that I naturally deal with well, my wonderful roommate Johannah send me this quote on Friday and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for
what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one
life before we can enter another”

— Anatole France

The quote is a little sad but at the end of the day, change is always hard, even if it’s the right thing to do. You just have to remember what it is you want and take the melancholy as part of the deal. And don’t worry, I’ll give you more updates on the move as the summer comes.

All changes

New York City fire escapes

My love for fire escapes in New York

Fire escapes in New York

One thing that I first noticed when I moved to New York three years ago was the presence of so many fire escapes framing each building.

When I moved into my apartment I remember one of things that I loved the most was that two of the bedrooms have beautiful fire escapes that look out over the manhattan skyline. To me, fire works are a way to observe the city outside, even if you’re not lucky or rich enough to have a yard. I remember dancing on my fire escape with my old roommate G. when Obama won for his second term while looking at the Empire State Building colors change to blue.

I was really disappointed then to read an article recently published about how landlords in iconic SoHo and Lower East Side are going to start removing the fire escapes from buildings in the manhattan neighborhood. I guess the reasoning is that now that fire codes dictate that hallways in apartments are fire proof there is no legal reason to have the out dated fire escapes.

To me this is such a loss as what I think of when I think of the city and it’s buildings are the metal scaffolding that coats each building. To be honest, I would be hesitant moving into a place without the easy access the the outdoors in a way only New Yorkers appreciate.

New York City fire escapes

Photo sources: top and bottom.