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To bra or not to bra?

Hannah Hart Beat

Oh Hart Beat. It’s May!! We did it! We made it through the cold, dreary winter into my absolute favorite season in Brooklyn. In Spring everything perks up in the city. Flowers come out lining the previously mud slicked streets, dogs finally walk around without those little silly rubber shoes, and we can all shed our heavy winter coats. One thing that this weather does make me think about, weirdly enough, is bra politics.

When Carolyn and I traveled the southern coast of France beach hopping, I was easily converted to the topless beach approach that most French and Spanish women embrace. (Side note, if you haven’t gone to a topless beach I can’t recommend it enough. Swimming without a bathing suite on is THE BEST FEELING. Boobs free in the water = pure bliss.) In the US topless beaches isn’t super common and, for that matter, neither are boobs in the wild.

I’m too well endowed to truly go braless without offending everyone who looks my way. Additionally, I always was under the impression that going braless or without much support ended up being bad for your boobs. It caused sagging, stretch marks, and back pains was always what I told myself. Now, I am not a doctor (lol), and all I have is my internet research but after suffering from horrible back pain the last year I’ve been researching what I can do to help my poor back. Going braless is apparently, one solution. The idea is that women who wear bras forever and ever lose muscle that we normally have in our boobs to support them. By going braless (even for a short amount of time) we can help our breasts gain more muscle. Interesting…

Now, as I said, there is now way that I can actually go to work braless so what I’ve been trying out is any time I’m not doing anything professional, family oriented, or where I anticipate hugging people, I’ve been going sans bra. It’s going pretty well. Still feels strange to have freedom but from what I learned topless bathing in France, it works for some people. Plus, now I can start looking at all these crazy dresses and tops that require braless fashion. I figure with a couple of these pasted on I’ll be good to go.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Dare to go bare with me this summer?

Photo via La Cool & Chic.