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The Secret to Shoulder Pain

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! I hope you’re week is going well. As I said earlier this week, I’m on break this week from work and the city and am spending time relaxxxxiiiinnnnng. It’s amazing. One thing that I’ve noticed this week not working is how much better my back feels. For years I’ve had what I call “chronic shoulder stress syndrome.” This is 100% self-diagnosed and something that I’ve always attributed to having larger than normal breasts. I’ve seen chiropractics and doctors and they’ve all said that the reason my shoulders are so tight is because of they way I slouch at my computer. ** Currently straightening my back to the sound of cracks and one “oof” ** This is probably true but other than randomly reminding myself to sit up straight nothing much helps ease the pain.

But eureka! Last week I heard great news from a massage therapist that I went to see (thanks mom!). As soon as I walked into the room she told me that the reason my shoulders were so tight wasn’t because I slouch (although that obviously doesn’t help) it was because the muscles in my chest are scrunched so tight. She said instead of working on my shoulders I need to work on opening up my chest and that that will then trickle all the way down to my lower back. Ever since then I’ve been trying a few different stretches and MAN MY SHOULDERS ARE LOOSENING UP.

I thought maybe this might help some of you others out there so here is what I’ve been doing,

  • Massaging my jaw. This sounds really weird but whatever. I’ve been just rubbing my jaw lightly every night or so and what it’s been doing is opening up my neck and then, the secret to all, my chest.
  • Arching my back. Um, I do this all the time. And every time I do this huge CRACK comes out of my chest. Hopefully a good crack.
  • Arm stretches. This one has been a game changer. Every time I’m in the shower and my body is all warm from the water I place my hand on the side of the shower wall with my fingers pointed behind me. Then I straighten out my arm and gently stretch out my chest as much as I can. My arms are super tight but I can feel my chest getting looser and looser every time.

So, hopefully this will help. Obviously I am not a doctor and know nothing about shoulder replacement protocol, if you’re really having shoulder pain/problems go see your doc and get some serious medical advice. But, if you’re just wanting to help your posture try these! And please pass on other suggestions. The holiday season is coming and I can feel my stress level rising with each passing day.

Photo by Allan Grant, 1947.

5 things I’ve learned since turning 25: Rubik’s cubes

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.45.12 PM

Here we go Hart Beat, on to the fourth thing that I’ve learned since turning twenty-five. I would like to say that this one came directly from me but, I have to give credit where credit is due. This lovely little sentence actually comes via by brilliant boyfriend, Pedro. Apparently he doesn’t remember saying it but, what can I say, he did.

4. A woman’s body is like a rubik’s cube.

Introduction disclaimer: I don’t talk about of body stuff her on the blog. One, because this is not a food or health blog and two, because I think that body stuff is such a sensitive topic with so many woman that I never want to impose on anyones inner thoughts. My general opinion about women’s bodies and our feelings around them is this: Women of the world! We have bodies! They are amazing and they take us to work everyday, allow us to laugh, and are the perfect structures to put all of our clothes on!

Aside from that I really hate it when women talk about their bodies (in a negative or positive light). As long as your body is working (see criteria above) then whatever comes after is a moot point. I’ve had a lot of female roommates in my life, and for each and every one, including all that commons eating in college, I’ve made a conscious effort to not talk about what food we’re eating or not eating. I don’t care that you had three hamburgers for dinner last night, I don’t care if you gave up gluten because it makes you fit into your party dress. Good for you! Now let’s move on to better and more important topics.

All this being said, when Pedro said “A woman’s body is like a rubik’s cube” it made me stop. Why? Because our bodies are like rubik’s cubes. Everybody’s different, every body is different, and it takes trying different combinations to look and feel your best. Even more so, once you do figure out what works for your body then there you go! Rubrik’s cube solved.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.55.04 PM

Both photos via @naninstudio.