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Baba Yaga advice

Advice from Baba Yaga

Alice Gao

Hey Hart Beat. If you know me and this here blog then you know how much I love good advice. From Dear Sugar, famous artists and the occasional Norwegian man, I’ll take it all and so, I was very happy to discover recently the advice column Ask Baba Yaga, from one of my favorite blogs The Hairpin. Baba Yaga is the brain child of Taisia Kitaiskaia, a writer and poet, and the author takes great skill in answering people’s questions in the spirit of a wise old.. guru? Clan leader? I can’t figure out the tone exactly but I love it. With questions ranging from “How do I stop hating everyone?” to “Am I watching too much television?” there’s a question and answer just for you. Here are a few of my favorites. What would you ask Baba Yaga, Hart Beat?

Will I ever fall in love again?Baba Yaga advice

How can I stop eating sweets?
Baba Yaga advice

Is it possible to truly love my partner if I know I could do better?
Baba Yaga advice

How can I make the most of my time?

How do relationships survive mental illness?

Am I watching too much television?

Top photo via @alice_gao

Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine

Snowe launches an online magazine

Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine

Morning, Hart Beat! I hope you all had nice, relaxing and restful weekends. It was a blast working at the Food52 Makers Conference yesterday and if you missed it you can catch up on twitter and instagram. At the makers the makers conference one of the speakers, Andres Modak, is the founder of a lovely brand that I’ve been following on Instagram lately.

Snowe is an online store that carries very minimal-esque home and kitchen things. Everything that they sell is amazing and on my Christmas list (hint, hint, MOM). I was happy to see yesterday morning that the brand is also launching an online “Magazine” to go along and tell the stories and purposes of the products that they sell. I had fun yesterday reading through the first few posts and I thought you might too. This is definitely one that I’m adding to my daily blog check up list.

My favorite article so far? The Best Boozy Bar Cart of course. Although, I would like to differ with Snowe on one point. Rum and coke is most DEFINITELY a cocktail.

Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine

Photos via Snowe.


Little Sister Kitchen


Morning, Hart Beat. Have I mentioned lately that I work for Food52? I know what you’re saying to yourselves, of course you have Hannah! We get it, you work for a beautiful place and eat delicious food. I don’t mention this very often here on Hart Beat because when I first started this here blog, one of my founding mission statements (of sorts?) was that Hart Beat would NEVER become a food blog. (Please excuse this post).

I’m not sure why I had such a strong reaction to this but I did and honestly, I still do. I love food and I love cooking but I am by no means someone to give recipe recommendations nor do I particularly like reading recipes in a blog sense. And why would I write things that I wouldn’t even want to read? In the same vain as this Instacrush profile was, today’s post inches close to the line of Hart Beat’s food blog anti-mission statement. This morning I want to tell you about a new blog that I’ve started reading and why you should too.

Little Sister Kitchen was created by a friend of mine from High School and has been stealing my heart as of late. Grace graduated from our high school, went to school in Iowa and now lives in Boston working for an ecommerce site. I heard through the grapevine of social media that Grace started a cooking blog and since I’m now engulfed in the food world, I knew I had to check it out. Oh Hart Beat, thank god that I did.

Grace takes the most beautiful photos and has the most down to earth writing style that I’ve read in a while. In her posts not only does she give the recipe and a detailed description of the cooking process but, she also gives a little backstory to the history of the recipe. Here’s a little excerpt from her most recent post:

It’s easy to get down on yourself when you’re 24. You have a good job and a desk with a view, a big kitchen with two windows that let in the morning breeze, and are by all accounts the luckiest girl in the world. And yet, there’s this nagging sensation that runs deep—that you aren’t where you need to be yet.

I never actually had a something I wanted to ‘be when I grew up.’ I always knew I was passionate, but after my short-lived dreams of being an opera singer (sorry, siblings, for stationing myself in the echo-y stairwell for hours at a time, belting out ballads where they sounded the loudest) my dreams became less specific. In college, it was easy to indulge in the challenges of my classes, analyzing paintings by and working laboriously through esoteric texts. But I had this fear of not knowing what I’d be good at.

Well said, Grace, well said. Figuring out what your supposed to do, or even want to do, in your early twenties is all but impossible. It’s nice to see another friend going through the similar struggles that I know only so well. Lucky for both you and me, Hart Beat, Grace has found her passion in Little Sister Kitchen and now we get to follow along for the ride.




All photos generously from Little Sister Kitchen.

The Victors & Vanquished

Hi Hart Beat. I have great news! The blog that my boyfriend, Pedro, and I have been working on for the past two months is finally ready to launch! When Pedro and I first started dating one of the things that we had in common was that he and I both write our own lifestyle blogs (he writes solesirius.com and I have Hart Beat here.) We were always talking about ideas we each had for the other and about three months ago, we started talking about starting a project together.

After a lot of discussion of the kind of project we wanted to start (an ecommerce site, a relationship blog, a photo collection) we finally decided to focus on what we both love – fashion, design, music and up-and-coming brands. Pedro came up with the name, The Victors & Vanquished, and I came up with the idea of signing off each post “from him” or “from her” so that we can give our readers and “his and hers” perspective on what we’re writing about.

So far we’ve done posts on upcoming men’s and women’s collections released by Woolrich, Original Penguin and Everlane, music albums by Father John Misty and Wu-Tang Clan, and design by Max Wagner and Artifact Uprising. It’s super exciting and we have so many ideas for the new year. It’s been a team effort to get the blog going (huge shout-out to Marina for designing our logo) and I hope that you love reading it as much as you love reading Hart Beat! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (coming soon) and Facebook for updates on all our posts! Plus, I’ve included a handy little icon here on the side that will link you right away to The V&V! Happy reading, Hart Beat.