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My Week in California

Hannah Hart Beat copy

Hola Hart Beat. God am I tired. And no, not the kind of tired from being “busy” as the NY Times is always rallying against but the true to the bone, my body is exhausted and achy tired. Why? The answer is simple. For the past week I’ve been bicycling across Northern California to raise money for an organization called Climate Ride. Like organizations like Bike MS or Walk for Breast Cancer, Climate Ride organizes day and week long hikes and bike rides to raise money for different environmental organizations. It was an amazing experience and I wish it could have gone on for three more weeks.

I took a bunch of photos on the trip and posted some on Instagram but here are some other shots in case your interested. The one thing that I just couldn’t capture on my phone was how BIG everything is out west. New England is beautiful but it’s so quaint. Everything about the California landscape is sprawling. I would stand on the cliffs with not a sole in site and just gasp at how beautiful everything is. In case your curious, here’s a rough map of the route we biked. (Except instead of taking seven hours it actually took us five days.)

Hannah Hart Beat

My favorite part was the third day of the trip when we biked 100 miles along Route 1 all along the coast line. I wish I could have taken more pictures but then I never would have made it to the next camp ground. Have you ever done a trip like this before, Hart Beat? Want to come with me next year?

Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

All photos taken by me on my iPhone. I apologize for the grainy quality 🙈.


To California

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat!!! Happiest of Fridays! This is an exciting Friday for me since I’m actually writing this post to you from the sky. I’m flying to San Francisco!

Starting TOMORROW I’m going to be joining my Dad and about one hundred other riders in Fortuna, CA to start a 340 mile bike ride along the cost of California. When I was younger, I used to go bike riding with my dad and it was way different than it is now. He said he used to sing songs to me to encourage me to ride. And now look at us today, raising money for charity together! Crazy, right? We’re all raising money for Climate Ride and for info on the ride, the organizations I am fundraising for and just more general info check out my rider profile on the Climate Ride site. It’s an intense five day ride along the coast and I am so excited/nervous/not wanting to think about it right now. Especially the fact that we’re riding 60+ miles a day and camping out every night. I love the idea of camping but the though of pitching a tent and starting a fire after riding my bike for 8+ hours tires me now on this plane…. The ride will follow the Pacific and the last day the hundred riders will coast over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

What I’m hoping from YOU is recommendations of things to do, places to eat, coffee to drink, Instagram shots to take the weekend after the ride when I’ll be spending time in San Francisco. If you’re a loyal reader of this blog you’ll know almost four years ago I “moved” to San Francisco. I say moved like that because what I really did was buy an impulsive one way ticket to SF with no job or life plans. I was out there about a week when I realized what a horrible idea it was and promptly moved to New York. In retrospect I’m glad I did what I did but I’m also excited to go back west on just a vacation without the stress of making a life altering decision.

So comment away here for recommendations and keep up with my Instagram for shots of the ride. See you in CA, Hart Beat!

P.S. This New York vs. San Francisco is on my mind today.

Photo by @johnthatcher.

Horse Cycles, a Brooklyn bike dream

Oh hello Hart Beat. Happy hump day! I am so glad that it’s Wednesday and that the weekend is almost here! My brother and I have plans to visit the Central Park Zoo for the first time on Saturday and rumor has it that a few of my best friends from Bates are going to be in town for the weekend too…

Anyway, I came across the baller bike company today and I knew I had to share it with you. Horse Cycles is “an independent Brooklyn-based workshop specializing in handmade multi-functional bicycles for everyone: from the dapper commuter to rugged off-road pioneer.” Their studio is right down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just a short bike ride from my apartment in Greenpoint. According to their site, Horse Cycles works with individual costumers to costume make a frame just for their needs. How cool is that!

I love both my work commuting bike and my trusty rock hopper but it would be amazing to have a bike made right in my borough. What Horse Cycles says about biking in this video bellow is so true. I love the idea that they see bikes as similar to how horses used to be used, I completely agree!

Last summer my dad and I biked across Spain and now that he has trouble walking, this fall we’re going to cycle the coast of California. Like Horse Cycles says, “bikes allow freedom of movement” and “the pleasure of being able to get from point A to point B in the city is amazing.” I know for me and my dad that couldn’t be more true.

Anyway, next time you’re in Williamsburg you should come with me to check out the studio. I love what this brand stands for and watching that video of biking shots around Williamsburg made me so happy and proud that I ride down to Sunset Park 20 miles everyday. Well done, gentlemen. Keep up the amazing work.

All photos from the beautiful Horse Cycle website.

Pictoresq: Ma oui bien sur!

Hola Hart Beat. Hallelujah amen sister friend for the sun being out in Brooklyn today. It’s making my work so much more bearable. A couple weeks back on of my favorite bloggers Miss Moss highlighted the beautiful french online magazine and shop Pictoresq. The site highlights designer and vintage clothing with the ever hoped for french styling twist.

I love the photographs that they take for the website. The mix of vintage and designer is so well mixed together and the french scenery makes me swoon. Too bad we don’t live in France, Hart Beat. Maybe someday?

I want that bike. Can i have it?
Blush pink on the left there.


All photographs via the Pictoresq website.

Biking fashion

Hi Hart Beat. I’m back in Brooklyn tonight, voila. I love coming back home to my apartment and my neighborhood here. Tada! One of my favorite parts of coming home to this borough is being able to ride my bike again. Since I’m back in city mouse territory tonight I thought we could look through some biking fashion pictures. I mean, really Hart Beat. If something like “biking fashion” pictures were ever to exist they would be here here on the blog. That was a little joke.

My favorite part of the day

Hi Hart Beat. I just wanted to write a little love post to my favorite part of the day. No matter what happens, no matter how stressful work or life in the city is, every evening when I get on my bike in Williamsburg to ride home along the East River I am instantly put in a good mood. Seeing the city stretch out to my left and smelling the fresh salt water scent makes me so grateful to live in this beautiful part of the world. Thanks Brooklyn, you made my night tonight.

Bike baskets and boxes

Hey Hart Beat. How’s your night going? I’ve been riding my bike so much this summer that I’ve all but destroyed the box attached to the back of my usually trusty bike. The box is pretty old anyway since my dad built it for me back in early college. Now that I use my bike to get around Brooklyn instead of taking the G train (if you live here… you know what I’m talking about).

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research into what kind of basket I’ll get now. The most important thing is that it lasts through all seasons. But front attachment? Another box for the back? Wicker? What do you think, Hart Beat?

Be still my beating heart, this is the dream.

Countdown to Spain

Hi Hart Beat. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but, unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to write to you. Last night I had a reoccurring dream that I was standing in la latina in Madrid and crying because I was so happy to be there. Do you ever had dreams like that, Hart Beat?

Usually they make me really sad but I was so comforted to wake up and remember that in 17 days I’m going to be back in my favorite city. I can’t even tell you how excited I am. For the past month my Dad and I have been training for our ride and now the final pieces of packing and figuring out logistics are all finally coming together.

I think I mentioned here before that, for a variety of reasons, Al and I will be riding from Santiago de Compostela along the northern route to San Sebastián. From there he’ll leave and continue on into France, Switzerland, and on to the Black Sea. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for the second half of my trip. Part of me wants to head straight to Madrid and just live in a dream world, but a bigger part of me wants to head out to Cadaqués and Figueres to pay homage to my thesis, Federico García Lorca, and the Mediterranean. We’ll see what happens. I really hate planning for trips so I don’t think I’ll know what’s going to happen until I’m there.
I’m not sure how much I’m going to be writing to you here on the blog but I will be keeping a journal and taking plenty of pictures. I am going to try to post tweets here and photos here while I’m on the bike, so if you want to follow that’s probably best way to do it. 
It’s always surreal to go back to Madrid and Spain since studying abroad there and I don’t think this time will be any different. I’m not sure I can wait two weeks, Hart Beat. How about you? Are you taking any adventures this summer?
A photo of a travel collage I made two years ago.

Biking in Brooklyn

Hi Hart Beat. How was your Wednesday? I had today off so my Dad came into Brooklyn to go for another training ride for our trip this summer. It was amazing. I’m seriously in love with Brooklyn, Hart Beat. We rode from my neighborhood, Greenpoint, which is the most northern neighborhood, down to Prospect Park in central Brooklyn and then all the way south to the coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

It was amazing making our way to the boardwalk and coney island and I wish I had brought along my real camera to take pictures for you. These from my iphone will have to do…

A partial map of our ride. My neighborhood wouldn’t fit. 
The arch in Prospect Park. It reminded me so much of Madrid.

The beach and the ocean.

Al soaking up the sun.
We did it. 

The iconic view from my apartment. I can’t stop.