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The Austin 100: On the Regular

Bonjour Hart Beat. This morning on a very happy Friday I would like to share my second pick from this years Austin 100. For more of an explanation of the list visit this previous post here. This second one here is pretty different from “Archie, Marry Me” and it reminds me of something I would have been healthily obsessed with back in my Bates days.

The song, “On the Regular” is by a Las Vegas singer Shamir (aka my current spirit animal – see phot above) who released his first album this past year. What I love about the song is not only the upbeat sound but how androgynous Shamir’s voice is. At first I was like, is this a woman, a man and then finally WHO CARES I JUST WANT TO HEAR THIS SONG FOREVER AND EVER. Amen.

The lyrics are also amazing too if you listen carefully (i.e. “Don’t try me, I’m not a free sample” or “Guess I’m never ending, you can call me pi”) and it’s the kind of catchy that once it get’s in your head it never leaves.

The Austin 100: Archie, Marry Me

Hi Hart Beat. Yesterday was a big day in music with this years Austin 100 being released by NPR Music. For those of you not familiar with the series it’s a curated list of the 100 new artists and their songs to be playing at the SXSW concert in Austin. The list is selected by the NPR Music editor Stephen Thompson and this year I have to say, he did an exceptional job. Not only is ALL of the music stellar but the onsite experience is also amazing.

The site is responsive and let’s you listen to all the music in the curated order. Each time a new song comes up a page will display with the name of the band, where they’re from and a little bit about them. You can also pause and start the song over super easily. In addition there’s a handy little favorite button that let’s you save your favorites. These favorited songs can then be listened to exclusively, like making an onsite playlist. Even more amazing the site remembers your favorites, what you’ve listened to and where you’ve left off without having to create an account. Needless to say, I’m obsessed.

I’m going to be sharing my top picks from the list here on Hart Beat and will be giving another review on The V&V as soon as I’ve gotten through all the songs multiple times. Here’s my first pick, the amazing “Archie, Marry Me” by the Toronto based Alvvays. If you’re interested in going through the whole list you can download via the website or listen on Spotify. Happy music listening, Hart Beat!